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Tnepds App Download | TNPDS – SMART RATION CARD

Tnepds App Download :

TNEPDS ANDROID APP is the only app which can give you full information about your Ration Card in Tamilnadu.


This TNEPDS ANDROID APP has been launched by the Government of TamilNadu to Know the Transactions and Entitlements of your Ration Card in your mobile itself.

To get the information of your own Smart Card which is the Old Ration Card, firstly Download TNEPDS ANDROID APP in your mobile and get started?

When you open the TNEPDS ANDROID APP there is an option for viewing the app in English or Tamil. After that, you have to submit your mobile number which is given in the registration process. If you are not registered then the registration page will be opened. Enter all your details including Aadhar Card Details and click on the submit button. And now you can log in by using an OTP code which is sent to your mobile. Submit that code which helps to get all your ration card information. 


TNEPDS ANDROID APP which gives you the information about entitlements that you have. All the commodities and their quantities that are entitled to you are depending upon the number of people you have in your family. The new version of TNEPDS APP allows you to update the information of your family household.

It also provides the chance to view transactions made each month to you. You can select the month and year to get the information of transaction of a particular month. You get to see the price details of each commodity separately and get the total.

As you can also link your Aadhar card details to your ration card by selecting Aadhar Capturing Option and add your family members Aadhar card number. You can add it by using scan your Aadhar QR code option and submit it. Just go to your play store and download TNEPDS ANDROID APP to get all the details of Smart Card in TamilNadu.


  1. I have apply ration card on date 09-12-17,number02171209951400.till 08-04-18.i didn’t get card, verification also done.

  2. Through TNEPDS app is that possible to get the smart card print or save option available?

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