How to Apply Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card Online?

India is getting digitalised rapidly by implementing technology in every aspect, which makes our lives much easier. This digitalisation has reached every government organisation, such as the public distribution system. India’s PDS (Public distribution system ) operates through fair-price shops to distribute necessities (rice, pulses, sugar, etc.) to its people at a minimum charge.

To obtain these products, one has to have a ration card issued by the state government. So, the Tamilnadu government replaced its traditional ration card with a smart ration card which is more secure and reliable.

The primary aim of this smart card is to provide a secure and safest gateway to its people.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to apply, eligibility, and check the Tamilnadu smart ration card status.

It will simply be a complete guide on applying for a Tamilnadu smart ration card online and related services. So, I suggest you go through the entire article to make the most out of this.

Procedure to apply for Tamilnadu smart card online

Tamilnadu Public Distribution System has an official website click here. This website will allow us to apply for the new smart ration card online and many other services. This service started in 2016 to convert all the ration cards into smart ration cards.

Step by Step procedure to apply for Online Smart Ration Card on Tnpds Website:

1. Go to the Official Page of Tamilnadu Public Distribution System (click here)

2. Click on the “Apply for Electronic Card” at the top right section on the right side of the homepage.

3. After clicking on it, you will see an application form below.

4. There are two options at the top left
– Application for new electronic card
– Old family card registration

5. Each of these has different forms for application.

6. When you click on the Old Card Enrollment, you must fill in the details like Ration Card number and FPS Code.

7. Fill all the necessary details into it, which was required in that form.

8. Upload a photo in JPEG, JPG, PNG form and should be under 5.0 MB.

9. Here, you have filled in the details, Head of the family. Now, you need to fill the members of the family one by one.

10. To add members, we need to click on “add member”, which is present on the right side of the page, as shown in the picture.

11. After clicking, a block of the form will be opened.

12. Now, fill in the details and upload the documents, including a family member’s photo.

13. Click “Save member details” to continue.

14. Come to the card selection option and select the type of card you want.

15. It will show the drop-down options like
-No Commodity Card
-Rice Card
-Sugar Card

16. If you select the other option, then again, a dropdown of options will display. It has the options of
-Police card
-Prison card
-Forest card.

17. Then, continue to select the “Proof of Residence” option. Select the type of proof you want to upload and upload the document proof.

18. Make sure the document should have less than 1.0 MB.

19. Next, enable the tick option if you have any LPG gas connections.

20. By enabling, a block of the form will be opened.

21. There, you need to provide the registered person’s name, the Oil Company, LBG Consumer Number, Gas company name, and the number of cylinders.

22. After filling in all the details in the form, click on the “Register” button at the bottom after enabling the tick at the confirmation option.

23. By enabling the confirmation option, we say that the details mentioned above are true to my knowledge, and I am responsible if there is any cancellation during registration due to any spelling mistakes on the card.

24. If you are done with the Tamilnadu Smart Ration Card Application process, you will be provided with a reference number with which you can track the status of your application.

Thus, the application for the smart ration card has been completed.

Days it takes to register after Application

A message will send to your registered mobile saying that your process of registration has been completed. Generally, it takes ten days to one month to complete the entire process. We must collect the smart card at the the-Seva centre within three days of the delivery message date.
If you don’t get any information after the authorities’ registration process, check by tracking the smart ration card status online on your own.

How to Track the Smart Card Application Status on Tnpds?

Here is the procedure for tracking the Tamilnadu smart ration card by the reference number.

For this, a reference number provided after the application through printout or message sent to your registered mobile number is needed.

Go to the Official Page of Tamilnadu Public Distribution System (click here)

Click on the “Status of electronic card application”, which is present at the top right corner of the page and just below the “Apply for Electronic Card” option.

After clicking that, it will be redirected to a page like this.

Here you have to enter your reference number. By using that reference number can check the status of your smart card.

If any doubts or queries, you can call the toll-free number at 1967 / 1800-425-5901.

What are the Types of Tamilnadu Smart Ration Card?

There are different types of smart ration cards provided to the people by the Tamilnadu Public Distribution System. Each card has its benefits, i.e. the type of card will decide the basic needs it provides.

Here is the list of goods that TNPDS provides

  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Kerosene
  • Palm Oil
  • Urid Dhall
  • Toor Dhall

There are five types of cards that TNPDS provide to people. Namely,

  • PHAA

Here PHH means Priority House Hold, and NPHH means Non-Priority House Hold.

What are the Benefits of the Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card?

As said earlier, the benefits differ in each type of ration card. And the benefits of each card are

For PHH RICE cardholders, all goods will provide at the subsidiary rate at the ration shop.

  • Sugar, Wheat, Rice, Kerosene, Palm Oil, Urid Dhall, Toor Dhall
  • For PHHA cardholders, all goods are provided along with 35 Kg of Rice.
  • 35 Kg Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Kerosene, Palm Oil, Urid Dhall, Toor Dhall
  • Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Kerosene, Palm Oil, Urid Dhall, Toor Dhall
  • For NPHH Card Holders, only sugar is provided among all the goods.
  • Sugar
  • For NPHHNC cardholders, no goods are provided
  • No goods

Check out the video for a detailed explanation of the types of smart ration of TNPDS.

What is the Eligibility to get Smart Ration Card in Tamilnadu?

Every government scheme in India has some eligibility criteria to avail it. So, this TNPDS also has some eligibility to get Smart Ration Card in Tamilnadu. It applies to those who want to apply for a new card. Ignore if you have an old ration card.

  • They should be a citizen of India.
  • Should be a resident in Tamilnadu.
  • Farmers who have more than 5 acres of land are not eligible.
  • If they registered in one family, they could not be eligible to apply from another family.
  • Annual Income should be less than Rs. 1 Lakh from all sources.
  • No eligibility for professional taxpayers.
  • Not eligible for the family who have government job holders (working/retired).
  • The household should not have any four-wheelers. It is ok if they have a four-wheeler as the source of income for their family.
  • The household that has enterprises registered under the government are not eligible.

Documents required:

Here are the documents you need to keep with you while applying online.

  • Address proof (or) Property Tax, Electric bill of Tamilnadu.
  • Details of the earlier application in the case of rejection.
  • LPG Gas Connection details.
  • Mobile number


I hope that this article will be helpful to you during the application of the Tamilnadu Smart Ration Card Online. So, bookmark this and also share it with your friends and relatives who need a ration card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the FPS code in the ration card?

The FPS code is a Fair Price Shop Code which tells about the shop being license by the public distribution system for distributing the goods. It is present at the bottom left corner in a ration card.

What is the income limit for a BPL card?

BPL Card means Below Poverty Line Card issued to the people whose annual income is Rs.27,000 per annum.

Who issues the ration card?

The ration is issued by the respective state government on which state you belong. This will help to get the basic needs with the subsidiary price decides by the government.

What is a non-subsidy ration card?

The ration cardholders who have non-subsidiary ration cards must purchase the commodities at highly subsidised prices which are decided by hr respective state government from the ration shop. These holders are not eligible to buy the commodities at the subsidiary price at ration shops.

What is the difference between a white ration card and a pink ration card?

These are the types of ration cards issued to the people by their respective state governments. The white ration card will be issued to the people who have an annual income of more than Rs.1 Lakh. And the Pink ration card will be issue to the people who are above the poverty line.

Who can get a ration card?

It is not a compulsory document to maintain. But so many applications for this ration card to avail the benefits of government subsidiary rates for the commodities they distribute. This distribution is done by the public distribution system of every state.