Apply For The NPHH Ration Card | Benefits of the Smart Card

 NPHH Ration Card:

The full form of the NPHH is “Non-Priority House Hold.” This article covers the NPHH Ration Card Benefits details and how to apply for the NPHH Ration card online and NPHH smart card. According to the NFSA 2013 act, these cards are classified into two types.

They are Priority and Non – Priority. This classification is based on the Social and Economic Status of the Household along with their Income. The family which satisfies the eligibility criteria as per the Inclusion guidelines of the ration card will get Priority House Hold, i.e., PHH.


The family that is not eligible for the PHH is considered Non – Priority House Hold or NPHH. All the new applicants of the ration card should know the selection criteria and how the selection process goes on to know about the type of ration card they are given.

Suppose all the citizens are aware of the ration card process and the eligibility criteria of the ration card. In that case, they will learn about the different types of cards available and the benefits they are availing. This knowledge helps them to get the complete benefits and services from the ration shops.

NPHH Ration Card Apply Online:

 In this article, you can get the complete procedure for applying NPHH ration card and the benefits of the NPHH ration card. According to the guidelines and the rules of ration card services, we should consider the Eldest female in the Family Household as the Head of the family.

If any household has no Female of eighteen years or above age, we should consider the eldest male in the household as the Head of the family. When the female member gets the age of Eighteen and above, she will be considered the Head of the family.

Here, the Head of the family is given importance as the NPHH Ration Cards are given in their name, and all the benefits and services are also offered considering the Head of the household. 

NPHH Ration Card Application Process:

Here we can see the step-by-step process for applying for the NPHH Ration Card.

  • Go to the PDS Office near your location.
  • Take the New NPHH Ration card Application form and fill in all the details. 
  • The application form links the Aadhaar Card xerox of all the family members.
  • Submit any other Address proof if the address mentioned in the Aadhaar is not the present address. 
  • If the household has no permanent address, there is no need to submit the Address proofs. 
  • You have to submit the Income Tax Certificate and the Existing ration Card if you have.
  • Take an undertaking form and fill it out to ensure that you do not fall into any exceptional category mentioned per the guidelines.
  • Submit the application form along with the required documents to the officials.   
  • The Head of the household should do all the above procedures.

Steps for applying online:

Step 1: Visit the official website of NPHH or Click on the link mentioned here:

Step 2: Click on the smart card application and fill in the required details, then apply.

benifits of nphh card

You can also check the Smart card application status by clicking the options below the application option.

Benefits of NPHH Raion Cards:

Ration cards are of two types APL and BPL. These are again classified into two types Priority and Non-Priority type. This classification is based on the financial status of the household. Checking whether the Ration cardholders live in Bungalows, have their cars, or hold two cylinders and so on.

1. NPHH Ration cardholders can get all the daily essentials such as Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Kerosene, Oil, Toor Dhal. These cardholders come under NPSH or NPHHL category.

 2. NPHHS ration cardholders are eligible for availing only Sugar as the essential. NPS stands for Non – Priority House Hold. 

3. NPHHNC ration cardholders are not eligible to get any essential commodities with this ration card.NPHHNC stands for Non – Priority House Hold No Commodities.

We can understand by the name itself that which ration card type gives which benefits to the cardholders. These ration cards are given by the Targeted Public Distribution System of the Tamil Nadu State Government.

PDS introduces all the services regarding the ration cards. I hope this article helps you apply for the new ration card and gives you more information about eligibility criteria.


1 . What is NPHH?

NPHH is a ration card issue to the people of Tamil Nadu by the State government to provide the people’s status.

2 . How to apply for the NPHH ration card?

You can apply for the NPHH ration card offline or online, and the complete details about the application process are given in the above article.

3 . What are the benefits of the NPHH Ration cardholders?

There are three types in the NPHH card, and the benefits of the cardholders depend on the type of card. You can check the complete details in the above section.

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