Coolidge Scholarship: Application and Requirements

Are you a student who is ambitious about your higher studies but worried about the financial burden? Here is the good news! Coolidge Scholarship awards the students the Scholarship, which covers tuition fees and living expenses, providing various options. You can check this blog post with all the scholarship information.

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About Coolidge Scholarship:

Coolidge Scholarship is the annually awarded full-ride Scholarship for undergraduate students. This prestigious Scholarship covers the tuition fee, living expenses, board fees, and other expenses. In honor of the 30th President of the United States of America, Calvin Coolidge, the government established this Scholarship in 1984.

Every year, undergraduate students who are exceptional in their studies and culture are awarded the Scholarship. The aim of implementing this Scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to high school students, giving them a chance to become great, educated, and knowledgeable citizens.

This prestigious Scholarship focuses on students who believe this money is not for their personal use but for the betterment of the community and society. Three exceptional students become Coolidge scholars who receive full financial support every year.

Eligibility Criteria of Coolidge Scholarship:

To become a Coolidge Scholar, applicants must meet a few eligibility requirements. The following are the eligible requirements.

  • The student must be a USA citizen or permanent resident. 
  • Applicable for only high school juniors even if enrolled for higher classes at any community school.
  • Not applicable to senior students.
  • You must attend the four-year undergraduate course at an accredited university in America.
  • No immediate family or relative must be the staff or trustee of the Coolidge scholarship.
  • The application must be sent before the deadline.

You can apply for this prestigious Scholarship only if you meet all the above requirements.

What is the Coolidge Scholarship acceptance rate?

The prestigious Scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other expenses, so there is heavy competition. This program is named after the 30th president of the USA, Calvin Coolidge.

This Scholarship is awarded only to two or three high school juniors who must attend the summer orientation program before their senior year.

Coolidge Scholarship selection process:

Every applicant who applies for the prestigious Coolidge Scholarship must undergo the following selection process.

  • Preliminary application: Through this preliminary application, applicants should provide their primary records, educational data, intellectual interests, and citizenship.
  • Secondary or Semifinal application: The semi-finalists should provide extra materials like essays and recommendations once selected in the preliminary stage.
  • Final stage: The applicants selected in the semifinal stage will be called for a one-on-one interview.

The application process for the Coolidge scholarship:

Coolidge Scholarship is different from many other scholarships awarded to the students. This is awarded only to high school juniors willing to study the 4-year undergraduate program. The application process for this Scholarship is as follows,

  • Firstly, you must check your eligibility criteria for applying for the Scholarship.
  • Then, gather all your documents and details, like test scores, certificates, resume, etc., mentioned in the application form.
  • Go to the official website provided by the scholarship committee.
  • Fill in all the details and review them.
  • Finally, submit the application form.

Documents required for Scholarship:

The following are the documents the applicant must submit for this Scholarship. they are,

  • SAT-ACT scorecard with PSAT scores.
  • School fee vouchers
  • Transcripts, along with AP courses
  • Essays with 600-800 words
  • Resume mentioning your skills and educational details.
  • Recommendation letters from your teachers.

How many students can apply for the prestigious Coolidge Scholarship?

Coolidge Scholarship is among the most prestigious scholarships the USA students get. This Scholarship covers the 4- year undergraduate tuition fee, living expenses, and other expenses. This highly competitive Scholarship has 2000-2500 students applying every year.

Even with the many applications, only two or three applicants can become Coolidge scholars.

Benefits of Coolidge Scholarship:

There are many benefits that the Coolidge scholars can get from the Scholarship. They are,

  • This full-ride Scholarship covers the entire 4-year course tuition fee, living expenses, books, and other expenses.
  • Becoming a Coolidge Scholar gives you prestigious value and recognition in the community.
  • This provides leadership development that can give mentorship from renowned leaders.
  • This gives the chance to improve the networking opportunities.
  • There are no tiw-up colleges like other scholarship programs. You can select any university in the country.
  • You can become an alumnus of the prestigious Scholarship and join the community.

Tips and strategies for the Coolidge Scholarship:

You can follow some useful tips and strategies to get selected for the Scholarship. They are,

  • Be an early bird and apply for the Scholarship before the deadline.
  • Showcase all your academic skills, leadership qualities, and management skills.
  • Get guidance from the mentors and alums.
  • Get recommendations from the high-level teachers.
  • Proofread the essays and application before submitting that application.


Coolidge Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded to two or three students in their junior high school. This is a competitive scholarship because it provides the tuition fee for 4-years, living expenses, and other expenses for the scholars. The main aim of this scholarship program is to provide financial assistance for exceptional students and give more knowledgeable citizens to the community.


What is the Coolidge Scholarship?

This is a prestigious scholarship given to junior high school students in the USA for their 4-year under graduation in an accredited university only in the USA.

Who is eligible to become a Coolidge Scholar?

The USA’s citizens are permanent residents and Junior High School students.

What is the deadline for applying for the Coolidge Scholarship?

The deadline is January 18th, 2024.

How many essays are required for this Scholarship application?

The applicants must provide three essays to apply for the Scholarship.

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