GHMC Death Certificate Online Registration & Status

A death certificate is a must-have document issued by the Government to record a person’s death, date, and cause of death with the exact time. Greater Hyderabad Municipality Corporation introduced the GHMC Death certificate online registration and the GHMC death certificate application process.

GHMC Death Certificate

According to the Registration of Birth & Death Act, 1969, every dead person has to be registered with the concerned State Government. It will be issued to the family members of the deceased.

GHMC Death Certificate

As per the Registration of Birth & Death Act, the state government must register every death within 21 days. The following are the few relevant authorities registering your required death in Telangana.

  1. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
  2. Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration Government of Telangana

In case of late death registration (after21 days), residents must submit a report stating the reason for the delay of the pro along with a late fee to the concerned register office of that area.

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  • A death certificate is significant proof of the cause of death of a person
  • It is to relieve the person from legal issues
  • For property inheritance certificate is one of the mandatory document
  • A death certificate will enable the family member of the deceased to collect insurance and many other benefits

GHMC Death Certificate Online Application Form

  • Click here to download GHMC the application form
  • Click here to  download it from the mee Seva portal

for downloading the application online in the mee Seva portal, you need to follow these steps

  1. Visit the mee Seva portal using the above link
  2. You will see “application forms” in the left corner; click to get different forms.
  3. Select the death certificate application, and then it will automatically download

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GHMC Death Certificate Application Process

You will need an application form to apply for the GHMC death certificate online.

Download from the mee Seva portal and also the required documents.

Below are the required documents:

  • required proof of the deceased– Birth certificate report specifying the date and time of death
  • Ration card hard copy
  • Medical Certification stating the causes of death, if necessary
GHMC Death Certificate Application status

Steps for applying :

  1. MeeSeva centre operator will scan the documents you have provided and apply for the death certificate online.
  2. After paying the fee for a death certificate, the operator will give a receipt for the transaction and an application ID number.
  3. While applying, the applicant needs to give details regarding certificate delivery modes. They can get a certificate from MeeSeva Centre or courier it to the registered address from the GHMC office.
  4. The applicant gets an SMS to the registered mobile number once the application is accepted.
  5. While obtaining a certificate from the MeeSeva centrethe death certificate will arrive on the same day through courier; it will take at least five days from the date of application.

GHMC Death Certificate Download

Click here to fill in all the necessary data. After that, if the application is available, there is a download option to download it.

GHMC Death Certificate Registration

The respective head will be responsible for registering death like

  • The member belonging to the family of the deceased will be responsible for the death registration
  • If the person dies in the hospital, then the medical in charge will register the death
  • Similarly, the death certificate registered

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GHMC Death Certificate Application Status
  • To check the GHMC application status, visit the online portal
  • Choose meeseva application status.
  • Enter the application id and track it.

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