Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka: Apply Online, Benefits & Eligibility

After winning the elections, the Karnataka government announced the Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka. This scheme provides financial assistance for low-income families facing the financial burden of paying the electricity bill every month.

Households with less than 200 units can get free electricity through the scheme. To get the application procedure, eligibility, benefits and other details from the article below.

Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka

Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka Overview:

Every state government works hard to fulfil residents’ needs by providing various schemes. As a part of it, the Congress party promised to launch the Gruha Jyothi Scheme once they won. They kept their promise and announced the Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka launch, which provides free electricity for up to 200 units.

The households get free electricity not just for one month but up to 200 units every month. The government launched this scheme to provide financial assistance for low-income households and reduce their burden. With this scheme, many households can save up to Rs.1000, freeing from the burden.

There can be nearly 5 to 10 lakh applicants daily, and they can easily apply online through the Seva Sindhu Portal. Nearly 2.14 Crors households can benefit from the scheme implemented on August 1st, 2023. You can apply for the scheme by following the procedure given in the article and considering other details.

Name of the schemeGruha Jyothi Scheme
Launched byKarnataka state government
Implementation dateAugust 1st 2023
BeneficiariesResidents of Karnataka state
BenefitsGet free electricity for 200 units
Mode of applicationOnline/offline

Features of Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka:

The main features of the Gruha Jyothi Scheme are,

  • Every eligible household can get free electricity for up to 200 units.
  • To reduce the financial burden for low-income families, which saves up to Rs.1000 every month.
  • You can use different gadgets without worrying about the electricity bill.
  • To provide financial assistance for families facing difficulty paying monthly electricity bills.
  • Reduces poverty by reducing the monthly financial burden they can use for other development.
  • Children can get a good education with the reduction of electricity bill payments.

Eligibility Critiera:

The eligibility criteria for applying to the Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka are,

  • The beneficiary must be a citizen of India and a resident of Karnataka.
  • There must be a valid electricity bill in the legal name.
  • There should not be any electricity bill outstanding for the free electricity.
  • The annual income of the households must be less than 1 Lakh rupees.
  • The consumption of electricity must be less than 200 units.
  • This only applies to the household owner bill linked to the Aadhar card.

Documents required for Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka:

The following list contains important documents applicants must submit when applying for the Gruha Jyothi Scheme. They are,

  • Aadhar Card
  • Resident proof
  • Income proof
  • Electricity bill
  • Consumer ID
  • Email ID and phone number

How do you apply for the Gruha Jyothi Scheme in Karnataka?

A certain process for applying for the Gruha Jyothi Scheme in Karnataka needs proper steps. The following steps will help you to apply for the scheme.

  • Firstly, visit the Seva Sindhu official website of the scheme on any browser, i.e.
  • Now, search for the ‘Gruha Jyothi’ icon and click on it.
  • The application form of the Gruha Jyothi will open; enter the details like Aadhar number, customer ID, mobile number, and email ID requested in the form.
  • Click on the ‘tick’ to declare and enter the ‘captcha code’ after submitting the documents required.
  • Next, the name will be displayed on the screen. Click on the ‘generate OTP’ icon.
  • You will receive the OTP; enter the OTP number and click ‘Submit’.
  • After submission, you will receive the acknowledgement form.

How do you check the status of the scheme?

Follow the steps below to check the Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka application status. They are,

  • Firstly, you must visit Seva Sindhu’s official website on any browser.
  • Select the Beneficiary tabs and click on ‘Status’.
  • Now, enter the application number.
  • Then, Click on the icon ‘Check status’ to check the status on the screen.

Benefits of Gruah Jyothi Scheme:

Some of the important and helpful benefits of Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka are,

  • This scheme provides free electricity for up to 200 units for every eligible household.
  • Every resident can benefit from this scheme.
  • Every resident of any caste, religion, and household can get an exemption from paying electricity bills.
  • This scheme reduces poverty.
  • This scheme reduces the financial burden of paying electricity bills every month.
  • The households can save Rs. 1000 every month.


Congress Government launched the Gruha Jyothi Scheme Karnataka that they announced during the elections. This scheme aims to provide free electricity for households that consume less than 200 units every month. Not only permanent residents but also tenants can benefit from the scheme, which saves up to Rs.1000 monthly. More details about this scheme are given in the article above.


Is the application process for the Karnataka Gruha Jyothi Scheme available offline? 

Yes, the applicants can apply by visiting the nearest government office.

Is the scheme applicable to the residents outside Karnataka?

No, this scheme is eligible only for the residents of the Karnataka state, including the tenants.

Who is suitable to apply for the Gruha Jyothi Scheme of Karnataka state?

The scheme is eligible for the residents of Karnataka state, including the tenants of temporary residents.

How do you check the status of the application?

You can check the status of the Gruha Jyothi Scheme easily by visiting the official Seva Sindhu website provided by the government.

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