NREGA Payment Process | Payment Status & NREGA Payment List 2022

NREGA Payment Process:

NREGA is the short form of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This NREGA act was passed in the year 2005 and later renamed MGNREGA. This scheme mainly focuses on providing work for all the people in the rural area. NREGA mainly focuses on providing work for at least 100 days in rural areas to enhance their lives. The MGNREGA is more beneficial for the rural areas to earn their daily needs during unseasons where most people depend on agricultural works. The government provides the people with the work like cleaning the roadsides, developing good drainage facilities, digging wells in the rural area, planting trees towards green, etc. On this page, you can get complete information about NREGA Payment Process.

NREGA Payment List 2022:

The people working under the NREGA act can check their payment details through the NREGA payment list. Here we will provide complete details about the NREGA payment list and the process of checking the payment in this article.

If you want to see your wages have been paid or not in the online portal without visiting the bank frequently, you can go to the NREGA payment list and check your name.

The only requirement for checking the payment list is your job card number and your aadhar number. With this payment List, you can find the details about the list of people in your locality or city who have received the payments in payment list 2022.

MGNREGA payment Status 2022:

The Ministry of rural development has launched this National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Later, it was renamed Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

This MGNREGA is to help poor people in rural areas by giving them employment for at least 100 days of work.

To check the payment list online, you must follow the below procedure.

  • Go to the official website of the NREGA from the google search engine.
  • On the home page, select the payment list option from the menu.
  • Select the state from the drop-down list.

NREGA Payment Process

  • Then, select your district from the list given in the drop-down.
  • Now, you have to select your block or thaluk for which you belong.
  • Now select the panchayat from the list given under your thaluk.
  • Click on the report option to get the payment list of the workers who belong to a particular panchayat.

On the new page, you can see the full list of payments accordingly. Search for your name on the page to find whether the payment has been given to you or not.

Details available on the NREGA Payment Process List:

The payment list contains the following details of the employee.

  1. Village or panchayat name
  2. Job card number
  3. The cardholder or applicant name
  4. Father name or Husband name
  5. Work code or title
  6. Number of working days
  7. Wages earned in rupees

MGNREGA Post Office payment process:

On the official website of the NREGA, you can find the information about payments is transferred in different methods to the account holder’s bank account. You will get the information about the post office and bank payments. Here we are giving the information in a short form to understand the readers easily.

According to the information available on the official website, the NREGA postal payments are done through E FMS online. The Post office transfers the amount of the job cardholder to the account of the job cardholder through NEFT/ RTGS.

How NREGA transfers the amount to the Post Office:

The NREGA sends the list of wages and the post office, and the Post Office credits the amount to workers’ accounts. The process of transferring the amount into the post office is as follows.

  1. Visit the official web portal of the NREGA.
  2. Select the district or block administrator option from the home page.
  3. Click on the send wage list option to open the login page.
  4. You must select the financial year and district and block from the given options.
  5. Log in to the portal with the admin credentials.
  6. Now, add your digital signature to send the FTO.
  7. Send the NREGA payment list to the Post office or other banks.
  8. Now, the bank will convert the FTO.

The government will transfer all the payments from the list to the individual accounts of the job cardholders. If the job card holders have linked the postal payments bank, the post office will transfer the credit immediately. For other bank account holders, the government will send the payments through NEFT or RTGS, and these payment options may take time.

How to update bank account in NREGA Job Card:

To update the bank details in the NREGA job card, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website of the NREGA.
  2. Open the Gram Panchayat data entry page from the menu.
  3. Click on update applicant details, add your new account details, and click save.
  4. Now, your bank details are up to date.

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