Police Verification Certificate | Clearance Certificate & Online Form

Apply for the police verification certification/PVC form, and get the certificate is an official certificate issued to Indian police or relevant government officials. This process verifies if there are any criminal records against an individual. After post-police verification, the certificate will be issued if there are no criminal records.

Reasons to Obtain 

This certificate is essential for several reasons, they are:

  • Foreign citizens staying in India
  • Indian citizens going abroad
  • Central or State Government job applications
  • Individuals who are working at Airport
  • Housekeeping staff or Domestic servant
  • Job private job employees
  • Marriage unions
  • Students attending NSS/NCC training camps
  • People working on daily wages at Government Institutions
  • Fingerprints verification and comparison

Who can Apply for Police Verification Form Online?

Recently, the Government of India changed the PCC/PVC application process from offline to online. The offline process is time-consuming, and the individual has to visit their local police station to apply. Within 15 to 30 days of applying, the certificate will be issued. Applying for PVC/ PCC can be divided into the following categories based on the current place of residence and nationality.

  • Indian Nationals residing in India
  • Indian Nationals residing outside India
  • Foreign Nationals residing in India

To apply for the certificate, Indian Nationals residing outside India must approach the Indian Diplomatic Post/ Mission, legal jurisdiction over the applicant’s residence in person.

Foreign Nationals residing in India are instructed to apply through the FRRO portal (Foreigners Regional Registration Office).

Once the application has been submitted, the applicants are ordered not to leave India before the verification certificate. Between one and three weeks, the certificate will be issued.

Applying  within Karnataka

Indian nationals residing in Karnataka have the following process to obtain a PVC.

  • Log in to the official website, download the application form, and fill it out.
  • pay the fees on the Karnataka website
  • . Provide the receipt to the respective police station to use the requested certificate.
  • The police will go to the applicant’s house
  • after 15 days for verification. The certificate will be an issue.

PVC Aadhaar Card Online | Download Aadhaar PVC Card

Documents required

  • Company letter (in case of working employee)
  • Bonafide certificate (in case of a student)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Written application to Principal Secretary
  • Lease / Rental agreement

PVC for a passport

In the issue of passports in India, police verification is an important security measure. According to the existing regulations applying for a new passport or a reissue leads to police verification. It is not required in some cases but depends on the application and existing documentation.

The three primary modes for Police verification are:

  • Pre Police Verification
  • Post Police Verification
  • No Police Verification
  • Online Police verification form (for passport)

After being notified by the passport authority, the police verification process is usually initiated by the concerned police station.

Individuals can apply for a PVC on the Passport Seva website. The website allows individuals to track the status of the verification also.

How to submit the Police Verification form online?

  • Go to the official website of the Passport Seva Online Portal.
  • Select ‘Register Now.
  • complete the registration process
  • using the Login ID login to the portal
  • Click on ‘Apply for Police Clearance Certificate.’
  • Fill in the required details on the application form.
  • Next, click on ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment.’ which can be found under the ‘View Saved/Submit Applications’ screen.
  • To make the online payment, select ‘Print Application Receipt.’ The receipt will contain the ARN (Application Reference Number) on it.
  • An SMS with the ARN will also be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Go to the PSK or RPO where the appointment has been scheduled.
  • Ensure that the original documents are carried with you when you visit the office.

Pre-Police Verification:

In several cases, the individual has submitted the form and all related documents, annexures, etc. The police verification will be done before issuing the passport, and the application will be approved.

The information submitted in the application form, such as the applicant’s name, age, and address, is verified by an officer who works in a police station under whose jurisdiction the individual’s address falls, in person, by visiting the address mentioned in the application form. If the information is precise, the police station notifies the passport office to issue the passport to the individual.

Post Police Verification:

Pre-passport police verification is the most common form, but post-police verification can sometimes be done. In post-police verification, the verification will be done after issuing the passport.

If the individual submits the renewal application before their current passport expires, police verification is not required to renew the passport under new policies. In addition to this, the person’s previous police verification should be clear, with no criminal cases against them.

Post Police Verification with Aadhaar:

The MEA needs to allow for post-police verification for passport verification on top of providing certain details. Individuals submitting their Aadhaar, voter ID card or PAN card along with an affidavit (Annexure E) can use this facility. However, this facility is not available to persons who have criminal cases against them.

As soon as the Aadhaar is verified, Individuals who submit their Aadhaar as document proof will have their passport issued, provided all other documents submitted are correct.

There is no police verification for new passport applications in certain cases. It is applicable in cases like the passport office. It seems completely unnecessary for Police Verification which happens for some passport applications.

For example, government / PSU / statutory body employees who apply for the passport by submitting a document called an “identity certificate” through annexure “B” (in addition to their application documents) will receive their passport without any police verification.

When applying for an ordinary passport, individuals with diplomatic or official passports will also not require police verification, presented they submit the identity certificate through annexure “B.”

Checking of  Police Verification Status for Passport:


Clear status indicates that the police have found no issues and have no records (no pending criminal cases against them).


Adverse status indicates that the police have found variance in the information submitted by the individual in the verification process that leads to cancellation or withholding of the passport.

These inconsistencies occur because the applicant may provide an inaccurate address. If any criminal cases have been filed against them are pending.


The incomplete status indicates that the police found the documents submitted incomplete during the verification process. Therefore, it stops the process halfway. Another reason could be not filling out the verification report correctly.

In some cases, if the person was not living at their current place for a long time, verification from previous addresses has not been possible. Due to a lack of sufficient information, the police could label the verification incomplete.

Once the verification is complete, the report will be drawn up, and the government will approve or cancel the certificate. The applicant can visit the police station that issued the verification report and find clarity on the reason for the report. In case the government did not sanction the passport due to an ‘Adverse’ or “Incomplete’ remark,

How to get a Police Verification certificate online?

  • Browse the link of the local police station in the name of the state, such as Delhi, Kerala, etc.
  • Click on Police Clearance Certificate
  • Register with your email id.
  • Submit a verification code that gets to the registered email id.
  • Select “New User Register Here”
  • Select the “individual” option for a particular person and “organization” for the whole firm.
  • Log in with your email id and password.
  • Please give me your mobile phone number.
  • Enter the security code to appear on the computer screen.
  • Filter the “Application Form For PCC By An Indian” option. The form will pop up.
  • Read instructions carefully.
  • Provide all details required.
  • Choose the PCC option as Emigration.
  • On top of filling in all the necessary details, upload your photograph in JPEG format. It need not be more than 20 KB.
  • Upload your scanned proof of address and the letter of the agency required for PCC. The letter needs to be 200KB or less in only JPEG format.
  • If you live in a rented house, attach its agreement. It also needs to be under 200KB again in the JPEG format.
  • Hit the “reviews” option and save your online application.
  • Redirect to the payment gateway, where you must pay the requisite fee.
  • Now, you can get a PCC number flashing on the screen.
  • Save it for future reference.

Documents Checklist to Support PVC Application

  • Photograph
  • Rent Agreement, if living on the rent
  • Letter of Agency, if it is for employment
  • Address Proof, if you have your permanent address

How to Get PVC from the Local Police Station  In-Person?

  • Collect all documents in the checklist.
  • Go to the local police station near you.
  • The police officer asks you about the purpose while conducting a brief background check.
  • He will ask about the self-attested document.
  • Requisite fees need to be paid in cash or through a cheque.
  • The process to follow for NRI
  • Visit the consulate official.
  • Fill out the police verification form to apply.
  • Show up all self-attested supporting documents.
  • The requisite amount needs to pay us a service charge to verify and attested by the police.
  • The application will be approved upon verification, and the Indian government will issue the certificate.
  • You can get your PVC from the local police station on the same day if your application and documents do not show any inconsistencies.
  • But if there are inconsistencies, you have to get to the concerned authority of the document, like an Aadhar card or voter id, to correct the mistakes in them.
  • The correction can take a week or more. So, you should first check your documents and then visit the station.

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