Praja Palana Scheme Telangana: Apply online and Eligibility

Congress launched The Praja Palana Scheme in Telangana for the public to address their issues and grievances directly. They can directly submit their grievances to the government through the application form. The government launched this Scheme to know the public issues without any middlemen. This article gives you the details of the Praja Palana Form Filling process, the eligibility criteria, and other details.

Praja Palana Scheme

Praja Palana Scheme Telangana Overview:

Every state government works hard to help the public in different categories. Telangana government launched Praja Palana after their victory, also called Abhayahastam or TS 6 Guarantee scheme. This Scheme was launched to address the grievances of the public directly without any middlemen.

Under this Scheme, the public can submit applications or grievances for the 6 six schemes. The Maha Laxmi Scheme, Rythu Bharosa Scheme, Cheytha Scheme, Gruha Jyothi Scheme, and Indiramma House Scheme. All these six schemes are called “Abhayahastam”.

The government planned to provide transparency for the public and want to know their grievances directly. The applications for this Scheme are open till January 6, 2024. You can submit your application before January 6 to submit your grievance.

Name of the schemePraja Palana Scheme
Launched byTelanagana Government
BeneficiariesCitizens of Telangana
Application modeOnline
Starting date28/12/2023
Closing date06/01/2024
Benefits6 Guarantee schemes
Official websitePraja Palana Website

Praja Palana Scheme Telangana Eligibility criteria:

Eligibility criteria exist for applying for the Praja Palana Scheme or Abhayahastam scheme. The applicants of the Abhayahastam scheme must meet the eligibility status for applying to the TS 6 Guarantee scheme. They are,

  • The applicant must be a permanent citizen of Telangana state.
  • The applicant’s age must be according to the Scheme they apply to.
  • The applicant must meet the income according to the Scheme they apply to.

Schemes under the TS 6 Guarantee Scheme:

The Praja Palana scheme is called the Abhayahastam or TS 6 Guarantee scheme. Through this Scheme, the Telangana government launched six schemes to provide the Telangana citizens with different ways.

This Scheme allows the public to submit grievances to the officials without direct intermediaries. The six schemes are,

Maha Laxmi Scheme:

Through the Maha Laxmi Scheme, the government planned to provide financial assistance to women for their daily expenses. They give Rs.2,500 to every woman in the state and free RTC bus rides. The amount is directly transferred to the applicant’s bank account.

Rythu Bharosa Scheme:

Rythu Bharosa scheme provides financial assistance to farmers of Telangana state. Farmers get Rs.15,000 for every acre through this Scheme as a Direct Benefit Transfer to their accounts.

Griha Jyothi Scheme:

The Griha Jyothi Scheme is the Scheme to provide 200 units of free electricity for every house in the Telangana state under the Praja Palana Scheme. The applicants must meet the financial status to get the benefit from the Scheme.

Chyutha Scheme:

To help the physically or mentally challenged, poor, children and women who need help. They provide financial, medical, and educational assistance through the Scheme.

Indiramma House Scheme:

The Indiramma House scheme is focused on providing free houses for poor people who are homeless. They provide financial assistance to the people to build a house.

Document required for Praja Palana Scheme:

The following documents are required to apply for the Abhayahastam or TS 6 Guarantee schemes. they are,

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residency proof document
  • Income proof
  • Passport size photo
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Bank account details

Praja Palana Form Filling process:

There are a few steps that you must follow to apply for the Scheme or submit the grievances. The following steps are for the application.

  • Firstly, visit the Scheme’s official website, provided by the Telangana government.
  • The ‘Praja Palana Application form‘ is on the homepage. Now, click on the Scheme’s application form link on the page and download it.
  • Download the application form in PDF and get a print of it.
  • Next, fill out the application form with all your details and check all the details.
  • Then, attach the documents that are asked for, for example, your identity, income, and proof of residency.
  • Finally, submit your application form to the designated locations before January 6, 2024.

Benefits of the Praja Palana Scheme:

The following are the benefits of the Abhayahastam Scheme Telangana. They are as follows,

  • The applicants can directly submit their issues and grievances to government officials without any interference from an intermediary.
  • The public can benefit from the six schemes under the main Scheme.
  • Regardless of the application process, it is less time and money-consuming.
  • Lastly, they can submit their application form in more than 600 centres.


The Telangana government launched the Praja Palana Scheme, the Abhayahastam or TS 6 Guarantee scheme. This Scheme provides the ability to submit public grievances directly to the officials without any middlemen. The applicants can also benefit from the six schemes under the main Scheme. The Praja palana Scheme process starts on December 28, 2023, and ends on January 6, 2024.


What is the other name of the Praja Palana Scheme? 

The other names are Abhayahastam or TS 6 Guarantee scheme.

What is the motive behind the launch of the Abhayahastam scheme?

This Scheme’s main motive is to allow the public to submit their grievances directly to government officials without any issues.

What are the six schemes under the TS 6 Guarantee schemes?

The six schemes are the Maha Laxmi, Rythu Bandhu, Cheyutha, Indiramma House, and Griha Jyothi.

When is the last date to apply for the Praja Palana Scheme?

January 6, 2024, is the last date to apply for the Scheme.

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