UP Jansunwai Portal – Online Registration, Complaint Status

What is UP Jansunwai Portal?

Jansunwai Portal was the official place for the people to complain directly to Uttar Pradesh state. Citizens of UP can now visit the jansunwai.up.nic.in a website or jansunwai app for Jansunwai online registration. Nothing but it was a medium between the people and the government.

It applies to the resident’s people of Uttar Pradesh. Not only complaints but also Uttar Pradesh people can also send their feedback and suggestions to the state government. Chief Minister Shri Yogi Aditya Nath did this initiative in the year 2016.

Official Website of jansunwai.up.nic.in

In the beginning, The UP government started at the district level as trial and error. After success, they implemented it throughout the state. All the complaints registered in this portal are solved within 30 days, or sometimes it may take time depending on the people’s complaints.

Objectives of Jansunwai Portal

Main motive to launch the portal by UP chief minister Shri Yogi Aditya Nath was to solve all the problems faced by the citizens of Uttar Pradesh

 Jansunwai Online Registration Process especially for migrant workers

  • First, you visit the official website of Jansunwai up for Jansunwai online registration process.
  • Then overseas registration link will display. Click on that link for the registration process.

Jansunwai Portal Registration Form

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter the security code, which is captcha code
  • Now click on the send option.
  • Then you will get a registration id.
  • Again login to the portal by using the registration id
  • Enter all your details in the given form
  • Finally, click on the submit option.

How to log in for Jansunwai UP?

  • First, you need to visit the official website by typing www.jansunwai.up.nic.in
  • Then click on the login option.
  • Enter your user-id, password & security code displayed on the screen.
  • Finally, click on the submit option.

How to create a new password when you forget your old password in Jansunwai UP?

  • Visit the official website of the Jansunwai portal via google search.
  • Click on the login option.
  • Enter your user name
  • When you forget a password, click on the forget password.
  • It will ask for your registered mobile number and e-mail id.
  • It will send OTP when you enter your mobile number or e-mail id.
  • Enter OTP
  • Now new your password.
  • Confirm your password
  • Click on the ok option.
  • Then it will update your new password.

How to register your complaint in UP Jansunwai?

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of jansunwai.up.nic.in
  • A new window will appear containing the home page.
  • Then select the registration grievances option, which is present on the home screen.
  • Then some specific points appear to read them.

Complaint Registration or jansunwai online registration

  • Now click on the submit button.
  • Then registration will appear on the new window.

jansunwai.up.nic.in complaint registration or jansunwai online registration

  • Now you have to enter your mobile number and e-mail id.
  • Then enter the captcha which appears on the screen.
  • Click on the submit option.
  • Now OTP is sent to your phone number or mail id.
  • Then enter your OTP
  • Now a new window appears containing the complaint form.
  • Fill in the necessary details in the given form.
  • Finally, click on the submit option.
  • A reference number is sent to your phone number or mail id after completing the above process, and that reference number is useful for the check-in status.

How to check the Jansunwai status if you complain through that portal?

Once you register for the website application, you can check the status online only through your mobile number.

  • Firstly, Google and search for the official website jansunwai.up.nic.in
  • Then select the track grievances option.

Track Complaint Status

  • You need to fill in details, including complaint number, mobile number, mail id, and other information.
  • Then click on the submit option.
  • Finally, after clicking on the submit option, the Jansunwai status will display on the screen.

How to Check the Complaint Status from officials?

If any person feels that their complaint is not considered or doesn’t get any notification, they can send the remainder to the department through Jansunwai portal UP.

The following steps are for the sending of reminders to the department:

  • Visit Google search and type official website Jansunwai .up.nic.in
  • Select the link of send reminder which is on the home screen

Send Reminder

  • Now enter your reference number, which you receive.
  • Then click on the search button.
  • Finally, a reminder for the complaint is sent to the respective official.
  • Then you will get a reply from the department.

How to send feedback via UP Jansunwai?

The following steps are for sending feedback or suggestions to the UP state government via the portal:

  • Visit the official website by using google.
  • Then select send feedback option.
  • A new window will appear with a dialogue box.
  • Then fill that dialogue box with your feedback or suggestions and rating.

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How to download the Jansunwai app through Mobile?

Not only through the portal, but people can also download the Jansunwai app through mobile phones. People can complain or can send their feedbacks by using a mobile phone also.

  • First, go to the play store.
  • Type Jansunwai app in the search button
  • It will display the app.
  • Finally, click on the download option.
  • You can find many similar features like a portal.

Advances of Jansunwai Portal

  • It will be an easy connection between the people and the state government.
  • People can check their complaint status very quickly.
  • The people get a reply from the respective department for their complaints.
  • People can complain without going any every department.

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Some complaints which UP Jansunwai does not accept?

  • Related to right to information
  • Cases that are under the court
  • Government employee transfers
  • Demanding for financial job

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