How to Book LPG Refills on WhatsApp Procedure & Numbers

Book LPG Refills is a challenging task and lengthy process. There will be an IVR number to schedule the LPG, and many people face problems getting the booking, and it takes 3 to 4 days for the procedure.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas wants this process quickly and introduced a new method to book LPG refills on WhatsApp. They are now in touch with the different gas agencies over the Country to implement. 

Now people are booking the LPG by phone and sending SMS, which also takes time. By WhatsApp booking, the process is going to be easy. There is also a positive response from the people of this booking through WhatsApp. Now the scheme is implemented in Uttar Pradesh and will spread to other states of India soon.

Book Indane Gas Refill by WhatsApp

  • To book Indane gas on WhatsApp, save the number 7588888824 on the mobile.
  • Open the WhatsApp app where we can find the number.
  • Open the chatbox and send “REFILL” to the number.
  • And to know the booking status, send “STATUS # Order number.” 
  • The booking must be through the registered mobile number only.
Book Indane LPG

Book Bharath Gas through WhatsApp

  • Bharath Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL) is India’s second-largest oil marketing company.
  • First, save the smart line number 1800224344.
  • Open the chatbox, send “BOOK” or “1,” and get the booking confirmation message.
  • There will be a link also for online payment.
  • The booking must be through the registered mobile number only.
Book Bharath LPG

Steps to Book HP LPG by WhatsApp

  • To book the HP gas by WhatsApp, the number issued by the company is 9222201222.
  • Save the number in the registered mobile number with the gas.
  • Now open the chatbox and send “HP GAS BOOK.”
  • You will then be requested to answer a few questions by sending Yes in the chat.
  • A message comes to confirm the booking.
  • Apart from booking, we can also know the LPG quota, LPG ID, and LPG Subsidy and see the option available through WhatsApp.

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