Lumpsum Calculator Online


A Lump Sum calculator helps show you the long-term wealth gained. It is an intelligent tool to calculate the lump sum mutual fund investment return. A lumpsum calculator contains a formula box where you enter the investment period in years, the investment amount and the annual Rate of return looks forward to on the investment. The lumpsum Calculator will show you the desired amount and the wealth gain in seconds.

What is Lump Sum money?

Lump sum payment refers to a large one-time amount of money given to an employee, usually instead of a series of payments made over time. A lump sum payment is less valuable when provided for an asset or service because of the total of the funds paid.

How can a Lump sum Calculator Help You?

Mutual fund stockholders can use this Calculator to determine the estimated investment returns. Before getting into the advantages of using this Calculator, one must know the types of returns for a lumpsum investment.

  • Absolute return
  • Total return
  • Rolling return
  • Annualized return
  • Point-to-point return
  • Trailing return

It's paramount that an investor understands all these types of returns in detail to avail the maximum benefits from their mutual fund investments.

How Does Lumpsum Calculator Works?

A lump sum calculator helps you gauge the estimated returns a mutual fund scheme can offer on your investment. To provide you with an estimate, the mutual fund lumpsum calculator requires three inputs:

  • The amount you have invested (or are willing to invest)
  • The period of investment, i.e., how long you are going to stay invested
  • The Rate of return that you expect from the mutual fund scheme
  • The lumpsum mutual fund calculator will then show you the returns based on inputs. It is the reason why it is also called a lumpsum return calculator.

The formula for Mutual Fund Lump Sum Investment Returns:

The formula employed for the calculation of lumpsum investment returns is as follows:

FV = PV(1+r/n)^nt


FV :is Future Valuet

PV :is Present Value

r:is the Rate of interest

n:is the Number of compound interests in a year

t:is Tenure

For example, if you invest ten lahks in a mutual fund scheme that gives an average return of 10% per year and compounds every six months for the next three years, the calculation will be:

10,00,000 (1 + 10/2) ^2 x 3 = ₹13,31,000

How to Use Lump Sum Investment Calculator?

A lump sum calculator is relatively easy to use. You can use a lump sum calculator online by following only a few basic steps:

  • Select Lumpsum Calculator to calculate estimated returns on your investment.
  • Enter the investment amount. Then select the period of your investment and the expected Rate of return.
  • The mutual fund lumpsum calculator will then show the estimated returns based on your inputs.

Benefits of Lump Sum Calculator:

  • The Lumpsum Calculator shows you the return on a lumpsum investment in seconds.
  • It guides you through evaluating if you can extend the financial goal at the last investment period.
  • It is an excellent tool for finding the return on a lumpsum investment in mutual funds.
  • It is convenient and easy for novice investors to calculate their investment returns.
  • You can select investments that offer a return above inflation to reach investment goals over the long term.


How does a lumpsum calculator work?

Lump Sum calculators use a specific formula to compute the approximate investment returns. It is a composite interest formula with one of the variables being the Number of times the interest has compounded in a year.

What is the expected return rate of the lumpsum Calculator?

It would help if you used the mathematical formula: FV = PV(1+r)^n FV is Future Value, PV is Present Value, r is Rate of Interest, and n is the Number of years.

Can we increase the lump sum Calculator amount?

When you invest in a fund (either via lump sum or SIP), you get a folio number similar to your bank and bank account numbers. Just like adding money to your bank account in five regular transactions or one transaction, you can add an investment amount to your existing mutual fund.

Which time is best for lumpsum?

A lump sum investment had generally considered when the investor has a significant corpus. It could be money received after retirement, from selling a house, from an inheritance, or that you have assembled cash in your bank account and wish to infuse it now.

What are the benefits of lump sum payments?

Lumpsum payment gives you more flexibility and control over your money, allowing you to spend or invest it how you see fit. The amount you withdraw from investments can change based on your retirement lifestyle needs.

Is the lumpsum Calculator accurate?

Mutual fund lumpsum calculators can provide accurate estimates of your investment value depending on the variables you enter. They do not factor in charges or market volatility.