NSC Calculator Online

Time Period
5 Years


The NSC calculator is an online tool that calculates the maturity value of NSC invested in post offices over five years. NSC (National Saving Certificate) is a savings bond scheme offering low-risk fixed interest. Every six months, the claim is compounded and reinvested in the plan.

It makes computing NSC interest and maturity amount time-consuming and tedious. The NSC calculator is user-friendly and accurate and helps you determine the total amount you will receive at maturity. Just enter the amount invested, rate of interest and compounding frequency.

What is NSC (National Savings Certificate)?

The National Savings Certificate (NSC) is a fixed-income investment scheme you can open with any post office branch. The plan is an India Government started. A savings bond encourages subscribers, primarily low- to middle-income investors, to invest while saving tax.

How does NSC Calculator help us?

  • The calculator is a fast-track source to know how much you will receive on maturity.
  • You can instantly see if the plan fits your financial goal without wasting further time.

NSC Calculator Formula for calculating maturity amount

The NSC (National Savings Certificate) calculator uses the compound interest formula. Here, the interest has compounded annually. The formula to calculate the maturity amount is.

P [1+ R/100]^n


Investment Amount (P): : Rs 1,00,000

Interest Rate (R): : 6.8% per annum

Number of years (maturity period) (n): :5 years

Place the respective values in the NSC formula, and we get,

Maturity Amount = Rs 100000[1+ 6.8/100]^5

= Rs 1,46,254

The total interest earned is Rs (1,46,254 - 1,00,000) = Rs 46,254.

From the calculation, it is obvious that an individual investing Rs 1,00,000 can earn a total interest ofRs 46,254 in 5 years and their total amount upon maturity.

Thus, individuals can get these results using an online 5-year NSC calculator

How does the NSC Calculator work?

The NSC calculator is a digital tool that automatically calculates the interest and capital the investor can take at maturity after completing the investment. The National Savings Certificate, an interest rate calculator, calculates the interest earned under the Govt of India-initiated scheme. At the same time, you can enter the interest rate and investment amount in the tool.

How to use NSC (National Savings Certificate) Calculator?:

The user should do the following tasks using the national savings certificate (NSC) calculator.

  • Enter the monthly investment amount in the federal savings certificate.
  • Next, input the interest rate.
  • Finally, specify how long you want the bond in the third and final step.

After entering the information above, you can verify your highest earnings on the calculator plan. The total amount invested in your NSC, genuine interest earned, & maturity value are all presented.

NSC Calculator Advantages:

  • It is easy to use and straightforward
  • NSC calculator saves time doing the calculations by yourself
  • The National Savings Certificate calculator is accurate, & you don't need to recheck the measures
  • It is free, and you can access it from anywhere.


What is the interest rate on the NSC calculator?

Though there is no maximum limit on the purchase of NSCs, only investments of up to Rs 1.5 lakh annually.

What is the NSC calculator post office?

The National Savings Certificate (NSC) calculator post office is the same as the National Savings Certificate calculator. It allows you to calculate your NSC investment's maturity value quickly.

What is an NSC Calculator?

NSC (National Savings Certificate) calculator is an online tool to calculate the maturity value of NSC invested in post offices for five years.