CG Ekosh | Benefits, Check bill Status and Password Reset

Today, we will give you every possible detail about CG Ekosh. So, the scheme belongs to the state government of Chhattisgarh. The Chhattisgarh State Government has recently created an official portal where every state government employee can collect their monthly salary slip. Yes, you are right. The official portal name is eKosh Online.

So anyone who wants to take his monthly salary slip can log in to this website. A salary Slip is a slip where monthly salary details are available.

So today, this article will help you learn about the benefits of the Chhattisgarh CG Ekosh Portal and all the processes for logging into the website and getting salary slip details. If you need to know about this official portal, stay with us until the end.

CG Ekosh

This CG Ekosh portal allows all government employees to view their Pay Slips, E-Payroll, and CG Ekosh Bill Status Details. They can also download their salary slips from the official portal if they want to use them anywhere as documents. This portal was launched only for government employees in the state.

Only persons working in State or Central Government Departments in Chhattisgarh can download salary slips online.

You can log in to this portal using the employee login ID and password. This password is their date of birth. So, we will discuss all its login procedures below in this article.

Highlights of CG EKosh

Article Chhattisgarh E Kosh Portal
Launched by Official Portal
 Department Directorate of Treasury Accounts and Pension
 Beneficiaries  Central and State Government Employees
 Benefits for providing online salary slips
 Official portal


Benefits of Chhattisgarh Ekosh

  • Employees can easily download their monthly and annual salary slips.
  • Government employees used to go to their respective offices to get their salary slips, but now they can get them from Ekosh’s official website.
  • All employees can use their employee ID and password to download their salary slips and date of birth. They can do it at home.
  • All they need is a mobile or laptop and an internet connection.
  • Employees can retrieve information related to their loans and medical claims.
  • They can also get information about their income tax and other taxes by looking at the details of their salary slips on the EKosh official portal.
  • This official portal saves employees time and money because they do not have to go here and there for their salary slips.
  • This Ekosh portal provides more reliable and transparent information regarding employee salary slips.

Check CG Ekosh Pay Slip Download

So, if you are a Chhattisgarh State or Central Government, you can check your salary slip details from the given procedure:

  • So, you can first visit Ekosh’s official portal:
  • After clicking on this link, the website home page will open.
  • You will notice some options on the left side of the home page.
  • Select the Employee Corner option, Which takes you to a new web page where you have the Employee Login option.
CG Ekosh Pay Slip Download
  • Now, enter the user ID and password.
  • The password is your date of birth.
  • Enter the captcha code and log in. Click on
  • It opens a page with details like your photo, employee details report, payslip and GPF/DPF schedule.
  • Select the option Pay Slipand it will land you on the following web page.
  • You must select the month or year you want to take the payslip.
  • Now select the month or year and Get Report; click on the
  • Now, the payslip report will appear on your screen.
  • You can download the PDF format or even take a hard copy of your payslip for later use.

CG EKosh Bill Status

  • The procedure for checking CG EKosh Bill status is straightforward and described in this section. To do so, you have to visit the official website of the Government of Chhattisgarh EKosh.
  • You will see dashboard links and online reports to the portal on the home page.
  • The bill’s status is shown in this list. Click on it to open a new page on the screen.
CG EKosh Bill Status
  • In the bill, the status financial year, after the district and DDO codes, selects the from and to bill date. Then click on the View button.
  • Finally, the CG eKosh bill status is displayed on the screen by date.

Services Available at CG EKosh Post‌

You can find many other services on Ekosh’s official portal. You can benefit from any of these services. They are:

  • e-Bill
  • Minister Payroll
  • Treasury Login
  • Fund Draw System
  • Vendor Payment System
  • e-Lokseva
  • BCO Reconciliation with AG
  • Online GPF Final
  • e-Budget
  • Contributory Pension Scheme
  • e-Refund
  • Employee Corner
  • Pension
  • E-Invoice
  • Personal Estate (e-Employee)
  • e-Payroll

 Ekosh Portal Password Recovery

  • The first thing you can do is visit the official Ekosh portal.
  • After clicking on this link, the website home page will open.
  • Select the option Employee Corner from the left side of the
  • You will now get the login page
  • Now, you will see the link mentioned. If you forgot your password, click here.
Ekosh Portal Password Recovery
  • Click on this link, and you will get a page where you can reset your password.
  • Now enter your employee code and Get the Password. Click on
  • Now, you can see your password and employee code.
  • So this way, you can recover your password.

CG E-Kosh e-Payroll online

  • You will find an e-Payroll link in the left corner of the home page.
  • Click on it to see a new page on your screen.
  • You must enter the DDO code and payroll type on this page and select the financial year.
  • Enter your password now. Also, select your authorization administrator or operator.
  • Now, determine the month and year of operation.
  • Fill in the captcha code and click on the login button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can we get from salary slips? 

You can download salary slips from the CG Ekosh portal to learn about our medical allowance, loan details, income tax deductions, HRS, and bonus details.

What is the purpose of the CG EKosh Portal? 

The main objective of the CG Ekosh portal is to provide accessible, secure and transparent online services for government employees to download their salary slips.

What is the most required information to check salary slips?

The employee code and password are essential to verify our salary slip.

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