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The Covid-19 lockdown has created severe difficulty in teaching children, and Sri Chaitanya has a brilliant answer. Students can participate in online classes through an e-learning platform anywhere. They can see the online courses again at any time to review. In a nutshell, the E Praghna portal offers various services for online education and competitive exam preparation.

This program is to encourage the students to learn at their own pace. This page gives detailed information about E-Praghna login and other portal facilities. So, read this page thoroughly to get more information.

Name of the Programmee-Praghna, Sri Chaitanya Online Classes & Exams
Institute NameSri Chaitanya College of Institutes
Portal namee-Praghna Student Portal
eligible StudentsSri Chaitanya College Students
Sri Chaitanya Collegewebsite
Category of the PostSri Chaitanya College Programme

About E Praghna Portal:

The Sri Chaitanya Praghna portal has some objectives. They are as follows.

  1. To integrate the competitive syllabus and academics to help students prepare for the entrance exams.
  2. Teach the students how to crack the entrances easily to get into the best institutes in the country.
  3. For this purpose, they allocate the best faculty to the students.

Facilities Provided to the Students:

The following are the facilities available for the students.

  1. Secure hostels provide a safe environment for students.
  2. Libraries are well-established because they give the students all the necessary study materials.
  3. Periodicals and journals are in libraries, and numerous foundation programs exist for students to prosper and gain further knowledge.

Services of E Praghna portal:

The following are the different services available on the Praghna portal for students.

  1. They will conduct online mock tests through the portal.
  2. Competitive exams, such as NEET, JEE, and IAS, focus on the tests.
  3. They give the course schedule at the start of each session.
  4. This Praghna is the platform for critical stakeholders such as students, experts, faculty, and parents.
  5. Students can use analytics to examine and evaluate their exam module results.
  6. For students, analytics serves as a yardstick. A self-evaluation tool allows them to assess their readiness to achieve their objectives.
  7. Even on vacations or during the lockdown, online classes are active.
  8. Praghna allows students to practice hundreds of questions as part of the curriculum.
  9. Students receive expert help and evaluate the answer with detailed solutions at no additional cost.

E-Praghna Student Login:

After enrolling details like admission number, user ID, or mobile number, E-Praghna provides a platform for students to take online lessons.

Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions
  • Visit the official website of the e Praghna.
  • On the home page, you can see the sign-in page.
  • Enter the admission or mobile number and password to enter the E-Praghna Student Login portal.
  • Select the sign-in option from the drop-down.
  • If you have not yet registered on the portal, click the sign-up link.
  • Enter the mobile number to sign-up.
  • Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.
  • You are successfully registered yourself on the Praghna portal.
  • You can sign in to the portal and then use the portal’s features.

The above steps are for the E- Praghna Login.

Online requirements for E Praghna Portal:

Sri Chaitanya has put e-Praghna on secure cloud infrastructure to work at its best at all times: part tests, unit tests, practice tests, grand tests, and other tests.

The examination panel conducts the tests. It can target students in junior and senior colleges who are preparing for long and short-term goals. IIT/Engineering and Medical Streams preparations are possible.

Online technology with 4G bandwidth is ideal for an uninterrupted Internet connection. The devices must be Windows or Mac-based desktops or laptops with a minimum bandwidth of 4 to 6 Mbps. So, the students must prepare all the requirements for using the E-Praghna portal.

Infinity Learn:

This Infinity Learn exam is an online scholarship test for students to get a 100% scholarship for the courses offered.

The merit students can get a 100% scholarship for the preparation courses. Any of you can take the test. The following are the steps for taking the test. So, follow the below steps to take the exam.

  • Visit the official website of E Praghna.
  • On the home page, you can see the Sign-in form.
E Praghna Website
  • Under the sign-in form, there is a link for taking the test.
  • Click on the link. It will take you to the new page.
  • You can schedule the test according to your availability on the exam dates.
  • Then take the test on time.

Who can access the portal and log in?

Essentially, the Sri Chaitanya online classes institute provides login services to its direct or indirect stakeholders, which may include:

  • Student
  • Parents of Student
  • Faculties, as well as other employees


How do I create an Epraghna account?

Visit the official website of E Praghna. Click on the “Student Login” option at the top right corner of the home page. You will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter your Sri Chaitanya ID number and password to log in. If you are a new user, click the “Register Here” option.

How many students are studying at Sri Chaitanya School?


What Is E Praghna Login?

E Praghna Login is a secure online portal that allows users to access their account information and perform transactions.

What is e Praghna?

E Praghna is a unique online learning platform that enables Sri Chaitanya students to access their course material and interact with other students and teachers. E Praghna Login is the gateway for students to enter this exciting online learning community.

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