How to become an air hostess after the 12th?

Air hostesses, also known by cabin crew, flight attendants, and many others on board, perform a variety of passenger comfort responsibilities. To become an air hostess after the 12th, students can choose from a variety of air hostess courses as per their interests and capabilities.

To be qualified for air hostess studies beyond the 12th standard, students must have completed their 12th standard from a recognized university.

Become an air hostess after 12th

After the 12th, Air Hostess Courses include several programs, including BSc Aviation, Diploma in and more.

The duration varies depending on the course level from UG to Certificate. Students interested in entering the aviation sector in India must pursue these air hostess programs.

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You can pursue air hostess courses after completing the 12th standard, and students have a wide range of program levels to choose from. Also, you can acquire air hostess skills from certificate or diploma courses.

What are Air Hostess Courses? 

Classroom education is combined with hands-on training to familiarize students with the airline sector’s diverse operations and the factors to consider while operating an aircraft.

Men can also excel in this field if they thoroughly understand the subject. Passengers benefit from the comfort and protection offered by air hostesses.

Flight attendants are female flight attendants, cabin crew and stewards. The jobs of air hostesses may look simple and glamorous, but they require rigorous tests, excellent communication and patience. Those who enjoy flying and performing with others may find this a rewarding career path.

Air Hostess Courses Job Responsibilities 

Every profession has Job Responsibilities and duties and Air Hostess Courses; apart from an enjoyable travel-free job, there are many roles and responsibilities available. Let’s have a look at them:-

  • The first responsibility is that the air hostess should instruct the passengers about all safety measures after boarding.
  • An air hostess should greet the passengers when the flight takes off and ask if they need to do anything.
  • They were serving refreshments to passengers.
  • The air hostess’s responsibility is to assist the passengers with any problems or need assistance between the journeys.
  • There is the sale of some products in flight, and it is also important to sell them and keep a record of the money.
  • Air hostesses on board make various guidelines and announcements.

List of Air Hostess Courses after 12th 

Many others rely on the selection of candidates using only previous eligibility criteria. Several air hostess courses that you can take after intermediate are given as follows:

  • B.Sc. Aviation
  • BBA in Aviation
  • Diploma in Aviation
  • BMS Aviation Management
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew
  • Certificate in Flight Pursuer/Air Hostess
  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training
  • Diploma in Airlines Management
  • Diploma in Aviation Customer Service.
  • BSc Airline, Tourism, and Hospitality
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant Training
  • BA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety
  • Degree in International Travel Management and Airline.
  • Diploma in Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Diploma in Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • PG Diploma in International Airline and Travel Management

Skill Requirements for Air Hostess Courses 

A student who is going to be an air hostess has to pursue air hostess courses after completing the 12th standard, which requires certain requirements. Here are some:

  • A mandatory requirement to pursue a course as an air hostess is to complete an intermediate qualification from a reputable educational board.
  • The passing marks of the students should be at least 50%, and above will be preferred.
  • Being an air hostess requires certain skills, including excellent communication, being physically fit and healthy, and being underweight.
  • The duration requirement for completing the courses depends on the course category. For example, Diploma courses are one year long, and UG courses are three years.
  • A personal interview is required to test the candidates’ skills, aptitude and personality traits.
How to become an air hostess after the 12th


To qualify for Air Hostess Courses selection, score 50% (General Category) and 45% (SC/ST Category).

This score required passing 12th-standard studies from recognized and respected institutes. Candidates from both Science and Arts can apply to pursue this course.

They made most selections based on merit-based criteria; however, some top institutes may conduct their entrance test to check students’ eligibility. Group discussion and interview rounds are also required to clear for the students.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th Science 

Air Hostess is generally meant for professionals with a passion for travelling from one place to another. Students who have finished their 12th standard can go for Air Hostess Courses.

Students who have completed intermediate education from the science stream can opt for these courses.

There are many top-rated air hostess courses after 12th Science listed below, and students can choose from them. Check out the list below:

  • B.Sc Aviation
  • B.BA in Tourism Management
  • B.Sc in Air Hostess training
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Degree in International Airline and Travel Management

Types of Air Hostess & Cabin Crew

When we hear about Air Hostess Major, what clicks in our mind is that Flight Hostess directs and manages the flight members, but apart from this, there are four types of Air Hostess Courses:-

Flight Attendant: 

For the safety of the passengers, the flight attendant ensures the smooth travel of the passengers, and all safety precautions are taken.

Ground Staff: 

The ground staff are responsible for guiding and resolving the passengers’ queries before and after the flight departure.

Cabin Crew: 

The cabin crew waits to assist passengers if needed while travelling for comfort and safety on the flight.

Sky Marshals: 

Sky marshals are employed to protect passengers from asymmetric hijacks, and they are undercover personnel available in case of emergency.


1. Which stream of the study was required for air hostess courses?

Arts/Science/Commerce, three-stream students, are eligible for air hostess courses.

2. If a female candidate’s height is 4.9, can she be an air hostess? 

Unfortunately, the solution is no because the minimum height requirement to be a flight attendant is 5’2.

3. Is a Bachelor’s or Graduation Degree Mandatory for the Air Hostess Field? 

Generally, applicants should have a 12th pass certificate, which is the minimum requirement to be an Air Hostess, so a Bachelor/Graduation degree is not mandatory but optional.

4. Is Air Hostess Job Permanent? 

A career as an air hostess offers employment on both a permanent and contract basis. A career as an air hostess offers contract employment depending on the requirements of the airlines.

5. How long is air hostess training? 

They will complete this training in about six weeks. Airlines that offer more choice in routes, cabin classes and aircraft may run a longer training course as there is more content to cover.

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