How to become an Astronaut in India?

As kids, we all fantasised about going to the moon or seeing the stars. As children, we were excited about how to become an astronaut in India and learn about spaceships reaching other planets and the universe.

become an astronaut

Don’t settle for the surface of Mars. Use your imagination to conquer the universe.

To learn more about the universe, astronauts undertake the difficult and dangerous task of travelling to the solar system’s edge and beyond.

Initially, astronauts were seen as mere observers and recorders of events in space. They must investigate these heavenly bodies.

This article explains everything you must know about becoming an astronaut in India.

Key Steps to Become an Astronaut in India

Good Decision-Making Skills: 

Becoming an astronaut requires being adventurous, mentally and physically strong, as the selection process is very competitive.

Choice of College: 

Students must decide on a college where they want to complete their studies in STEM fields.

A college with industry associations and partnerships is a good place to look for internships and work experience while in school.

Entrance Test Preparation: 

After graduating from class 12th, you must choose a bachelor’s degree program in the appropriate field of study. Aeronautical, Science & Technology, and Aerospace degrees are available.

Admission to these courses was based on academic merit or national or university-level admission tests.

Types of Astronauts in India

To make the mission successful, each Astronaut has a specific role. Here are some examples of the many types of astronauts:

Pilot: The term “pilot” is the most significant distinction an astronaut can earn. It is up to the pilot to pilot the spacecraft, including take-off and landing. A mission briefing dictates the pilot’s duties.

Commander: The main duty of the commander is to ensure the mission’s success till the safe return to the surface of the Earth. Commanders are ultimately trustworthy for the safety of their crew, ship and equipment.

Flight Engineer: A flight Engineer is a key personnel. He is responsible for ensuring that the spacecraft systems function properly and resolving any problems.

Mission Specialist: A mission specialist had been sent to conduct research in space. He collects and analyses all the data. Mission experts are the world’s greatest in geology, biology, chemistry and other scientific fields.

Eligibility for becoming an Astronaut in India

In today’s world, apart from having certain eligibility criteria, you also have to meet certain physical and medical requirements. An astronaut’s medical and physical qualifications are very important because the work is very dangerous and requires a lot of protective measures.


Main Requirements:

  • Indian Citizenship
  • Must be a pilot in the Indian Air Force.
  • Aeronautical Engineering Doctorate/Masters in Aerospace Engineering.
  • Bachelor’s degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from a reputed institution.
  • A school requirement of 65% on a scale of 10 or a 6.84 GPA.

Special requirements for NASA, ISRO and SpaceX: 


Candidates undergo a rigorous training program that includes scuba diving, swimming, atmospheric pressure, and military water survival tests as part of the selection process.


If you are healthy, you should not have serious medical problems, and you should have normal blood pressure and normal vision. They should not publicly know your mental abilities, substance abuse and other mental problems.


A complete medical and physical history is required—no previous use of alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes or other substances. Physical fitness is essential for everyone.

Other requirements for SpaceX include:

  • No mental health issues
  • Both eyes must maintain 20/20 visual acuity
  • In a sitting position, one’s blood pressure must not exceed 140/90.

Education Requirements to Become an Astronaut in India

  • You should start your preparation only in high school and focus on becoming an astronaut.
  • Regarding physics, you need to be interested in the subject rather than just memorising facts.
  • Choosing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as your 12th core subject will help you in various ways.

Bachelor’s Degree: 

A bachelor’s degree is next. You can study any subject of appeal from top institutions, from computer engineering to biology to mathematics to aeronautical engineering.

Thorough knowledge of the subjects you studied during your undergraduate years is essential for pursuing doctoral or post-graduate studies.

You can take many exams after completing your degrees to land the career you’ve always wanted. If you are curious about working for NASA, you can sign up for one of their various entrance exams.

Joint Admission Test: 

You must clear the “Joint Admission Test” conducted by IIT to work in ISRO. To be an expert in a mission, you must have at least three years of experience.

Exam Requirements

How to Become an Astronaut in India? After a person obtains a bachelor’s degree in the relevant fields, they are eligible to sit for the NASA entrance exam and get hired as a scientist, Astronaut or any other NASA-related position.

Candidates must clear the Joint Admission Test conducted by the IITs to join ISRO. As per the condition of joining, all the candidates should be at least 21 years of age.

Screening Test: 

First, the applicant must pass the screening test. The application form should be completed online and sent by email. Tests for mental and vocational aptitude assessment, including reasoning and behavioural abilities, are conducted next.

Medical Examination: 

After passing this examination, the medical examiner determines whether the person is physically fit and able to face crises.

Those who push it to the final round face questions from other members before being voted on. The chances of obtaining selection are very low.

Only a handful of people reach the final selection round, and only two or three make it. So, to become an astronaut, you must pass one of your life’s most difficult tests.

Astronauts in India’s salary

For example, in NASA and ISRO, there are a variety of positions available, and your salary is determined by what you hold. Indian astronauts receive their salary through a commission-based system.

ISRO scientists, physicists, and engineers’ annual salaries range from 42 lakhs to 92 lakhs. High-level employees have monthly salaries ranging between Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 lakhs.

In most cases, remuneration depends on the individual’s abilities, experience and achievements.

Advantages of becoming an Astronaut in India

  • From a distance, you can observe the Earth’s surface and see the scenes of many cosmic actions taking place.
  • You will become familiar with various worlds and learn more about them.
  • You’ll work with some of the country’s top scientists and creatives.
  • You can go into space, use high-tech gadgets and even land spaceships and missiles on your territory.

Problems with becoming an astronaut in India

  • It’s a dangerous job, and you risk getting disoriented in space.
  • The stress and isolation can become unbearable when you’re on the road for long periods.
  • There is a case of losing muscle mass and suffering from various health problems.
  • Spend considerable time away from loved ones.


1. Who was the first Astronaut in India? 

Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, AC, is a former Indian Air Force pilot who flew in Soyuz T-11 on April 3, 1984, as the domain of the Soviet Intercosmos program. Although other astronauts of Indian background were not Indian citizens, he was the only Indian citizen to fly in space.

2. Who was called an Astronaut? 

Astronaut, a designation from the Greek words for “star” and “sailor,” is usually applied to a person who has travelled in outer space. More specifically, “astronaut” refers to those who travel into space from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

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