How to become a CBI officer after the 12th?

CBI officer! By its name, we can think of fame and responsibility. It is a very popular agency in India. CBI Officer Salary also depends on good reputation and responsibility. Many students want to know how to become a CBI officer after the 12th and work hard.

But they fail to achieve this dream due to improper knowledge and guidance. Some students take coaching classes and join bigger institutes for preparation. But only a few students get selected and fulfil their dream.

Because the competition is increasing day by day and everyone wants to show themselves better. Being a CBI officer is not that easy. Work hard for it.

But you need not worry. This article will tell you the entire process of becoming a CBI officer after the 12th in India.

Become CBI officer after 12th

Do you want to become a CBI officer in India? Do you know what CBI is? The full form of CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation. It is a central government agency that investigates national or international crimes on behalf of the Government of India.

become cbi officer

CBI can investigate any case or crime anywhere, anytime. As you know, police have power only around their police stations.

But CBI has the power to take action anytime, anywhere in any crime or case in India.CBI is a very big agency in India. CBI officer job is exciting and adventurous.

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Advantage and Disadvantages

Advantages: High Adventure, Great Power, Better Growth, Social Respect

Disadvantages: Heavy Workload, No Social Life, Hectic Schedule, No holiday

So these are the benefits and drawbacks of a CBI job. I think every job has pros and cons. If this is your goal, you should reach for it and become a CBI officer to achieve your dream.

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CBI Officer’s Responsibility

Now let’s see what the job of a CBI officer is, or you can say the duty of a CBI officer.

  • Maintain professionalism in CBI work.
  • Handle all major investigations and public life cases.
  • Make sure people obey the rules of Parliament and the government.
  • Investigate anti-corruption and the financial sector.
  • Investigate import-export and cultural property.
  • Handle special cases of central government and central financial institutions.

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How to become a CBI officer after the 12th?

So let’s come to the very common question of Indian youth about how to become a CBI officer after the 12th. To become a CBI officer, you must complete a bachelor’s degree (any stream) from any recognized college or institute. After the 12th class, you cannot apply for the CBI exam.

Best subject for CBI officer? 

Which subject is most suitable for a CBI officer comes later. After completing 12th, it is better to have maths as your main subject. The second subject is English. Both subjects will help you in your CGL exam.

To become a CBI officer, you must also clear the CGL exam. Prepare with important points before applying for the CGL exam. Such as General Awareness, Arithmetic, and General skills in Language, Mathematics and English.

Eligibility to become CBI Officer.

Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized college/University with a minimum of 50% marks. You can achieve your graduation in any stream.

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Age Limit for CBI officer

  • For the General category, 20 to 30 Years
  • For OBC category 20 to 33 Years
  • For SC/ST category 20 to 35 Years

Physical Requirements 

  • Height for Male is 165 cm, 160 cm (for Hillmen & tribals)
  • Height for females is 150 cm, and 145 cm (for Hillmen & tribals)

EyeSight for Both Male & Female

Eyesight must be Both Male & Female on 6/6 & 6/9. Vision must be correct with or without spectacles.

CBI Officer Uniform

Uniform is not mandatory for CBI officers. Because they investigate cases out of the public/common public’s eye, they must do their work secretly and swiftly.

Sometimes you see CBI officers wearing jackets at crime locations. CBI had written on their jackets. They wear an only civil dress.

  • CBI Divisions
  • Training Division
  • Policy Division
  • Systems Division
  • Special Crimes Division
  • Technical Advisory Units
  • Administration Division
  • Co-ordination Division
  • Anti Corruption Division
  • Directorate of Prosecution
  • Economic Offences Division
  • Central Forensic Laboratory

Post Ranks in CBI

  • The last rank is Constable
  • Then Head Constable
  • After that, ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector)
  • Then after SI (Sub Inspector)
  • Then Inspector
  • After DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police)
  • After that ASP (Additional Superintendent of Police)
  • Then after SP (Superintendent of Police)
  • Then SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police)
  • After DIGP (Deputy Inspector General of Police)
  • 3rd Rank is Join Director
  • 2nd Rank is Additional Director
  • 1st Rank is Special Director (Highest Rank in CBI)

How to join or become a CBI officer? 

There are three ways to join CBI.

1. UPSC Exam: 

As we know, UPSC conducts a civil service exam every year. So you can join CBI by clearing the UPSC exam. It is one of the most demanding tests in India. You need to work hard and study smartly to clear this exam.

2. SSC CGL Exam:

You can join CBI as Sub Inspector by clearing SSC CGL Exam. You have to clear this exam.

3. Deputation: 

Thus, you can join CBI only if you serve in the Central or State Police. But if you join CBI this way, it will be a temporary job. They contract with you for six months/1 year/2 years. On deputation, your job in CBI is not permanent.

Salary of a CBI officer

  • Basic Pay under Level 7 is Rs 44900
  • CBI SI also avail 25% of basic pay + DA (Around Rs 11000)
  • The total Salary would be around INR 61000 to INR 63000 (including HRA + DA + TA + SIA)

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the Eligibility of a CBI Job? 

Minimum Qualification for CBI Job is Graduation. Apart from this, aspirants must be able to clear the exams for the vacant post.

2. How can I become CBI after the 12th? 

There is no vacuity for the 12th pass in CBI. A person must be a graduate to qualify and get a job in CBI.

3. Which subject is best for CBI officers? 

Any subject is best for CBI officers. Since there is no limit for subjects, each stream and subject will have equal weightage. The diversity of departments requires aspirants from different academic backgrounds.

4. What is the monthly Salary of CBI? 

The Salary of a CBI officer varies from post to post. It ranges from 1,60,000 to 63,000. Constable’s Salary is slightly below this range.

5. Do CBI officers have uniforms? 

Yes, CBI officers have CBI printed on a dark blue jacket as their uniforms.

6. Who is powerful, CBI or IPS? 

Both have their powers and preferences. It is unfair to say that CBI is powerful or IPS are more powerful. We all know that IPS is one of the most demanded posts in India.

However, sub-inspectors CBI officers generally have limited powers to investigate cases or matters.

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