HSRP Delhi Registration | HSRP Status Process

HSRP stands for High-Security Registration Plate. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway introduced this HSRP in 2001. The plate’s speciality is that it is made of 1 mm special aluminium. They also paste White or yellow reflective sheets on the plates. High-security number plates and colour-coded fuel stickers are compulsory for all vehicles purchased before 2019. Two- and four-wheeler owners should apply for the HSRP Delhi for new number plates.

They can apply and know the HSRP status for the number plates through the official website of MORTH or from authorized vendors in the state.

The HSRP stickers must be colour-coded, and fuel stickers are essential. You can check all details about High-Security number plates for your vehicles.

HSRP Delhi Registration:

In India, High-Security number plates are mandatory for all vehicles. Vehicles purchased before 2019 must apply for the HSRP, and all new cars must come with the HSRP.

All vehicle owners should know that only 236 approved dealers are in Delhi. Old vehicle owners should take HSRP registration; otherwise, they must pay a fine.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways(MORTH), Government of India, introduced this high-security vehicle registration plate. You can apply for it online or offline.

You can also book an appointment for the HSRP Delhi anywhere. The registration fee for the HSRP is Rupees 400 for two-wheelers and 1100 for four-wheelers. The official website for HSRP Delhi is https://morth.nic.in/.

The fee for four-wheelers depends entirely on the model of the vehicle.

How to apply for the HSRP Registration :

The vehicle owners can apply for the HSRP Registration in the following way.

  • Go to the SIAM’s official portal in your state of residence.
  • On the home page, click the HSRP Registration link on the screen.
  • It will take you to the registration page. Fill in your details to complete the registration form.
  • Check your details carefully before submitting the registration form.
  • Submit the registration form and complete the payment.

How to check HSRP Status:

  • Go to the SIAM (Ministry of Road Transport and Highway) or HSRP Delhi.
  • There will be a separate website for every state transport department.
  • After visiting the home page of the web portal, you will find the link with the name “Check HSRP Status”.
  • You must enter the details on the next page to check the status.
  • Depending on the website, the required details include the vehicle and chassis bars.

HSRP Delhi Registration Benefits:

The benefits of registering for the HSRP Delhi or other states are as follows. Please read this paragraph carefully to know the benefits of getting the High-Security Registration Plate.

The HSRP is given to the vehicle owner only. The owner who needs the High-Security Registration Plate must register for it and provide the details to the authorities providing it.

The benefits of the High-Security Registration Plate are as follows.

  1. The vehicle registration data will be readily available to the enforcement agencies.
  2. As a result, traffic management will become easy.
  3. They can easily access the vehicle’s details and the owner’s registration for HSRP.
  4. These are tamper-proof plates.
  5. Traffic people can track plates easily if they are stolen, as they are traceable.

HSRP Color code stickers Introduced In 2021:

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, has also made the HSRP colour code stickers mandatory. So, people should apply for colour code stickers for their vehicles.

These stickers are mandatory for vehicles with windscreens. The transport department has approved over 300 dealers to provide HSRP Delhi with colour-coded stickers. You can register for that online and get the colour-coded stickers.

Two- and four-wheeler owners can register or book the HSRP using the Book-my-HSRP option on the state transport department’s official website.

How to replace the HSRP if damaged?

You can replace the HSRP plate by applying for a replacement in the official portal. You only have to apply online and then pay the replacement fee to get the new HSRP from the transport department.

If you have lost the plate, you must file an FIR at the police station and submit one copy for reissuing the HSRP. This allows them to easily trace the number plate, which will also be helpful in the future.


What is the fee for HSRP Registration?

The HSRP registration fee for 2-wheelers is Rs 400, and for 4-wheelers (depending on category), it is Rs 1100.

Is it possible to register the HSRP number plate offline?

Yes, it is possible, but it depends on your state. The registration process varies from state to state.

Can I enter Delhi without an HSRP number plate?

“This is illegal, and you can’t drive the vehicle without registration and a high-security registration plate (HSRP).

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