Kapil Sharma show | Ticket booking, Price and Address

Kapil Sharma show is one of the biggest comedy shows. Kapil Sharma is one of the biggest comedians in the Indian television industry. He also did a few movies like Kiss Kiss Ko Pyaar Karoon and Firangi as the lead actor. 

Now he had started shooting for his new film with Nandita Das in Odisha. Now, he is devoting most of his time to his show Kapil Sharma Show, one of the most popular and highly rated shows.

If you like to be a part of the show as a spectator, you need to book a ticket for the show online.

Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Booking

Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Booking Online complete information had mentioned in detail.

The Kapil Sharma Show was very popular in the Indian television industry. It is a show where Kapil Sharma entertains people with his comedy skills. 

This show has been gaining great popularity since its inception. People of every generation love the show very much.

Everyone can relate to this show. Everyone says this show is a stress buster show and waits for the show every weekend.

Now Kapil Sharma is coming back every Saturday and Sunday on Sony TV. You all know about the situation during the covid period.

The shooting of the show was closed for a long time. The show team is taking great care after returning.

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Kapil Sharma Show Entry Ticket Booking

Salman Khan produces Kapil Sharma Show. Salman Khan is the show’s producer, and Kapil and his teams work under this production house. If you are a die-hard lover of this show, you must go to Mumbai. 

The show will shoot at Goregaon Film City in Mumbai. In this show, you can be a part of this show, and no ticket is required.

Kapil Sharma Show Details

The Kapil Sharma Show is presently one of the biggest comedy TV shows with the highest TRP.

The show makes thousands laugh, and Kapil Sharma has a huge fan following. If you want to participate in this as a spectator, you should visit Goregaon East, Mumbai, and Maharashtra. 

Anyone who wants to go to The Kapil Sharma Show in 2022 does not need an entry ticket.

The entry ticket for The Kapil Sharma Show is free, and you can visit the shoot location.

Due to the covid situation in the state of Maharashtra, very limited people are allowed in the show following social distancing. In some episodes, there was no audience due to Covid guidelines. 

Now, the show is back with its latest season. The first episode has already aired on August 21. You know the audience was not allowed, but now with some restrictions, they can come to enjoy the show.

We have already told you in this post that if you want to visit the set of this show and be a part of this show as an audience, you should visit the place physically. If there is a vacancy, you get a chance.

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Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price

So now, let’s talk about Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price. So, neither the making team charges any fee to be a part of the shoe as a spectator because many scammers are selling free passes to Kapil Sharma Show at high prices. 

They get the passes they are selling from the making team. Because the making team always gives some passes to the other crew. That’s why they sell free passes in the name of the team making this issue. 

Kapil announced on his Twitter account that we would not take any charges for this show.

So people can get free passes to attend a live show and apply online to get a free ticket for the show.

So beware of all kinds of scams and agents selling these free tickets to people.

Kapil Sharma Show Entry Registration

So there is no special dedicated portal or anything available to get tickets. However, you can get free tickets to enjoy the show from various sources.

So to get a free pass to become an audience, you can try some simple methods. 

You will be lucky to get free tickets from any of these routes.

  • So the first way to get a free pass or ticket is to e-mail the official mail address of Sony TV to get tickets. 
  • Getting tickets is not easy as producers get thousands of e-mails every second to get a chance to enjoy the show. 
  • So you have to mail it repeatedly, and if you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to go to the exhibition.
  • Another way to get tickets is to contact the staff at the show, as they always have free passes from the makers. 
  • So that they can bring their adored ones on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show
  • So if you are in touch with any show staff, you can get tickets easily. 
  • The show’s creators will also distribute free passes at the location of the set. 
  • So if you can visit the place, you can get tickets.
  • You can also contact Kapil Sharma on his Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 
  • If he or his social media team takes notice of your request, you may get an opportunity to come on the sets of The Kapil Show at Filmistan Mumbai.

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Guidelines or requirements

  • Sometimes the shooting takes longer, from around 12:00 to 1:00 PM, so it may be a bit difficult to get home, so please make arrangements to come and go.
  • You can’t eat on set because there you get food twice and you also get breakfast, so please don’t take your food with you because food from outside is not allowed and remember you can’t go with a camera or a phone.
  • They keep your phone with them, and when the show is over, they give it back to you, and you can’t bring a small child below five years with you because it will interfere with the shooting. 
  • You won’t even pay ₹1 to go to Kapil Sharma’s show. 
  • On the contrary, they give you free to eat, snack and laugh.
  • So don’t fall into the trap of giving money to anyone.
  • Let us also inform you that 100% of the audience had supported by 30% to 40% of their team members, relatives, neighbours, and someone they know very well. 
  • There is no money to go to the show, so all you have to do is get their social media or their CEO or tweet them so they can get you on the show.

Apart from this, there is no official website, link, or registration form where you can take any ticket for this show. You love going to the show. 

Since it doesn’t cost you any money to register, you can give it a try and test your luck. The team want an audience of over 400, so be sure to try every single episode whenever you get a chance.


Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari

Film City Rd, Film City Complex, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065

022 2840 1533

Kapil Sharma Twitter Accounthttps://twitter.com/KapilSharmaK9 



1. How to book a Kapil Sharma show ticket? 

The Kapil Sharma show has not sold tickets for the show. The audience came there based on invitation. So if you want to visit The Kapil Sharma Show, you should be invited. If you know anyone from the Kapil Sharma Show team, you can request them to invite you to the show.

2. What is the ticket price of Kapil Sharma’s show?

 Tickets to this show are free. You don’t need to pay any money; you can go there completely free.

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