Tamilnadu horticulture terrace garden kit Apply Online

Buying a Government Terrace Garden Kit in Chennai or claiming a horticulture subsidy in Tamil Nadu can seem daunting! Especially since there are so many schemes, guidelines and processes to send them. However, a closer look at the main details will help you understand that urban gardeners can reap many monetary benefits if they apply for a scheme that suits them best.

Tamilnadu horticulture terrace garden kit

Tamilnadu horticulture terrace garden kit apply online

In this article, we have tried to simplify all the intricate details so that they will inform you about the main points of all the schemes available.

Horticulture schemes in Tamil Nadu had targeted both types of plant breeders. First, you can set up your terrace or kitchen garden for urban gardens.

The second type of subsidy had aimed at full-time growers and farmers who grow plants for a living. In this article, we will advise you on how to apply:

Tamil Nadu Horticulture Terrace Garden Kit

Intended to inspire urban dwellers in Tamil Nadu to grow their vegetables and fruits, the T.N. Department of Horticulture and Plantation Corps offers rooftop garden kits at a discounted rate of 50% to registered buyers.

With this rooftop garden kit, urban gardens can grow their eggplants, tomatoes, cluster beans, bush beans, radishes, coriander leaves, okra and green chillies.

The TN Government Terrace Garden Kit includes:

  • Ten varieties of Vegetable and flower seeds
  • Seedling trays
  • Polythene spreading sheet
  • Compressed coco peat 2Kg bricks – 6 bags per kit
  • Water-soluble fertilizer
  • Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, and Bio fungicides
  • D.I.Y. Kit manual booklet

There are times when buyers can also buy a Hand sprayer (1lit), Rose cane (5lit), Digging fork (Small), and Trowel at subsidized rates.

The kit is open for online ordering on the T.N. horticulture website. But not anymore! Due to the overwhelming online orders, the department is now requiring citizens to go in person to the nearest zonal office ‘in-person’ to claim the kit.

The Chennai Horticulture Officers can also contact by phone:

  • Madhavaram Zone: 9003265922
  • Annanagar Zone: 9841155808
  • Thiruvanmiyur Zone: 044 – 24510597
  • Perambur Zone: 8056217841

You can visit your district park headquarters for inquiries if you are from other parts of Tamil Nadu. To become a registered buyer and claim your kit subsidy, bring a photocopy of your passport size photo and proof of government address (Aadhar Card/Ration Card/Voter ID).

The staff at the Horticulture Office will assist you in filling out the application form and claiming your subsidy.

Terrace Garden Kit Price in Chennai

Terrace garden price, Rs. 522.10 marked retail price, just Rs. 200, is given at a subsidized rate. Some urban gardeners have previously claimed discounts of up to 5 kits per registration.

However, due to the demand for kitchen garden kits, some zonal garden authorities have limited the subsidy claim to just one kit per registered buyer. Those interested in buying more had advised purchasing a Garden Kit at MRP prices.

Transportation Tip: 

The kit comes with several small-sized packages. So, be careful not to travel on two-wheelers or public transport to collect your kit. Tricycle, auto or car is the best mode of transport to carry a do-it-yourself garden kit load.

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Tamil Nadu Horticulture Benefits to Farmers

Full-time plant breeders and farmers in Tamil Nadu who wish to claim the garden subsidy for agricultural and irrigation purposes should go through the ‘Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency (TANHODA)’ to claim their benefits.

Farmers have six schemes to choose from:

  1. MIDH – National Horticulture Mission
  2. PMKSY — Micro – Irrigation (SF/MF) Other farmers
  3. National Bamboo Mission
  4. National Mission on Medicinal Plants
  5. Tamil Nadu – IAMWARM (World Bank Fund)
  6. State Horticulture Farms

How to buy Horticulture Kit Online?

  • To Buy Horticulture Kit Online In Tamil Nadu! Go to the official website of T.N. Horticulture Website.
  • Fill in the Beneficiary’s Name in the Application Form.
  • Enter your Aadhaar Number.
  • Enter Father/Husband Name.
  • Select Gender.
  • Select Your Mobile Number.
  • Enter Area Type. Select Your District, Block, Village
  • Select Kit.
  • Type of Address, Pin code.
  • Fill Beneficiary Photo, Aadhaar Image.
  • Click Upload Submit

How to apply online for Horticulture Subsidy Scheme in Tamil Nadu?

Horticultural Subsidy Application Forms are available online at the website here.

However, remember that farmers must manually download and fill out these application forms.

Only a pdf of scheme guidelines indicates the documents required for a particular scheme. So, take the time to read all the details of the guideline document.

The documents usually needed for the horticulture terrace garden kit:

  • Fully-Completed Subsidy Scheme Application Form.
  • Government Address Proof.
  • Ownership Proof of Plantation, Nursery, or Cultivation.
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Bank Details for automated Subsidy Credits

You must submit the Tamil Nadu Parks Subsidy application at the local District Parks Office.

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