Airtel Tower Installation | Rules & Online Apply

Airtel Bharti has become the third-largest in the world and India’s first telecom operator, offering Internet broadband (Airtel V fibre), DTH, WiFi, 3G/4G SIM and many more. Airtel Tower Installation is necessary for Rural and Urban areas.

The Airtel Tower Installation

Airtel Tower

Airtel is launching 5G SIM/Spectrum and Airtel 5G Tower Installations. Anyone interested in applying online for the Airtel 5G Tower Installation Form can do so here.

This article gives you a brief overview of the Airtel Tower installation application process, the registration process, and a list of required documents.

Benefits of Airtel Tower Installation

There are many benefits of installing an Airtel mobile tower-like:-

  • It Doesn’t require much space.
  • Income is high. (Income 40,000-100,000)
  • The place has complete security.
  • It is a good source of income.
  • No work needed to be done.
  • Quite often, the company also hires you on the job.
  • The rent keeps on increasing after every six months.
  • There is no delay in getting the fare, which is available on time.
  • The value of the place increases.

Rules for installation of Airtel mobile tower 

Airtel tower installation rules: For setting up the tower of any company, some authorities made by the company; the rules which the company has made to install the building of Airtel are as follows: –

  • If you want to install the Airtel mobile tower in any plot to get it installed, then it is mandatory to have a field of 2000 square feet.
  • You have to follow all the rules of the company. If you want to install a tower on the roof of your house, then it is necessary to have a top space of 500 square feet.
  • Having 2500 square feet of space for the tower in the village is mandatory.
  • You should not take any loan where you want to install the tower.
  • You must have all the documents in place. They cannot install mobile towers within 100 meters of the hospital.
  • There should not have been any legal case at the place where NOC had to be taken from nearby neighbours to install the Airtel tower.

How much money can you earn from Airtel Tower Installation?

You earn Airtel Tower on rent, depending on which area is in your place and what kind of profit the company makes from your site. That way, the company pays you rent, which can also be 50 thousand months.

The company also hires you for a job if you want to make a career there. Apart from this, if you get a tower installed at your place in a big city, the company also pays you 1 lakh rupees in rent.

When you have a contract with the company to install the tower, all the information about the earnings is told to you by the company at the same time.

What harm to health will be caused by installing the Airtel tower?

Before installing the Airtel tower, it should also be thought about what are the disadvantages of it because it is a network system platform, and such network-related works and buildings have been installed; there are health-related disadvantages, which are as follows:-

  • Cancer, headache, memory loss, low sperm count, pregnancy problem, etc., is at risk. Apart from this, animals also suffer from it. Prone to fire. Therefore, whenever you think of installing any tower, consider them.

Airtel Tower Installation Online Apply

Bharti Airtel will be installing Airtel 5G towers across India. Those wishing to apply online for this 5G Tower installation can complete the online form by the deadline.

Airtel uses only Multiple Input Multiple Output/MIMO technology in Bangalore and Kolkata. Still, they will soon extend it to the rest of the country.

In a meeting with the telecom minister (Manoj Sinha) a few months ago, Airtel decided to build 25,000 mobile towers in the next six months to boost its network.

As a result, Concept Telecom Operator has launched a new service called Installing a Mobile Tower in Your Building, Community, or Agricultural Sector.

You must visit the official website to apply for the Idea Tower installation process, contact number and application.

Airtel Tower Installation Rent

The minimum area required for an Airtel 5G tower installation in a Grameen or rural area is 2500 square feet (non-fertile), while the minimum space needed for a tower installation in an urban neighbourhood or Shehri field is 2000 square feet. Stay with us to learn more about Airtel Tower’s monthly rental.

The rental rates for 4G and 5G tower installation are as follows:

Airtel TowerRural Area (Grameen Kshetra)Urban Area (Shehri Kshetra)
Rent per monthRS 42,210 to RS 54,060/- INR (Probable)RS 47,000/- to RS 88,700/- INR (Probable)
Space Required (Sq Feet)Non- Fertile land of at least 2500 sq. FeetAt least 2000 sq. feet.
Lease DurationMinimum 11 MonthsMinimum 11 Months
Civic Approving AuthorityPanchayat SamitiLocal Civic Body

Required Documents 

You will need some key documents to fill out the online form for the Airtel Tower installation. We have compiled a list of the essential documents for the Airtel Tower installation process.

  • Xerox copy of Land Papers
  • Valid ID of the Owner
  • An Expression of Interest Letter from the Owner
  • NOC of the Civic Body
  • Recent Land Survey Report

Other Required Documents

  • Identity Card Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, driver’s License, and any other identity proof card required for verification of the owner.
  • Self-certification for passport-size photos and agreement paper requires passport-size photographs and self-certification.
  • Property Documents Verifying the Tower Location and Checking the Eligibility for Installation of Mobile Towers No Objection Certificate.
  • After all, it is also essential for any mobile tower installation provided by DoT.
  • When preparing the Land Survey Report NOC, the land survey report has to be mentioned here, and please provide these details.
  • Bank Declaration: A copy of the bank statement. The owner will also provide bank details for the rent and advance amount if the company requests.

Airtel Mobile Tower Installation Apply Online 

Apply online to complete the Airtel Tower Installation by following the steps below.

  • Notification for tower installation will be published on Bharti Airtel or other official web domains.
  • Go to Airtel Bharti’s official website, and complete the application.
  • Submit the form after filling in all the required information, like your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.
  • The entire report will be viewed, visited, or surveyed. The tower will be installed when certain formalities (single agreement, lease time, and lease decision) are completed.

Airtel Tower customer care number

In most cases, you must contact customer care of Airtel Tower, and then you can use the company phone number, (+91) 9593857176.


How much does Airtel tower installation cost?

RS 42,210 to RS 54,060/- INR.

How do we get the Airtel tower installed?

The Airtel mobile tower requires a specific area based on location. For rural (Grameen) sites, the user should provide 2500 square feet, and for urban areas, the user should provide 2000 square feet. Bharti Airtel offers the following rental for 4G and 5G towers.

How much land is required for tower installation?

A minimum of 1200 square feet of space is required for tower installation if it’s on your roof. The land area must be at least 2000 square feet for mobile tower installation.

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