Tata Motors Dealership Application Process

Any eligible person can apply for the Tata Motors dealership. If you want to apply for one and are looking for a way, then you can read this article to get clear information. This article also has details on costs, commercial vehicles, and requirements.

Tata Motors Dealership Application Process

Tata Motors dealership overview:

We know Tata Motors dealership provides many dealers to work with this well-reputed company. It is one of the biggest and largest companies in the World for automobiles. This company manufactures a wide range of vehicles and cars. People can choose different vehicles according to their price range, and Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the World.

This company was established in 1945 and has about 7.5 million vehicles now. They have dealerships and partnerships with many countries. Joining the franchise means providing spare parts to the customers according to the vehicle. The details are given in this article.

How do you apply for a Tata Motors dealership?

To join the Tata Motors dealership, you should follow the below steps:

  • Visit the company’s official website.
  • Search for the franchise and open the form.
  • Now, fill out the form with the correct details.
  • After filling out the form, scan all the documents and upload them.
  • Sign the form and submit it to the company’s development cell.

You can also call the helpline centre and fill out the form with their guidance. They will also give you the required details.

If it is an existing dealership, then renew the licence.

Investment and profit:

Automobiles are very expensive, so you should invest more to get the Tata Motors dealership. You should invest nearly ten crore rupees divided into many categories like software, vehicles, hardware, etc.

Not only money but they should also have the area for the business. In places like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai, you need a minimum of 5000-6000 sqft, and in other cities, between 3000-3500 sqft.

After investing, you can get 3.74% of the profit.

Documents required:

These are the requirements to apply for the Tata Motors dealership.

  • Annual financial statement document for the last three years of the applicant.
  • CA report on a net-worth statement.
  • Memorandum of association document and articles of the company.
  • Aadhar card, PAN card and bank details.
  • Additional funding details
  • Passport size photo
  • Filled application form
  • CIBIL report
  • Location of the site

Advantages of Tata Motors dealership:

There are many advantages to joining the Tata Motors franchise. They are,

  • The company has a great influence and gives you free marketing and influence.
  • You can get through the heavy competition.
  • Many of their cars are selling fast, which increases the selling rate.
  • Customers’ trust in the company is high.
  • The company provides thorough training on vehicles and spare parts.

Contact details:

If you have any issues regarding the Tata Motors dealership, you can call the following numbers to resolve your issue.

Registered office:

Address: Bombay Hody Street, Fort, Mumbai-400001

Phone number: +91 2266658282

International: 022-67577200

Regional office north: Commercial vehicles- 23341254/011233342152

Cars/vehicles- 0124-28051445

Regional office south: Commerical vehicles- 08066373

Cars- 04466500900

Regional office west: Commerical vehicles- 02267927272

Cars/Vehicles- 02266930400

Regional office east: Commercial vehicles- 03366272700

Cars/vehicles- 03366262600

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs):

Are Tata Motors profitable?

Yes, the profit margin is up to 3.74%.

Which Tata vehicle is most selling?

Nexon, Punch, Tiago, etc., are the best-selling vehicles.

What is the return on investment of Tata Motors?

Tata Motors’ ROI was 17.4% in 2017.

How much is the minimum cost for a Tata Motors dealership in India?

The minimum cost is 60 lakhs in India.

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