How to Link Voter ID with the Aadhaar Card Online?

The government of India started a new effort to Link Voter ID with the Aadhaar Card online to track and deactivate the bogus and fraudulent voter ID cards. This process of seeding Voter ID-Aadhaar referred to as Electoral Photo Identification Card (EPIC) – Aadhaar seeding.

There are multiple cases of citizens having more than a single Voter ID in the previous elections. By linking Voter ID to Aadhaar, the Election Commission can detect and can eliminate fake Voter ID cards in a single individual name. Aadhaar now is also used as ID proof for residence and is a very important document.

To register for Aadhaar, an individual has to submit their biometrics and also demographic information like iris scan and fingerprint. So there are chances of duplication is impossible. Because of this reason, the government of India decided to link Voter ID to Aadhaar.

  • To link voter ID to Aadhaar, visit the official website of the National Voter Service Portal (NVSP).
  • This portal process is set up by different state governments.
  • Enter Voter ID number, demographic details like name, date of birth, etc.
link voter id with aadhaar card online
  • Click on the search button, if the information provided matches with government database the details appear.
  • Click on the Feed Aadhaar no. option which is on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • A page appears, enter a name as in Aadhaar card, Aadhaar number, Voter ID, registered mobile number and registered email number.
  • After filling in the details click on the submit option.
  • After submitting the application, a message will appear on the screen that Aadhaar is linked with Voter ID registered successfully.

To link Aadhaar card with Voter ID through SMS, send SMS to 166 or 51969 as below

<Voter ID Number><Aadhaar_Number>

To link Aadhaar with Voter ID through phone, by calling 1950 on weekdays between 10 AM to 5 PM. After calling provide the Voter ID and Aadhaar card information for linking.

  • There are many Booth-Levels in every state and people can visit the booth level officers, who collect the information and link Aadhaar with voter IDs.
  • The government organizes various camps from time to time to provide the facility to link voter ID to Aadhaar for the citizens in their areas.
  • People can directly hand over the self-attested copies of Aadhaar and Voter ID to booth level officers, who will intimate after the successful linking of Aadhaar and Voter ID.


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