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Jharkhand Government starts e Vidya Vahini Portal Registration and login procedure at evidyavahini.jharkhand.gov.in. It has a Facility to make teacher login, school login, and officer login available.

Links are available to download the EVV 2.0 app, update the teacher profile, and student/teacher registration.

You can check notifications and Vidyavahini modules and know how to track teacher presence. Also, contact information and a help section about EVV are in this article. 

e Vidya Vahini Portal Jharkhand

The e Vidya Vahini is a combined ICT platform that authorizes the Department of School Education and Literacy in Jharkhand to monitor, measure and transform the delivery of education services and learning outcomes.

e Vidya Vahini combines mobile applications and web portals with advanced analytical dashboards.

The new e Vidya Vahini portal includes MIS to capture multiple parameters associated with school infrastructure, delivery of assignments, learning outcomes, program implementation, academic schedules, resource management, etc.

The e Vidya Vahini portal enables officials to send multiple surveys and inspection data to the field (Panchayat/Ward, Block, District, etc.). 

The survey data helps generate analytical data and easy-to-understand dashboards for effective administrative decision-making and service delivery.

E Vidya Vahini Modules: 

Master Data Management: 

Enables users like teachers, principals and authorities to download & synchronize master data like demographics, school details, geo-fencing, attendance, student details, biometrics, profile data, MDM, etc., to work offline and online.

Mapping of Stakeholders: 

Teachers, Schools, Students, Principals, and Government Officials (for Administration, Inspection, and training) Create Profiles and Data Management Integration with the Unified District Information System for Education (Govt of India Centralized MIS) 

Enrollment of Students: 

Direct enrollment of new students by teachers through this module Can & updates the list of existing students.

Teacher Enrollment: 

Adhikari facilitates online enrollment of new teachers through this module and updates the list of existing teachers. 

Students & Teacher Attendance: 
  • Student and teacher attendance was captured with GPS tracking & time stamping. 
  • Facilitates real-time monitoring of offline attendance & attendance performance

Learning Tracking Format (LTF): 

LTF is a standardized format for assessment designed to track student competencies and learning outcomes. 

Spot Test: 

It allows the officer to take spot assessments of students during his visit for inspection. The module has a questionnaire for students of different grades for evaluation to track learning outcomes.

e Vidya Vahini Student Progression: 

  • Facilitates promotion of students to the following standard on an annual basis based on performances 

Leave Management: 

  • Declare management leave & leave calendar for teachers against allotted leave.
  • Workflow for application and grant of leave and leave collection. 
  • Integration with HRMIS and payroll plan for credit or beliefs in salary for leaves.

Learning Material Sharing 

  • Facilitates uploading of supplementary teacher training material. 
  • A content management platform to organize and manage education resources (in multiple formats – audio, video, text) in an easily accessible library.

Monitoring of learning outcomes: 

Initiate baseline examinations and create student groups based on education levels. Spot testing of three or more students in each School visited by officers Measurement of student performance & progress as per digitized learning tracking format (date-wise milestones for specific competency)

Mid-day meal Management: 
  • Management of allocated funds & distribution of food 
  • Adherence to the menu for meals served each day 
  • Provision for uploading pictures to check whether meals are cooked and served in hygienic conditions. 
  • Real-time monitoring of MDM implementation (District, Block and cluster-wise).

School Facility & Infrastructure Monitoring: 

  • Enables monitoring of the ratio of used & unused classrooms, classrooms in need of repair, toilets in need of repair (boys vs. girls), and the ratio of classrooms used for teaching purposes
  • The School had tracked near the main road with traffic.
  • Availability of playground & sports equipment had also checked. 
  • They also verified the condition of the boundary wall and the availability of other facilities like drinking water, electricity & internet connectivity.

E Vidya Vahini Login (Teacher/School/Officer)

Let’s see how to log in to Vidya Vahini. 

  • First, visit the official website of the e Vidya Vahini portal.
  • The homepage will display where you must connect on “EVV Login”.
E Vidya Vahini Login
  • Then, the E Vidya login page will unlock. 
  • Here you can select user type “Officer” for officer login “School” for login, or “Teacher” for teacher login.
  • You can ex-Vidya School login by selecting the user type School, as shown here. Then join your User ID and Password and click the “Sign in” button to log in to Vidya School.

After logging in, you can update your profile and attendance, verify the teacher’s form, etc.

Forgot e Vidya Vahini Jharkhand Password

As we told you, you can do Vidya Vahini School Login, Teacher Login, and Officer Login by selecting the user class and entering the user ID and password.

But sometimes, while logging in, we need to remember the password. If anyone is facing difficulty accessing the Vidya Vahini portal, they can now recover their password. 

  • For this purpose, the person should go to the page and click “Forgot Password“. 
  • Then, the Vidya Vahini recovery page will open.
  • Here, you can select the user type as an officer, School or teacher, enter your user ID, select the Email/SMS option and click the “Submit” button.
Forgot e Vidya vahini Jharkhand Password
  • Finally, you will recover your password and be capable of doing E Vidya Vahini Officer’s Login, Teacher Login, and School Login. 

E Vidya Vahini App Download

Let’s check the process of downloading the Vidya Vahini app through online mode.

  • First, go to the official website of E Vidya Vahini in Jharkhand. 
  • After reaching the homepage, scroll to the “Download Now” section. 
  • Direct link to download e Vidya Vahini application from the Google Play Store.
  • It will display the app on Google Playstore. 
  • Click the “Install” button, and the eVV 2.0 app will download automatically.

About eVV 2.0 App

Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSE&L) aims to create a combined digital platform called Vidya Vahini to ensure robust school governance and effective service delivery.

 E-Vidya vahini serves as a single centralized dynamic platform for monitoring all key parameters for effectively delivering quality education to all schools in the state.

It also serves as a two-way communication platform to address the issues and resentments of schools and education authorities. 

E-Vidya Vahini is developed as a mobile application and web portal with dashboards and MIS to charge multiple parameters related to school infrastructure, delivery of projects, learning, program performance, educational programs etc. Students, teachers, and officials can use the eVV 2.0 mobile app. 

After login, you can do multiple activities given below

  • Master Dashboard
  • Upload Data
  • Student Enrollment
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Progression
  • Teacher Attendance
  • Teacher Attendance Report
  • LTF
  • My Grievances
  • Apply Certification
  • MDM

Download the Jharkhand Digi School App

Digi-School App is a government-recognized official app for all students of the state, easy-to-use digital material for learners of the state. Link to Download Jharkhand Digi School App from Play Store

View Transfer Certificate: 

  • First, go to the official website.
  • Once you reach there, you will find the “TC” link at the top.
View Transfer Certificate
  • Enter the certificate number, solve the math problem and click the “View TC” button to view the transfer certificate on the e Vidya Vahini portal.

Contact Information

  • Address: Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC), State Project Office, Old HEC High School, JSCA Stadium Road, Sector 3, Dhurwa Ranchi- 834004
  • Email ID: jepcranchi1@gmail.com 
  • State Helpline No: 18005728585, 01246238339


What is evidyavahini?

e-Vidyavahini is a unified ICT platform that empowers the Department of School Education and Literacy, Jharkhand, to monitor, measure & transform education service delivery and learning outcomes.

Who started e-Vidyavahini?

Jharkhand Government.

What is the helpline number of e-Vidyavahini??

The Helpline are 18005728585, 01246238339.

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