How to Submit Life Certificate for Pensioners Online in Telangana?

Life certificate for Pensioners

All the Indian state government service family pensioners and other government pensioners receiving a pension from the pension payment unit asked to submit the annual verification certificates. Pensioners must submit the life certificate to get the pension; in Telangana, people use the T-App folio to get the certificate.

Annual verification certificates or life certificates for pensioners are submitted from November 1st, 2020, to March 31st, 2021, through digital modes like Jeevan Pramaan, T-App folio, and MeeSeva.

Digital Life Certificate

Due to Covid-19, the government wants to refrain the pensioners from approaching the concerned offices and submitting this year’s life certificate. So pensioners must utilize this opportunity and submit the annual life certificate.

By the end of November, the annual verification certificate was submitted, but it was extend to March 31st, 2021. Pensioners now do not need to make rounds around the treasury officers to submit the life certificate.

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Proof of Age
  • Pensioners ID card
  • Residential Proof
  • Pan Card (For pensioners above Rs 15000 per month)
  • Application form filled by the pensioner


  • All the state and central government pensioners are eligible to get the life certificate.

Related Information

  • To get a Life certificate for pensioners, they need to provide attestations from the medical and gazette officers. Pensioners have to pay a claimed fee applicable accordingly.
  • The validity of the certificate is only one year and is renew every year.
  • After applying, pensioners can obtain the attestations also on the same day.
  • Pensioners can get a life certificate from Revenue Inspector, Tehsildar, Deputy Tehsildar, Gazette Officers of State and Central government, Bank Managers from where the pensioners draw a pension.
  • Life Certificate, normally used as proof that the person mentioned in the certificate is alive.
  • Pensioners must appear in front of the Treasury Officer/Pension Pay Officer once a year between April 1st to June 30th on all government working days.
  • The government will immediately punish if the documents produced to get a life certificate are fraud.

To download the Application Form of Click here.

Submit Life Certificate for Pensioners online in Telangana

How to Obtain & Submit Life certificate for Pensioners Online in Telangana?

  • Pensioners must approach the nearest Pay & Accounts Office in person to get a life certificate.
  • In the Pay & Accounts office, the pensioners are required to place their signatures in a register. The application form is given for a life certificate.
  • If the pensioners cannot physically come to sign in the register, their relatives can represent them.
  • After getting the application form and filling it, it must be attest from an available gazette officer near the pensioner’s location.
  • The gazetted officer signed the application form considered as the Life certificate.

Submit Through Jeevan Pramaan

  • To submit a life certificate, they need to register into the Jeevan Pramaan digital mode for applying for a life certificate.
  • Jeevan Pramaan uses Aadhaar for biometric authentication of the pensioners.
  • After successful authentication, the digital life certificate is generate and stored in the Lie Certificate Repository. Agencies who disburses pension will have access to the certificate online.

Submit Through T-App Folio

  • The government of Telangana officially launched T-app folio, the digital App of Telangana, for the service delivery gateway of many government departments.
  • To submit the certificate, pensioners can use the T-app folio. They no need to visit pension drawing banks or treasury offices.
  • Pensioners must download the T-app from the mobile play store.
  • T-app is available in both Android and IOS versions for the comfort of pensioners.

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    • Then they have to exercise the submission of life certificate through “Jeevan Praman” app downloaded from website by connecting approved bio-metric fingerprint device suggested by Jeevanpraman website.

  1. I am confused. My mother submitted details and documents in T App but approval Is pending for 2 weeks. Is submitting details in T App is enough? Or is life certificate is complusory and must go the govt office ?At present no Mee seva Or bank doing it. Tiired of roaming offices.


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