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Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana, a game-changer for farmers in Maharashtra. It is empowering Farmers with Solar Agricultural Pumps in Maharashtra. Discover the benefits of this sustainable scheme, its eligibility criteria, and impact on farmers. Utilize solar energy for agriculture, and this initiative aims to revolutionize farming practices, reduce costs, and promote environmental conservation.

Scheme Name Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana 2023
Started by Government of Maharashtra
Scheme Duration 3 Years
beneficiary Farmers of the state
Benefits Provide solar pumps
Apply mode online
Toll-free number 1800-102-3435

About the Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana:

Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana

Under Mukhyamantri Solar Krushi Pump Yojana Maharashtra, the state govt. It has decided to provide 1,00,000 solar water pumps to farmers. These off-grid solar-powered agricultural pumps would be deployed phase-wise under Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana Maharashtra. The goal of distributing solar water pumps to farmers under this scheme is 1 lakh for the next two years starting January 2023.

Solar Pump Yojana Beneficiary Contribution:

The beneficiary contribution under Atal Saur Krushi Pump Yojana is as follows:

CategoryBeneficiary Contribution for 3HPBeneficiary Contribution for 5 HP
Open Category 25500=00 (10%)38500=00 (10%)
SC Category 12750=00 (5%)19250=00 (5%)
ST Category 12750=00 (5%)19250=00 (5%) 

Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana Benefits:

This benefit will make available only to the permanent citizens of this state.

  • Under this scheme, you will provide with solar pumps for irrigation.
  • Through this scheme, your electricity burden will also reduce.
  • The Government has released the budget for these solar pumps.
  • These solar pump subsidies will provide directly to your bank accounts.
  • Your old diesel pump will replace with a new solar pump.
  • Through this, environmental pollution will reduce.
  • Farmers who already have electricity connections will have yet to give the benefit of this scheme.
  • In the first phase of the solar scheme, the Government distributed 25000 solar water pumps.
  • After that, 50000 pumps will distribute in the second phase and 25000 in the third phase.

Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana Eligibility Criteria:

All the applicant farmers must check the eligibility criteria for Solar Krishi Pump Yojana in Maharashtra:

  • Farmers having farmland with an assured source of water are eligible. However, Farmers having conventional Electricity connections shall not get the benefit of a Solar AG Pump from this scheme.
  • Farmers from Areas not electrified through conventional energy sources (i.e. by MSEDCL)
  • Farmers from Remote & Tribal areas
  • Beneficiary Farmers of “DHADAK SINCHAN YOJANA”.
  • Farmers from villages still need to be electrified due to NOC from the forest Dept.
  • Paid pending list of applicants, applied for new electricity Connection for AG Pump
  • Up to 5 acres 3 HP DC & above 5 acres 5 HP DC Pumping System will deploy in the farmland of selected beneficiaries
  • The water sources are rivers, Nala, own & Common farm ponds, dug wells, etc.

As per the eligibility mentioned in the Atal Solar Krushi Pump Yojana, farmers can fill out an application form to avail of new water pump connections. Under the Atal Saur Krishi Pump Scheme 2023, farmers will have to pay 10 per cent of the total cost of the pump sets, and MSEDCL will install these pumps through authorized contractors. This agricultural pump-sets scheme in Maharashtra is open to all candidates.

Required Documents For Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana: 

Documents Needed for the scheme are here.

Apply Online For Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana: 

Below is the complete procedure to make solar pump online registration in Maharashtra and fill Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana online application form:

  • Firstly visit the Maharashtra Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana official website.
  • At the homepage, scroll over the “Beneficiary Facility” link in the header. Click on the “Apply Online” and then “New Customer” link as shown below:
Maharashtra Saur Krushi Pump Yojana Benefits
  • People can also directly click on the CM Solar Agricultural Pump Scheme Apply Online Website.
  • Then the online application form for New Connection Consumer/ Off-grid Solar Agriculture Pump for Paid Pending (Format-A1) will appear as shown below:
Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana

Here, farmers can enter details of the applicant and location, nearest consumer details, and type of source of irrigation, then have to upload documents and select the Submit Request button to complete solar pump online registration in Maharashtra.

Check Saur Krushi Pump Yojana Application Status:

All the Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana applicant farmers in Maharashtra can even check their application status online. For this purpose, follow the steps below:-

  • Visit the solar pump’s official website.
  • At the homepage, scroll over the “Beneficiary Facility” tab and then click on the “Status of Application / Payment” link or directly click this link.
  • Afterwards, the Maharashtra Atal Saur Krushi Pump Yojana application status checking page will appear.
solar-powered agricultural pumps,

Applicants can enter the “beneficiary ID” and click the ‘Search’ button to check the online application status.

Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana Helpline:

For any information about the scheme, farmers can contact this information

  • Toll-free Numbers: 1800-102-3435 or 1800-233-3435
  • Email: 


The Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana is a changing scheme that empowers farmers with solar-powered agricultural pumps. It offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, environmental conservation, and growing agricultural productivity. By embracing this scheme, farmers can pave the way for a prosperous and maintainable future in agriculture.


What is the SAUR pump scheme in Maharashtra?

Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojna was started in 2019 by the Government of Maharashtra. Under this scheme Government of Maharashtra will provide 1,00,000 Solar Pumps to eligible Farmers. Using solar-powered pumps will be very reasonable for farmers and hence will reduce the financial burden on them.

Are there any maintenance requirements for solar agricultural pumps? 

Yes, solar agricultural pumps require regular maintenance, such as cleaning solar panels, checking connections, and ensuring the proper functioning of the pump system.

How has the Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana impacted farmers’ income? 

The Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana has positively impacted farmers’ income by decreasing their expenses on electricity or diesel and increasing their agricultural productivity, leading to improved financial stability.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Farmers who fulfil the eligibility criteria, including land ownership or lease, agricultural activities, and meeting specific income requirements, can avail of the Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana benefits.

How does the scheme improve agricultural productivity?

The scheme improves agricultural productivity by providing farmers with reliable and efficient solar-powered agricultural pumps, ensuring a consistent and sustainable water supply for irrigation and farming activities.

Which states have implemented the Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana? 

The Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana had implemented in states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh.

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