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National Permit

The Transport Department of each State Government or All India Permit is a type of registration provided to transporters for goods carriage to operate throughout India. State Governments can issue two types of permits for goods carriage, one being State Permit and the other National Permit/Vehicle permit. It provides authorization for a vehicle to apply across India, according to the status, the Union Territory, and at least four other States. Citizens have to apply at parivahan sewa and check national permit online status, national permit online payment, download, rules, etc.

national permit or vehicle permit online status


To obtain a Vehicle Permit, the owner must apply to the concerned State Regional Transport Authority. Many states are restricted on the age of the vehicle for which a Permit is sought. As a result, people can obtain Permits only for vehicles less than 12 years old.

parivahan sewa

Documents Required

  1. Registration Certificate of the vehicle.
  2. Fitness Certificate of the vehicle.
  3. Insurance Certificate of the vehicle.
  4. Proof of payment of tax for the current Quarter to the Home State.
  5. Fee for Permit.
  6. Demand drafts were drawn in favor of the Authorities prescribed in respect of other states towards payment of composite taxes.
  7. Payment of green tax wherever applicable

National Permit Online Application Process

Generally, you need to apply for a vahan permit for all commercial transportation purposes to carry out commercial activities in the country legally. In India, for a motor cab, the permit validity is for nine years, and other types of motor vehicles are for eight years.

vehicle permit at parivahan sewa

  • Original registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s fitness certificate
  • Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Proof of tax payment to the Home state in the current quarter
  • Form 46
  • Form 48
  • Fee for permit duly paid
  • Demand drafts, made in favor of transport authorities, agreed regarding other states towards payment of taxes.
  • Proof of green tax payment (wherever applicable)

With the above documents, you need to visit your respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) to obtain a national online permit. Once you apply the documents mentioned above and the authorization fee, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) will grant the data and update the national permit Parivahan Sewa portal. After the payment is made, your zonal RTO will hand it over.

How to Check National Permit Online Status?

After submitting your documents and made the payment, you may have to wait a few days before you get the permit details for your vehicle. To perform a national permit online status check, you can follow the below steps:

login for national permit online status

  • Under the ‘Online Services’ section on the menu bar, select ‘National Permit’ on the home page.
  • On the new page where you will be redirected, enter your vehicle’s registration number and the last five characters of your chassis number.

national permit online payment

  • With this, you can check the national permit online status for your vehicle easily.
  • You can also do online verification for your vehicle to confirm the details.
  • Along with that, the Parivahan Sewa portal allows you to check and verify the status of your national permit online payment by providing the above information.

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National permit online payment

You must pay a requisite amount as a fee to issue a vehicle permit to your vehicle.

  • Log on to the Parivahan Sewa portal.
  • Under the ‘Online Services’ section on the menu bar, select ‘National Permit.’
  • Under the ‘Payment and Transaction Status’ section, click on ‘Online Payment of National Permit.’

national permit online payment

  • A new page opens; enter your vehicle’s registration number and the last five characters of your chassis number.
  • You can then make the composite fee payment via card or net banking.
  • The Vehicle permit authorization for operating throughout the territory of India is granted to you after you have made the payment.

Online Status

steps to check vehicle permit status online:

  • Visit ‘parivahan sewa’ online portal.
  • Click on ‘vehicle registration’ on the home page.
  • Click on ‘other states’ and select the status.
  • Now, click on ‘know your application status.’
  • Enter ‘application number.’
  • Click on ‘view report.’

National Permit Rules

Before you get a permit for your vehicle, you must check the national permit rules in the country. For example, the regulations for cars or two-wheelers are different from passenger vehicles moving interstate or national permits for trucks rules.

  • According to rules 86 and 87 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, a national India permit is issued for a minimum of four continuous states, which includes the home state.
  • The age of a vehicle to be eligible for a permit should not exceed 12 years. In the case of multi-axle vehicles, the maximum age to get is 15 years.
  • Form 46 and Form 48 are mandatory to apply for a vehicle permit.
  • A permit for a motor cab expires after nine years from the date of issuance. For vehicles other than motor cabs, it expires after eight years.
  • In the renewal process, people must submit the application and the permit renewal fee 15 days before the expiry date.
  • People who want to replace the vehicle must take permission from the issuing authority; after that, replace the vehicle covered by the permit with the same category, another vehicle which takes four months.

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