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Topslip is 35 km from Pollachi, 76 km from Coimbatore, and 5 km from Parambikulam. Topslip is a tiger reserve in the Anamalai Range in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu; it is one of the must-see places in Pollachi tour packages. There are many Topslip resorts near to accommodate and enjoy the trip.

Topslip Pollachi

Topslip Pollachi, at an altitude of 240 m, is a tourist spot in the Annamalai Tiger Reserve and the primary bird habitat. It is separated from the Nilgiri Hills by the Palghat Gap in the north. It is majestic, with lush green mountains and surrounding jungle.

Tourism Place

The place got its name during the British period as timber slipped to the significantly lower plains. Topslip has a delicate height, good weather, and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Its scenic location and spectacular scenery make it a popular destination for many movie shows. Topslip is also famous for its elephant camp.

What is unique and essential about Topslip forest?

  • It is the best gateway to experience the magnificent wildlife of the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Unique teak forests, bamboo forests, and vast non-native species of plants and wildlife are the main attractions of Topslip.
  • It is also a beau bird-watching destination, home to over 250 species. The MT Stuart Black Topslip is another attraction located at 3 km.
  • The place also has an elephant camping camp called Kozhikamuti, which has the best collection of trained or kumki elephants.
  • The Topslip Forest Department organises 1-hour elephant safaris and jeep rides into the sanctuary. Private vehicles are not allowed on safaris.
  • The Department of Tourism has also identified several trekking routes from Top Slip and conducts guided trekking tours.
Topslip tiger reserve

Topslip Tourism

Topslip near Pollachi is a perfect tourist destination.

The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as “people who travel and stay for more than 24 hours outside of their normal environment and have no more than one year in a row for leisure, business and other purposes.” Excursion.

Topslip Tourism Timings:

The Topslip Tourism Timings are:

Monday7 am to 4 pm
Tuesday7 am to 4 pm
Wednesday7 am to 4 pm
Thursday7 am to 4 pm
Friday7 am to 4 pm
Saturday7 am to 4 pm
Sunday7 am to 4 pm

Safari Timings:

  • 7.30 am to 3.30 pm for Vehicle Safari
  • 11 am to 2 pm for Elephant Safari
  • 7 am to 2 pm for Trekking

Entry Fee:

  • Rs. 80 per Person
  • Rs.50 for Camera
  • Rs. 200 for Vehicle Safari Per person
  • Rs. 600 for Elephant Safari
  • Rs. 200 – 1000 for Trekking

Note the Above charges for Indian nationals. Different charges apply to foreigners. The above entry charges are approximate as of December 2020

Topslip Resorts

Banyan Tree Resort

The Topslip Resorts offer a genuinely delightful experience of being close to nature at the foot of the Anamalai mountain range and immersed in the lovely splendor of life.

Situated in the hinterlands of southern India, the 210-acre property is a haven for nature and wildlife. Visitors can observe the intelligent behaviour of animals up close.

Location: No. 31-1, Ratnaswamy Goundarpathy Sethumadai, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu- 642133

Facilities: Parks and Mountains, Nature Trek, Wildlife Safari, Cooking Classes, and Bird Watching Rooms.

Topslip Resorts
Excellent Lagoon Resorts by Great Mount

Located in Pollachi, a picturesque town on the Kerala border, the Luxury Resort in Topslip is your ultimate place to relax and unwind.

Due to its proximity to Kerala, the ResortResort has an Ayurvedic parlour where upper-class professionals can give therapeutic massages in a peaceful environment.

Location: Meenkarai Road, Vajaikombu Nagore, Pollachi Town, Tamil Nadu- 642103

Facilities: Private Balcony, Sa Center, Dinner, Swimming Pool, Amphitheater, Activities

The Dense Resorts

There are four cottages in Topslip Resorts in the lower reaches of the Western Ghats.

Location: Top Slip Road, Near Sethumadai Check Post, Sethumadai, Pollachi (Taluk), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu- 642133

Facilities: Private Sit Out, Indoor Games, Bicycle, Swimming Pool, Continental, Breakfast (on order), Lounge, Cottage Accommodation, Tourist. Places, Trekking, and bird-watching tailors to your specific needs.

Anamalai Tiger Resort:

The Anamalai Tiger Reserve has had a long management history since 1848. It was formerly the Coimbatore South Forest Division, a model forest division for Madras. Until 1879, Anamalis was on a line as a sub-assistant conservator.

Anamalai Tiger Reserve was carved from the Tamil Nadu part of Anamalais. The Tamil Nadu State part of the reserve is the Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR).

Annamalai tiger reserve

It is located south of the Palakkad Gap in the South Western Ghats. Geographically, it is between longitudes 76 and 77 E and latitudes 10 and 10 N.

Anamalai Tiger Reserve! The Anamalai Tiger Reserve covers an area of ​​958.59 sq. Km of tropical forest, Shola Forest and grasslands up to 2400 m extend into Kerala between Kodaikanal and Coimbatore over the Western Ghats.

This tiger reserve is home to native wildlife, some rare and endangered. You will likely see more lion-tailed macaques, peacocks, langurs, spotted deer, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, and about 30 elusive tigers.

Best time to visit:

July to September is the perfect time to visit Topslip.

Accommodation Facilities in Topslip

Name of Rest House In Topslip

  • Wood House 2
  • Chital 2
  • Ambully Illam 4
  • Bison Lodge 4
  • Horn Bill Lodge 2
  • Bamboo Hut 1
  • Tree Top 2
  • Pillar Top 2
  • Dormitory 2
Topslip Contact Details:
  • The Field Director, Annamalai Tiger Reserve, Meenkarai Road, Pollachi,
  • Telephone: 04259 238360


  • Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Pollachi Division. +91-4259-238360
  • Email ID:;
  • Topslip Reception, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Topslip.
  • Phone Number: +91 93857 23224


What is special in Topslip?

Topslip is home to the first Medicinal Plants Interpretation Center in India. It cultivates medicinal plants, unique teak forests, and Bamboo forests.

What is the best time to visit Topslip?

The best time to visit Top Slip is from November to April. National Park Timings: 

Why is Topslip important?

It is part of the protected Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. Topslip has a gentle attitude, a salubrious climate, and various flora and fauna. Its picturesque location and fabulous scenery have made it a popular site for several movie sequences.

Which place is known as Top Slip?

The Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

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