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Kolli Hills or Kollimalai hills are in Tamil Nadu; here in this article, we will learn about the Kolli hills waterfalls, the best time to visit the mountain, Kolli hills resorts, Tourist places, how to travel, etc.

Kolli Hills

Kollimalai Hills is a beautiful place in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, which means ‘Mountains of Death. These hills range in height from about 1000 to 1300 meters and cover an area of ​​more than 280 sq. Km. You will find about 70 hairpin bends that will take tourists up the hill.

Furthermore, these hills are part of the uninterrupted Eastern Ghats. Early Hindu literature speaks of the actual existence of the Kolli Pavai ghost on these hills. Thus, they earned this name as the ultimate destination. So, if you are a tourist lover, you will love to wander around the whole place to explore the beauties of nature.

Toruist places

Interesting facts

  • Kolli Hills is a beautiful mountainous area with a specific shape of a kidney bean. They are part of the Eastern Ghats, located east of Namakkal and Rashipuram in Tamil Nadu.
  • The Kaveri River is not far from the southern and western edges of the mountain block.
  • There are good forests on the slope of this mountain, which start from the bottom to the top of the hill.
  • So, considering the erosion event, it could be the main work of the magnificent river that meets the Cauvery.

The best time to visit Kollimalai

  • Visit hills by avoiding monsoons; it is best to visit at any time.
  • Winter is moderately cold, so you can not enjoy the beautiful season even at that time. March to June season is the best time to visit these Hills. You will witness some beautiful fog scenes there.
  • You must carry some essential items for your trip to go entirely smoothly. Warm clothes. When you go to a hill station, warm clothes are a must.
  • The climate is entirely cool throughout the year. So, before planning a trip, you need to consider the weather.
  • Try to choose clothes that are warm and comfortable for you. It would be great if you also took medicines, a camping coffee percolator, shoes, socks and bags.
Resorts in Kolli hills

Things to do in Kollimalai Hills

There are many activities you can try:

Trek to Agaya Ganga Falls:

It is an essential part of the Eastern Ghats located in the famous Hills, Agaya Gangai Falls or Kollimalai Falls, up to 300 feet, which descends to a base of 1000 steps and is very popular among trekkers.

Along with the trail just 1 km from the Arapaleswara Temple, trekking to the Agaya Gangai Falls is a course on the Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu after the monsoons from November to January.

Vasalurpatti Boat House :

It is located 5 km from the city centre of Vasalurpatti and was built on an artificial lake, one of the favourite tourist places in the Kolli Hills.

The tranquil lake is surrounded by the lush greenery of the hills, making it one of the most breathtaking in the Hills.

Explore the Siddhar Caves:

If you are in Kolli, you will love to explore the most beautiful places, and of all, the Siddhar Caves is one of the most exciting places to turn around.

It is enough for only one or two people to enter the cave at a time. It was believed that the Siddhar caves were surrounded by medicinal herbs on all sides, which is also the speciality of the Kolli Hills.

Other things to do:

You can visit the Ettukai Amman Temple in Valapur and the Surprising Encounter at Masilla Falls and Namma Falls. We will find many perspectives like Cellur Viewpoint, Binnam Viewpoint, Sikumarai Viewpoint and Seekuparai Viewpoint.

You can reach the remote Boger Caves and the Kayanavandhu Caves by staying in one of the traditional wooden houses.

Kollimalai hills

Best Tourist places near Kollimalai Hills

Agaya Gangai waterfalls Kolli Hills:

Agaya Gangai Falls, located in the Kolli Hills in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, is one of the best tourist places. It is 5km from the city centre.

Emerging from the Iyer River is a 300-foot waterfall, mainly taken by the Panchanati, a live stream in the Kolli Hills forests between November and March.

The waterfall is considered sacred for its natural beauty and proximity to the Arappalishwarar Temple.

Siddhar Caves:

The Siddhar Caves in the Kolli Hills of Tamil Nadu are sacred and Jolly. It said that sages lived there, cultivated various medicinal herbs and practised unique medical practices.

These herbs are still found around caves. You can also see the famous Agaya Gangai Falls on the way to the caves.

Tampcol Medical Farm:

Tamil Nadu Medical Plant Farms & Herbal Medicine Corporation Limited (TAMPCOL) had set up the Tampicole Medicinal Farm in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu.

The farm is nestled amidst the famous Kolli Hills, is home to several medicinal herbs, and is one of the best tourist places.

Arapaleshwara Temple:

Arapaleshwara Temple is an ancient temple built by the Chola dynasty in the famous Kolli Hills of Tamil Nadu. It is considered a prominent place of worship for Lord Shiva all over South India.

The outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum were covered with inscriptions attesting to the donations made by the Chola kings to the temple.

It is considered a treat for Kolli Hills waterfalls enthusiasts, but reaching here takes about 1300 steps. It is essential to carry supplies, be safe and wear strong footwear & durable clothing.

These waterfalls are dangerous during the monsoon season, so it is better to avoid the tour.

What are the best family resorts in Kolli Hills?

Here is a list of the best Kolli Hills resorts for families.

Silverline Retreat – Hotel is one of the most family-friendly Kolli Hills resorts, with many tourist activities, suites, and well-maintained rooms.

Nallathambi Resorts is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Kolli Hills amidst mangrove forests and lush green valleys and offers the most privacy to couples.

Black Pepper Resorts is known for its warm hospitality and modern amenities, making this resort a treat for families looking for a haven. The resort has a restaurant, fitness centre and luxury rooms.

Pepe VHM Resorts – Pepe VHM Resort is a paradise for families in Kolli as it hosts many recreational activities such as bonfires and cycling tours and has well-maintained rooms.

Season-wise Temperature of Kollimalai Hills:


Summers are generally calm and temperate, with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 C. The minimum temperature at this time is usually around the 18 C mark. People visit the hill station to escape the scorching heat during the summers, so many tourist places and activities can be seen here.


These Hills will receive heavy rainfall during October, mainly from the northeast monsoon—occasional showers during June and July without much rain. Many small streams and Hills waterfalls had revived during this season, and the place looks natural.


Winters (December-February) range from 13 C to 18 C, making it more relaxed than other parts of Tamil Nadu. Visitors had been advised to bring protective clothing if visiting during the winter. The Hills also receive occasional showers during this season.

What about Kolli Hills Road?

Kolli Hills Road is difficult to drive due to many hairpin bends, but it is not very dangerous by Ghat Road standards.

The most tricky section of the road starts at Karavalli and ends at Solakko. This 12-mi (20-km) route has many curves and a height of 3,149 ft (960 m).

Can we visit Kolli Hills now?

The Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu can be visited throughout the year except in January as the temperatures drop, considering the height of this picturesque destination.

During the rest of the month, the weather in the Hills is charming. Therefore, February to December is the best time to visit.

Kollimalai Hills Contact

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Why is Kolli Hills famous?

Kolli Hills is famous for its natural beauty.

What is the mystery of Kolli Hills?

According to legend, the sages chose hills while looking for a peaceful place to do their penance.

How long does it take to climb Kolli Hills?

It takes approximately 30 mins to climb down to the falls and 1 hr to climb up back.

Which railway station is near Kolli Hills?

The Salem Railway Station is the nearby railhead, outside which direct buses are available for the Kolli Hills.

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