United Way of Baroda Garba | Registration & Entry Pass cost

There is good news for Garba lovers. In Gujarat, Navratri festivals had celebrated with vigour and joy. People perform Garba during the nine days of Navratri. Both men and women participate in Garba to celebrate Navratri. For the year 2022, the organization of Baroda city has started online registration for the Garba festival. The program’s name is United Way of Baroda Garba.

United Way of Baroda Garba

All girls and boys who had interested in the program participated in Garba. Before this, they can visit the official website and register for entry. After that, one can participate in Garba festivities. 

So friends, today in this article, we will share the details of the united way of Baroda Garba Registration 2022. We will share all the information about the program with you step by step.

You can know the admission ticket price for girls and boys and others. Navratri is just a few more days away, so many people are registering to organize the Garba festival.

Suppose you want a united way of Baroda Garba Registration 2022 to apply for an admission pass. Please read our article carefully for more details.

United Way Garba 2022 

Baroda City Gujarat Organization starts United Way Garba 2022 Registration. The initiator of online registration aims to control the rush for ticket entry.

Interested people visit the official website and register with the required information. 

After that, they can get an entry ticket for the Garba festival in Baroda, Gujarat. On the official website, all the updates are available.

United Way of Baroda Garba Ticket Price & Venue Update

United Way Garba Ticket Pass Registration 2022 Opening Date 1 August 2022. Applicants can check United Way Garba 2022 Venue from here.

Apply Online for United Way of Baroda Garba 2022 Registration before UWB Garba Registration Last Date. 

Visit Gujarat United Way of Baroda Garba’s official website, i.e. and check all United Way of Baroda Garba Mahotsav 2022 latest updates.

Eligibility Criteria 

There are certain qualifications to participate in Baroda Garba:-

  • The age of the participants is above ten years. 
  • Both girls and boys are participating in this program. 
  • Participants carry smart card entry tickets with them. 
  • Participants under 16 must have their parents’ proof of identity. 
  • And other participants will carry their ID proof while entering the Baroda Garba event.
  • Participants are permanent citizens of India. 
  • Only registered candidates will participate in the Garba event. 
  • They will collect official entry tickets from 4:00 PM onwards Before Garba day. 

Dress code for United Way of Baroda Garba

Garba organizers have decoded some dress codes for the participants. It is for girls and boys:

  • In the Garba event, both girls and boys are not allowed to wear tops and jeans.
  • For girls, girls can wear traditional clothes like chaniya choli compulsorily. 
  • For boys, they can wear long kurtas or pathani kurtas. 
  • All the participants came with discipline in Garba. 
  • Interested candidates who want to appear for Garba will first register on the official website. 
  • An entry card ticket is mandatory for all participants.
  • The registration fee for Baroda Garba is non-refundable.
  • The organizer may change Garba’s time or date in case of a weather disturbance or other issues. 
  • If the participants lose their smart card for Garba, they contact a volunteer. That volunteer immediately provides a duplicate pass. 
  • For Duplicate Smart Card, the Participant pays Rs. 300 

Entry Pass Cost

You can get information about the entry ticket cost on the official website. Official Admission Ticket Price updated very soon.

Last time, the united Baroda Garba event had celebrated at MM Patel Farm near Transpec Silox behind DPS Atladara Baroda Gujarat. In that program, Sri Atul Purohit comes to entertain people in Garba. 

Officials have announced the Baroda Garba venue for the year 2022 very soon. The candidate will get a discount on the online registration admission pass ticket.

  • Ticket price before 31 August: For the boy Rs. 3500 and the Girls Rs. 700
  • From 1 September: For the boy Rs. 4500 and for girls Rs. 900.

United Way of Baroda Garba 2022 Registration

There are some steps for United Way Garba 2022 registration. That candidate visits the official website of United Way of Baroda. For registration, there are some easy steps:

  • First, visit the official website
  • Click on Boys and Girls Registration on the homepage. 
  • Now click on the Complete Your United Way Garba 2022 Registration option.
  • A new page had opened with the registration form.
united way of Baroda Garba Registration
  • Enter the required details like mobile number, name etc. 
  • Now go to the payment section and pay for the entry pass price. 
  • On the final, click on submit option. 
  • After that, the officer will send the ticket pass through courier. 
  • Courier service to Baroda city only. 
  • Other candidates outside Baroda are collecting the ticket manually from the office.

United Way Garba Receipt Reprint 

Registered users who want to reprint the receipt can do the United Way Garba Receipt Reprint 2022 on the official website. Candidates who want to reprint the receipt can follow the steps given below. 

  • Visit the official website of United Garba Registration 2022. 
  • Now you are on the homepage of United Garba. 
  • Click on the Receipt Reprint option given on the homepage.
United Way Garba Receipt
  • Fill in Payment ID, First Name and Email Address. 
  • Click on the Search button. 
  • Now they will show your receipt to you. 
  • Now you can download it.


1. Who started the united way of Baroda Garba registration? 

A Baroda City-based organization launched Garba Event for Baroda. 

2. Who is participating in the United Way of Baroda Garba Registration? 

Anyone interested can participate in Garba. 

3. How can we get an entry pass ticket? 

After sending the ticket by courier by Registration Officer 

4. What is the age of participants in the United Way of Baroda Garba Registration? 

They should not be less than ten years. 

5. What is United Way Garba Registration 2022 Date? 

United Way of Baroda Garba 2022 Registration will start on 1 August 2022. 

6. What is Garba United Way of Baroda 2022 Official Website?

United Way of Baroda Garba 2022 official website is garba.unitedwaybaroda.org. 

7. How will United Way Garba Ticket Pass 2022 be distributed?

Courier will deliver United Way Garba Pass Ticket 2022 only in Vadodara City.

8. How can I get a pass if I live outside Baroda/Gujarat/India?

You have to apply as usual & select the “Non-Resident of Baroda” option & provide your local contact address where they will deliver the pass. And suppose you were not a Gujarat resident and didn’t have a local contact address. In that case, you can collect your pass from the United Way Garba venue between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM on the day before Garba starts.

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