GHMC Complaints Online – How to give complaints to GHMC

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has now made it easy for people to complain about cleaning, stray dogs, and building issues directly by visiting the GHMC Complaints website online or the GHMC App. Here, we can learn how to file complaints to GHMC. Also, I know about GHMC dogs, drainage complaints, cutting trees, etc.

GHMC Complaints Online

It isn’t possible to run the system without any drawbacks and five hundred and ten per cent satisfaction to the public since they have higher expectations and their needs will grow relentlessly; it’s a similar case here that the GHMC has been poured with lots and lots of complaints such as

  • Improper/rocky roads
  • drainage system
  • potholes
  • garbage collection
  • tree cutting
  • street lighting
  • stray dogs complaints
  • illegal construction
  • water supply issues and many more

GHMC Complaints Online

Initially, the government couldn’t keep up with all these complaints, and due to the delay in solving the issues, the public was very vicious, so the government came up with a plan to tackle all these problems.

  • So, the government set up a special commission to look into this matter and sort it out.
  • finally implemented a multi-platform for addressing the issue without actually appearing physically in the administrative offices to file the complaint after exploring the various technology routes
  • The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), after exploring the technology means to receive complaints and representations from the public, given all government offices becoming out of bounds for visitors due to newly imposed COVID-19 restrictions from the past two years.
  • GHMC Commissioner D.S.Lokesh Kumar, through a press statement, informed that the representations from the public would be received through Google Meet
  • People can file their complaints to GHMC officials through the Google Meet video link, which is available on the municipal body’s official website.
  • The link will be operating on all working days between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. and can be accessed through both computers/laptops and mobile phones(android)
  • With this, the public complaints will be handed over to a group of staff members who are available to work night shifts so that the officials can alternately assign the task to the staff.

GHMC Enquiries

At the suggestion of Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) KT Rama Rao, the government has put up a cell at the GHMC head office to receive the complaints and address them.

How to give complaints to GHMC
  • The GHMC also changed its system related to complaint redressal. With this modern updation, the person who raised the complaint can only close it, unlike earlier, when the GHMC official members or staff could close it.
  • The complaints will increase during monsoons due to water clogging, fallen branches, towers, etc. You can even call 040-21111111 to register the complaint.

How to give complaints to GHMC Online

Whatever the complaint, maybe you can file it through various platforms through the official GHMC link.

  • Emergency number
  • GHMC app
  • GHMC Twitter
  • Grievance redressal system
  • Prajavani
  • What’s app

How to give Online Drainage Complaints to GHMC

GHMC Drainage complaints Whatsapp no: 9848021665

Not only in the monsoons but also on regular days, if there is any problem related to the drainages or any open pits, you can raise a complaint to GHMC. The issues will reportedly rise more during the rainy season, and the ghmc took the necessary steps to follow up and solve the issue as soon as possible.

  • Accordingly, citizens with complaints can WhatsApp the details and attach pictures of the locations with different drains needing repair.
  • As per resources, a WhatsApp group has been formed to file complaints and get citizens’ feedback.
  • GHMC Commissioner D.S. Lokesh Kumar, all the six zonal commissioners of the civic body, and other officials will be part of the WhatsApp group.
  • The complaints reported through WhatsApp will be forwarded to the officials to examine and take the required steps to resolve the issues.
  • The elected representatives will inspect their respective areas to ensure these works are done correctly and on time.
  • Srinivas Yadav will also inspect the stormwater drain works in Begumpet on June 14, 2022
  • According to one of the press releases issued by the beloved Minister’s office, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and Municipal Administration and Urban Development beloved Minister KT Rama Rao are constantly monitoring the works related to drains.
  • At a recent review meeting, GHMC also decided that the works related to desilting stormwater and resolving the drains would be geotagged. The pictures will be shared with corporators and MLAs of the state government.
Dogs complaints

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Stray Dogs Complaints

  • Helpline number 040-2111-1111 or the My GHMC app.
  • Life will get tough for street dogs in the streets of Hyderabad because of the stray dogs; sometimes, these dogs will attack children and create disturbances. People can now give dogs complaints online.
  • The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation tries to control the street dog problem by getting 16 more dog-catching vans for dog complaints.
  • The municipal corporation was operating its own 14 vehicles for catching street dogs. In addition, they have now introduced 16 more vehicles on a hire basis.
  • GHMC now has a total of 30 robust vehicles operated exclusively for each municipal area
  • To avoid untoward incidents, the dog-catching vans and personnel inspect an area and catch hold of the situation.
  • They first check if the dogs have undergone sterilisation surgeries by looking at the ‘V’ mark on the ears. If the dogs have undergone surgeries, the personnel will leave them in the same locality as the rules.
  • Suppose the dogs haven’t undergone any surgeries and are relocated to the nearest Animal Care centre for the surgeries and check other health aspects, including observation for five days. The dogs will be back in the same area.
  • Each vehicle typically catches ten dogs daily and, based on their observations, shifts them to the animal care centre.
  • In addition to the municipal corporation, five NGOs are taking up animal birth control procedures and vaccination of street dogs in the five municipal localities of Kapra, Serilingampally, Malakpet, Mehdipatnam, and Alwal.

GHMC Tree Cutting Complaints Online :

Toll-Free Number -1800 425 5364

  • It was illegal to cut down trees without any legal procedure.
  • If anyone wants to do so, they have to register by filling out a form for tree pruning on the forest department website; if not, it will be an illegal activity.
  • So if you find any illegal activity of cutting down trees, you can file a complaint by mentioning the ward number and exact location; there will be a high chance of getting a penalty for the person disobeying the rule by the forest department.

GHMC Garbage Complaint Online :

  • The government is responsible for keeping the city clean by managing garbage waste.
  • Suppose there is any irregularity in picking up the garbage daily. The trash cans will flood with waste; foul smells and air pollution will cause various health problems.
  • So you can complain to GHMC about the situation. Various other problems like taking challans, door picking of the garbage, etc., through the toll-free numbers or the MY GHMC App.

How to give Street Lighting Complaints to GHMC

  • If there is any failure or the roads are not provided with street lights, you can file a complaint through these three available methods.

Apply In-Person:

  • To report issues related to street lights, the applicant has to meet with the concerned officer in the Municipal Corporation.
  • Through GHMC – Telangana Report Street Light Not Working (Outage) Online with Images
  • To file your complaint about the street light issue, click here.

How to give Mosquito Online Complaints to GHMC

  • People can raise complaints through the MY GHMC app. Call the toll-free number as it is typical for all kinds of complaints.

GHMC Illegal Construction Complaint:

Click here for the GHMC Illegal Construction complaint or through the GHMC App.

  • The government formed Special Task Force (STF) teams at zonal levels to check unauthorised constructions built under the TSBPA and Self-certification System (TSbPASS).
  • Telangana State Building Permission Approval
  • GHMC will Form teams that will take action against illegal buildings based on complaints and seal or demolish construction.
  • The STF will take complaints that come in manually through the
  • TSBPASS portal
  • social media
  • Email and any other means like Twitter, etc.

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