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India will celebrate 75 glorious years of Independence Day from British rule on August 15. India gained independence from the tyrannical rule of the British Empire in 1947. 

For the first period, Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru boosted the national flag of independent India. Lahori Gate of Delhi’s Red Fort and “At midnight, when the world sleeps, India awakes to life and freedom.” 

Today marks the sacrifices of our brave leaders and freedom fighters who sacrificed their all for their fellow citizens. As usual, Red Fort will witness 75 years of independence celebrations.

What is the History of Independence Day?

Indian freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel etc., started many movements which somehow helped in breaking the shackles of slavery after 90 years. 

From the 1857 revolt to the Sepoy Mutiny, several movements became major standards in the struggle against the British.

This independence was owed to our brave freedom fighters who never hesitated for future generations to breathe the free air of India. 

The British Parliament mandated Lord Mountbatten to transfer power by June 30, 1948. Seeing the public’s impatience, Mountbatten knew that if he had waited until June 1948, in the memorable words of C Rajagopalachari, Mountbatten would not have been remembered. 

The power to transfer remained, so he advanced the date to August 1947. It was not simple for the British to give up power and accept defeat, so they disguised it to stop the bloodshed. Mountbatten claimed he avoided bloodshed or riots by moving the date forward. 

Although he was later proven wrong, he tried to justify himself by saying, “Where colonial rule ends, there is bloodshed. That is the price you pay.”

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Why is it celebrated on August 15? 

The Indian Bill had introduced in the British House of Commons on July 4 1947, and passed within 15 days. On August 15, 1947, British rule over India ended and went down in history. 

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the Tricolour flag on the Red Fort in Delhi for the first time. After that, every year on Independence Day, the national flag is hoisted atop the Red Fort by the incumbent Prime Minister, observed by an address to the nation.

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Happy Independence Day Wishes

  • As we remember our national leaders today, let us renew our pledge to uphold our national unity so that we can live jointly in peace and harmony. Happy Independence Day! 
  • Freedom is something you have to fight for; let’s celebrate our freedom because we worked so hard to earn it. Never give it up, and always keep it in your heart. Happy Independence Day! 
  • Let freedom in your mind and body, faith in your wards and pride in your soul. Let’s salute our race. Happy Independence Day to you. The tricolour should always fly high and touch the sky.
  • Let your spirits soar with the Indian flag today. Happy Independence Day! We are all very different, but there is one thing that unites us, and that is independence. We should respect it and not forget how hard we worked to achieve it. Enjoy this beautiful Day! Happy Independence Day. 

Independence Day Quotes

  • “Freedom is never precious. It is life. What will not a man pay to live?” – Mahatma Gandhi. 
  • “Swaraj is my birthright and I will get it” – Balagangadhara Tilak.
  • “If your blood is not hot, it is water flowing in your veins. What is the flush of youth if you do not serve the motherland?” – Chandrasekhar Azad. 
  • “Don’t forget that compromise with injustice and wrong is the worst crime. Remember the eternal law: If you want to get, you must give.” – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  • “They may kill me but cannot kill my thoughts.” – Bhagat Singh.
  • “The excellence of a nation lies in the eternal ideal of love and sacrifice that inspires the nation’s mothers.” – Sarojini Naidu.
  • “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai, dekhna hai zor kitna baju-e-khatil mein hai.” – Ramprasad Bismil. 
  • “As long as you do not perform social freedom, any freedom granted by law is of no use to you.” – BR Ambedkar.

Independence Day Messages

  • To our brave soldiers and freedom fighters of the nation – they are the reason we are free today, and we will never ignore their sacrifice. Happy Independence Day! 
  • It fills my heart with pride to see the colours of Day spreading happiness and joy around. May the glory of this Day last forever. 
  • Let us think about what we can do to make our country a place of peace, happiness and prosperity. 
  • Here’s wishing you and your valued ones a very Happy Independence Day. 
  • Again, it is time to show every other country that we are great people from a great country. And let us continue our struggle towards the prosperity and development of our beloved motherland. Have a wonderful Independence Day. 
  • I was independent means being able to change the world. I am proud to say that my independence allows me to make positive changes every Day. All the best to our independent India!

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  • Freedom comes with responsibility. Happy Independence Day. 
  • Nothing is more special in this life than freedom-happy Independence Day to all. 
  • Let’s celebrate this Day enthusiastically by promising to be responsible for our country. 
  • One gift we can all give to our country on Independence Day is a promise that we will work hard to be the best citizens of our country. Happy Independence Day. 
  • “Our forefathers paid a heavy price to bring freedom to our motherland and entrusted us with the responsibility of defending it with heart, soul and blood. Happy Independence Day.”

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1. When is Independence Day in India? 

In India, had celebrated on August 15 every year. It celebrates the date of the enactment of the Indian Independence Act in 1947, which established India and Pakistan as independent countries, no longer under British imperial rule. (In Pakistan, Day had celebrated on August 14.)

2. How is Independence Day celebrated in India?

 Independence Day had celebrated with festivals all over India. Notably, the Prime Minister visited the Red Fort memorial for a flag-off ceremony and delivered a televised speech across the country. Other traditional activities include flying kites and hoisting the tricolour flag.

3. Did the division of India and Pakistan take place on Independence Day? 

India keeps the partition of India and Pakistan. The Indian Independence Act, enacted by the British Parliament, mandated the recognition of the dominions of India and Pakistan at midnight on August 14–15, 1947.

4. How did India achieve independence from British rule? 

It paved India’s path to British rule through the work of Mahatma Gandhi, who managed and led a series of nonviolent protests. Other notable figures include Muhammad Ali Jinnah, leader of the All India Muslim League and founder of Pakistan, and Jawaharlal Nehru, a follower of Gandhi and India’s first prime minister.

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