How to claim car insurance for scratches in India?

After getting your new car and starting driving, it is always a danger because of many reasons. There may be minor accidents, minor scratches etc., because of you or other people, and you can claim car insurance for the loss.

The following article details the process of claiming insurance after getting scratched.

What is car insurance for scratches?

Many people nowadays are getting new cars from showrooms with insurance. Still, they don’t claim the car insurance after getting a scratch on the car. They may not claim it because of many reasons like the high charges, hectic procedure, many documents, proofs etc.

Can we claim car insurance for scratches

You can get the Small Repair Claim Add-on without disturbing the accumulated no-claim bonus. Follow a few steps and get insurance for the scratches.

Types of car insurance:

There are two ways to claim the car insurance, and they are,

  • Cashless insurance for cars: The insurance company pays for all the damages’ expenses through the cashless insurance claim. But this is applicable for a few damages, and for non-covered damages, the owner has to cover the expenses.
  • Car insurance reimbursement: In this type, you must pay for the car’s repair expenses first and then submit all the documents. After careful verification, the insurance company will provide the expenses as reimbursement.

Can we claim car insurance for scratches:

When you start your car insurance process, the insurance company claims they provide financial coverage for major and minor damages. So if there is an accident, you can claim the insurance for the car’s minor scratches by following a few steps.

After verification, once you submit the documents, they provide the expenses based on the insurance type.

The process to claim car insurance for scratches:

Follow the below steps to claim the car insurance for scratches.

Step 1: Inform the insurer

After noticing the scratches, the first thing is to inform your insurer. You can contact them with the helpline number or by visiting the official website.

Step 2: Provide all the details and documents

Open the website and go to the claims section. Fill in all the details like the owner’s name, care details etc. Now provide the image of the scratches on the car to prove the damage.

Step 3: Survey 

After submitting the form, the insurance company will send a surveyor to survey the car. They will verify your details and the damages to the car. After the verification, they will forward it to the insurer.

Step 4: Car Repair

You will be compensated in two days when the verification is complete, and the insurance officer is satisfied with the documents. The expenses of the car’s damages are covered as per the insurance type.

Things to consider while claiming car insurance:

  • If there is a major accident or theft, immediately inform the police and file a complaint.
  • When there is minor damage or other damages, intimate the insurance office.
  • You must take pictures of the damaged car after the accident as proof.
  • You must know the details of the type of your insurance.
  • Do not accept third-party settlements.


Every car owner wonders if you can claim car insurance for minor scratches. Not only for major damages, but the insurance companies also provide insurance for minor ones.

You can avoid this claim if you can repair the damage independently. By knowing your insurance type, you can claim your insurance amount by following a few steps.


Do insurance companies provide insurance for car scratches?

Yes, many insurance companies include scratches as minor damage and provide insurance.

Do we need any proof to prove the car’s damage?

To get insurance, you must provide an image of the scratches or other damages.

Is it safe to get insurance for scratches?

Getting insurance for minor scratches is completely safe because the company will cover the repair expenses for damages.

Can we remove the scratches permanently on the car?

It will depend on the deepness of the scratch. It may be visible even after the repair if it is deep.

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