How to Change Minor PAN Card to Major?

Change minor pan card to major; if you are under 18 years of age and your parent or guardian applies for a PAN card on your behalf, then you have a minor PAN card. 

Change Minor PAN Card to Major:

The applicant’s passport size photograph will not print on a minor PAN card. In its place, only minor had mentioned. It also has the signature of the parent or guardian.

When a minor PAN has converted to a Major PAN Card, it will include the applicant’s photograph and signature. 

It will print the pan holder’s details on the original card. It contains the PAN holder’s name, date of birth and father’s name, and the PAN number.

More importantly, it includes a hologram that ensures the bearer has genuine ID proof.

What is PAN Card? 

A permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. It enables the department to link all the transactions of the ‘person’ with the division. 

These transactions contain tax payments, TDS/TCS credits, income returns, specified transactions, correspondence and more.

A Permanent Account Number or PAN Card is one of the most important documents for citizens of India. 

It is used not only for tax payments but also as proof of identity. PAN had introduced to facilitate linking various documents like payment of taxes, assessment, tax demand, tax arrears etc. 

Hence, it makes it easier to detect and combat tax evasion of the tax base. Students can use a PAN card after completing 18 years.

Regarding minors (below 18 years), parents can apply for a PAN card on their behalf. 

There is no upper age limitation to applying for a PAN card. A PAN card given for a minor does not contain the minor’s photograph or signature; therefore, it cannot use as valid identity proof. After the minor turns 18, you should make necessary changes in the PAN records.

Required documents to change Minor PAN Card to Major PAN: 

First, we need to get all the required documents to update Minor PAN Card to Major PAN Card online. 

ID Proof (Anyone)
  • Driver’s Licence. 
  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Passport. 
  • License to bear arms. 
  • Ration card with applicant’s photograph. 
  • Card for Central Government Health Scheme. 
  • Original identity certification signed by a gazetted officer
  • Original signature of Member of Parliament on Identity Certificate
  • The applicant’s photo will appear on the pensioner card. 
  • Original Identity Certificate signed by Municipal Councillor 
  • Photo Card for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme. 
  • Original bank certificate on letterhead from the branch with applicant’s full attested photograph and bank account number (with name and stamp of issuing authority)
  • Original identity certificate signed by Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Voter ID/Election Card Central Government, State Governments and Public Sector Undertakings all issue photo identity cards.
Proof of Date of Birth (Any one): 
  • Passport. 
  • Voter ID/Election Card 
  • Birth certificate. 
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Driver’s license. 
  • The government issues a residence certificate. 
  • Order for payment of pension. 
  • Aadhaar Card is a special identity card issued by the Government of India. 
  • Ex-Servicemen Photo Card for Contributory Health Scheme. 
  • Central government, state governments and public sector organisations all issue photo identity cards
  • Affidavit showing date of birth sworn before a Magistrate. 
  • Matriculation certificate or mark sheet from a recognised board
  • Card for Central Government Health Scheme. 
Address Proof (Anyone)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Legal Eligibility to Drive Vehicle 
  • Voter ID/Election Card 
  • Passport. 
  • Original certificate from the employer. 
  • Passport of spouse (husband/wife). 
  • Less than three months old Bill for landline or broadband connection
  • The most recent order of property tax assessment 
  • A credit card statement less than three months old is acceptable. 
  • The government issues a residence certificate. 
  • A bank Account Statement that is less than three months old is acceptable. 
  • Original identity certificate signed by Member of Legislative Assembly.
  • Original signature of Member of Parliament on Identity Certificate.
  • The most recent water bill was less than three months ago. 
  • You had entered the applicant’s address in the post office passbook. 
  • Statement from the depository account less than three months old. 
  • The most recent electricity bill is less than three months old. 
  • Gas connection card, book or piped gas bill for the general public
  • Original identity certification signed by a gazetted officer

How to change minor pan card to major?

  • Fill up the ‘Request for New PAN Card or Correction or Changes in PAN Data’ form by clicking here.
  • Mention the current PAN number in the application, check the ‘Photo Mismatch’ and ‘Signature Mismatch’ boxes, and submit the online form. 
  • The paper must be printed out and signed by the applicant. 
  • Then submit two photos. 
  • Provide proof of identity and address such as an Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID or bank account statement along with the application form. 
  • Through Internet Banking or Credit/Debit Card Fee Rs.107 Pay. 
  • Alternatively, drawn in favour of NSDL-PAN Rs. 107 Demand draft must accompany the application. 
  • After submitting the online form, the candidate will receive an acknowledgement number. 
  • You should send the finalised application to the nearest NSDL or UTISL-approved centre.

Important note

  • You can track the application status by mentioning the acknowledgement number. 
  • If required, you can amend PAN information (change of address or name etc.) at the same time by submitting relevant documents. 
  • Applicant should verify that the proof of address, identity etc., is valid.


1. How many times can I update my PAN card? 

You can use the pan for life. Applying for PAN is comfortable, and the entire process can be done online. Also, if you choose to apply for PAN based on Aadhaar card details these days, there is no need to upload a single document or send it by post. 

2. Is a minor PAN card valid after 18 years? 

A PAN card administered in the name of a minor does not have the minor’s photograph or signature and, therefore, cannot be utilised as a valid proof of identity. After the minor PAN card holder turns 18, you must make relevant changes in the PAN records. A new card will issue with a photo and signature. 

3. Can I open a bank statement with a small PAN card? 

You must submit the child’s birth certificate as proof of age. Youngsters must be under 18 years of age. Along with proof of age, this also required establishing your relationship with the minor. You have to submit your details, especially PAN card information. 

4. How long does change a PAN card from minor to major take? 

The authority has announced no time. But, usually, it takes about 15-30 days for correction in PAN data. You can wait and check the status of your correction request online using the acknowledgement number provided to you. Follow the above steps for name correction/change in the PAN card. 

5. Can we convert minor to major in pan card online? 

You can update your PAN Card from Minor to Major by filling ‘Minor to Major PAN Card Application Form’ online and completing all the steps with the required documents.

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