How to update Insurance in Mparivahan

In today’s digital age, keeping your vehicle’s insurance information up-to-date is crucial. The mParivahan app offers a convenient platform to easily update and manage your insurance records.

mParivahan Benefits

mParivahan is a mobile application developed by the Indian government to digitize various services related to vehicles and driving licenses.

It gives various features and benefits and makes it easier for vehicle owners to access their documents, update information, and stay compliant with the law.

Using mParivahan, you can conveniently update your insurance details without the hassle of visiting physical offices or dealing with paperwork.

UnderMinistry of Road Transport and Highways
Launch year2017
Application TypeMobile Applications, both Android and Apple
BeneficiariesIndia Citizens
Parivahan SewaWebsite

What is the mParivahan App?

mParivahan App

mParivahan is an application by The Road Transport and Highways Ministry of India.

The app provides access to important motor-related details such as vehicle owner name, car make, model, registration date, registering authority, fuel type, vehicle age, vehicle type, and insurance validity. It is a government app for All India RTO vehicle Registration Number Search.

When we want to buy an insurance policy from an agent, the data has saved on the insurer’s server. The details will save on the insurer’s server if you purchase a car policy.

Car policy details will store on the insurer’s server. The insurance company will forward your policy information to the RTO.

Next, the vehicle and policy details will match, be verified, and will update in the mParivahan app within 72 hours.

Why should you use the mParivahan app?

  • You can store RC and DL data.
  • Lets you check the status of the challan
  • To check pending taxes
  • You can dial the emergency number.
  • It helps track the closer pollution centre, RTO (regional transport office), and driving licence test.
  • Allows you to check your RC data, temporary registration, address change, duplicate RC, and learner’s driving licence (DL).

Essentials for Updating Insurance in mParivahan App

Before updating your insurance details in mParivahan, follow the prerequisites.

How to Update Insurance in mParivahan
  1. mParivahan App: Install the mParivahan app’s latest version on your mobile. Get it for both Android and iOS phones.
  2. Internet: internet connection is necessary for a smartphone to access the mParivahan app and complete the updating process.
  3. Valid Insurance Policy details: To update your insurance details, you must possess a valid insurance policy for your vehicle. If your policy has expired, first renew it before.
  4. Vehicle RC (Registration Certificate): Keep your vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC) in hand, as you may need to refer to it while updating the Insurance.
  5. Updated Insurance Documents: If you have recently obtained a new or renewed insurance policy, ensure you have the updated documents readily available.

Steps for Updating Insurance in mParivahan

To update your insurance details in the mParivahan app, follow the below steps:

Updating Insurance in mParivahan
  1. Open mParivahan App on your phone: Launch the mParivahan app. Before installing, download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you did not install it.
  2. Login or Register is mandatory: If you are a new user, create an account on the mParivahan app by giving the required details. If you have an account, next can log in with your username and password.
  3. Access the Insurance Update Section: Once logged in, go to the insurance update section within the app. It has mainly designed to handle insurance-related tasks.
  4. Enter your Vehicle Data: Enter the required vehicle details, such as the registration, chassis, and engine numbers. Ensure that the data given is correct and matches the details on your vehicle’s RC (Registration Certificate).
  5. Select the Insurance Policy that you wish: In the insurance update section, you will find an option to select your type of insurance policy. Please choose the suitable option based on your policy type, whether third-party.

Now time to upload the Documents

  1. Upload the Insurance Documents: It’s time to upload the relevant ones. Tap the upload button and select the updated insurance documents from your device’s storage. Make sure the documents are clear, legible, and in a supported format.
  2. Finally, Verify and Confirm: After uploading the documents, carefully review the information provided and ensure it’s correct. Any mistakes or variations can lead to delays or rejections. Once satisfied, confirm the details and proceed to the next step.
  3. Submit the Update Request: Submit the update request by clicking on the right button within the app. It will initiate updating your insurance details in the mParivahan App.
  4. Look for acceptance and Confirmation: The concerned officials will review your update request after submitting the request. It will take time for the request to process and approve. By that time, keep track of the status within the app.
  5. Receive Confirmation: Once your update request is approved, you will get a confirmation within the mParivahan app. It shows that your insurance details had updated in the system.

You have now successfully updated your insurance details in mParivahan. A copy of the updated insurance documents for future reference had recommended.

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +91-120-4925505
  • Time: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Email:


Regularly updating your insurance data in mParivahanApp has several advantages. It helps you avoid penalties for protest with insurance regulations, ensures accurate records of your vehicle’s insurance coverage, and gives easy access to your insurance details whenever needed. Additionally, by keeping your insurance data updated, you can facilitate claims processing without trouble in case of an unlucky incident.


Can I update insurance details for multiple vehicles in mParivahan?


How to link vehicle insurance in mParivahan?

Visit the mParivahan – Vahan e-services website through Click the “Informational Services” tab. From the drop-down menu, selects “Know your vehicle details”. After clicking the link, you will visit the Vahan NR e-Services page.

How to Update Insurance in mParivahan?

To update the insurance details can be updated online from the website Parivahan or mParivahan app, which is available on the play store. Entering the details of Insurance would be displayed on the app. Please go through the website or call the toll-free number, 1800-123-4003.

What if your insurance details don’t get updated In the mParivahan app?

A minimum of 72 hours takes for the latest insurance details to update in the Mpravahan; in case of policy detail still needs to be updated, write a mail to your query with valid car and policy details. You will get a message from the support team within 24 hours, and your policy will get updated.

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