How to purify Borewell Water at home naturally?

Ideally, many people avoid drinking Borewell Water raw because of its bitter taste and smell. Many people consider the water quality while drinking, which is reducing in this water due to heavy rains and long dry seasons and drinking this water to avoid health hazards by purifying them. This article has the importance and how to purify the raw water.

What is Borewell Water?

What is Borewell Water

Borewell water is the underground water naturally soaked in the soil during rains. The rainwater goes deep into the ground in between rocks and pebbles. The water in the layers of the ground is called Aquires. This groundwater comes to the surface using Bore or Network Bores. This underground water consists of many materials that you should avoid drinking. It needs purification to make the raw water edible. These are a few ways to purify the groundwater, which is sour to drink.

Importance of Borewell Water Purification:

Many families in India depend on Borewell water for drinking more than Mineral water. This groundwater doesn’t affect health, but the raw water tastes sour. It is advisable to purify the water before drinking because of its hardness and presence of heavy metals, which is harmful, in case the water is contaminated. After purification, the water tastes normal and will be safe to drink. Contaminated water leads to serious health issues, so it is always better to purify the groundwater.

Why is Borewell water not so safe for drinking?

The main reason to avoid raw Borewell water for drinking and cooking is that the water gets contaminated easily. If you live near industries and factories, the groundwater will mix with fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. This water consists of harmful industrial waste, which is a health hazard. A water test is mandatory for people who depend on this groundwater. The lab test may not show the contamination. Still, continuous usage causes health issues when the water contains heavy metals like Arsenic, which is very dangerous.

How to purify Borewell Water at home naturally?

Borewell water purification may look difficult, but it is very simple to purify the water. The following are the ways to purify naturally at home.

Boiling water:

The easiest way to remove all the impurities in the groundwater is by boiling the water. This method is simple, and there is no investment. Boil the water for 1 minute to remove the impurities in the water. If you live 6,500 above sea level, boil the water for 3 minutes. While boiling, it kills all the dirt and impurities and makes drinking water safe.

UV Treatment: 

In this approach, you must place the Borewell Water where it gets Ultra Violet rays from the sun. UV rays help to kill the DNA of germs and bacteria in the water. This also helps to remove all the impurities to dissolve and evaporate. Adding Lime juice to the water before placing it under the sun improves the speed.

Activated Charcoal:

Activated Charcoal helps to remove the dirt, germs and chemical waste in the water. But Charcoal cannot kill bacteria, viruses and other particles. Take Charcoal in a sock or cloth back and place it in the water for a few minutes. It will remove the dirt and then remove the cloth bag.

Using Alum:

Generally, the groundwater mixes with mud, and removing the mud from the water is not impossible. You can easily remove the mud by using Aluminium Sulphate(Alum). For this, take the Alum and pour it into the well. Alum helps purify the water and to remove the sediments. Take the right amount of Alum according to the size of the well.

Water Purifier:

Another way to purify Borewell water at home is by investing in a good Water Purifier. Even though it is not a natural method, a water purifier helps remove the impurities in the groundwater. The RO of the purifier removes the Lead, Arsenic, and iron in the water.

Advantages of Purifying Borewell water:

It is always safe to purify Borewell water before drinking or cooking. The advantages are,

  • It removes all the chemicals and germs in the water, making it safe to drink.
  • The purification process helps in removing the hardness of the water.
  •  The taste of the water changes after purification. Purified water can be used for cooking.


Borewell Water is the groundwater mixed with mud, chemicals and other particles. This water comes to the surface clearly, but it is always safe to purify the water. Purification helps remove harmful toxins, chemicals, and hardness in the water. It changes the taste of the water from sour to edible taste. There are a few natural ways to purify the groundwater, like Boiling, adding Alum, UV rays etc.


What is Borewell Water?

Borewell water is the groundwater raised to the surface by digging a well. This water consists of many particles that you should avoid while drinking.

What is the natural way to purify groundwater?

The natural ways to purify the groundwater are by placing the water under UV rays, Boiling, adding Alum etc.

What are the main advantages of purifying groundwater?

The hardness of water and toxins are removed after the purification method.

Can we use Charcoal to purify the groundwater?

The activated Charcoal helps to remove the dirt, germs and other toxins in the water. But removing the bacteria, germs, and other particles is impossible.

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