What is MTDS in water purifier

A well-known truth quote is that we can live without food for at least two days, but staying without drinking water is impossible. But how many of us drink pure water? It’s a big question mark. We consume more chemical containment food. Even we drink harmful chemical containment water which is not visible to our naked eyes. We cannot find it as it is tasteless. Also, do you know What MTDS is in water purifiers (Manually total dissolved solids)?

TDS means a combination of impurities and inorganic salts. All these organic salts contain magnesium, calcium and sodium.

It is best to use if the water TDS is 50 to 150. Above 150 TDS level is not good to consume, but if you still drink, you will face issues like yellow teeth, pimples, pigmentation and diarrhoea.

Even some hard chemicals can affect your kidneys and heart too. Save yourself by purchasing the best water purifier. Also, for glowing and good skin, you must drink enough water.

A water purifier will remove all invisible impurities in your water. The best water purifier will have the best MTDS, which plays a major role in every water purifier. 99.9% of us are unknown of MTDS.

Do not worry; read more on this blog to learn about mtds, their advantages, the working procedure, and how to adjust the mtds regulator.

What is MTDS in a water purifier?

Mtds means “Manually Total Dissolved Salts”, which is a controller of the TDS level in the water purifier. Simply it is a small and simple gadget that outlets pure water from the water purifier.

How does MTDS work in water purifiers?

Mtds(Manually Total Dissolved Salts) have two inlets. One inlet will be present at the RO membrane.

Simply raw water passes through sediment and activated carbon filters along with an RO purifier then the TDS level may increase or decrease.

So mtds are passed by the RO membrane and controlled at its level. Another inlet varies based on the filtration type used in the water purification system.

Suppose your water filter works in reverse osmosis; the second inlet of mtds will be at the carbon filter. If your water purifier uses RO plus ultrafiltration, mtds are present at UF purifier.

For example, if the water TDS level increases or decreases in RO, then mtds control RO. If the TDS level increases or decreases in the second inlet, it will optimise TDS.

The process to adjust TDS level using mtds regulator:

The following is the process to adjust the TDS level using mtds regulator:

  • First, open the out cover of your water purifier with the help of a screwdriver.
  • To decrease the TDS level, move your screw in a clockwise direction.
  • To increase the TDS level, move your screw in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Finally, please place it in the out cover of your water purifier again.


  • It works effectively in a water purifier and produces pure, levelled TDS water.
  • Its life span is more than ten years.
  • It ensures the ph value of your drinking water.

Final thoughts:

I hope you got to know all the related info about mtds regulators and the role of mtds in a water purifier. But be careful before purchasing a water purifier. We suggest you check the mtds in the water purifier before purchasing it.


1. Is the mtds regulator will remove good minerals in water?

Absolutely, no. It just controls the TDS level in the water.

2. Recently, my mtds is not working. Is it cost high to buy?

No, it is affordable to buy. But buy based on your water purifier brand.

3. Is mtds very important in every water purifier?

Absolutely, yes. Without it, you cannot control the TDS level in the water.

4. Can you please say at which level of TDS I should use these mtds?

If you are water TDS level reaches above 150.

5. If I want to decrease my TDS level in RO, then how to adjust my mtds regulator?

Turn your mtds regulators in a close wise direction.

6. If I want to increase my TDS level in RO, then how to adjust my mtds regulator?

Turn your mtds regulator in an anti-close wise direction.

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