Kashi Yatra scheme | Steps to Apply & Application Status

This article will be useful for those who want to visit the Kashi Yatra temple but cannot visit it due to financial problems. The Karnataka state government has introduced the Kashi Yatra scheme to solve this problem.

The scheme provides financial benefits to residents of Karnataka who wish to visit the Varanasi temple. According to the budget of this scheme, the government will spend Rs. 5000 in subsidies for pilgrims.

With the help of this article, we will share the details of the Kashi Yatra Scheme in Karnataka, including benefits, objectives, eligibility, required documents, registration process and travel information, and Kashi Yatra Subsidy Scheme Enrolment.

Karnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme 2023-24

Varanasi is a very popular pilgrimage site, and we all know that many devotees visit this place. Many people come here from far away. However, many pilgrims mainly visit the Varanasi temple of Kashi Vishwanath.

The people of Karnataka visit the Varanasi temple every day. But for many, it is difficult to visit this temple due to a lack of money.

According to our analysis, the distance between Karnataka and Varanasi is around 1700 km. So, the citizens of Karnataka embarking on the long Kashi Yatra face many financial challenges, just like the poor people.

Now, the Karnataka state government has given 30,000 pilgrims Rs. 5,000 each. It came up with a great idea to provide it with a subsidy. The government has budgeted seven crores under this great program. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pilgrims.

The Karnataka state government has ordered only interested pilgrims to go on the Kashi Yatra. The Yatra was announced in the Budget 2023-24, and the government offered a subsidy Yojana for the Kashi Yatra scheme.

Kashi Yatra Scheme 2024 Official Website:

Kashi Yatra Scheme 2023-24 was introduced by the government. The Karnataka government quickly set this budget in late June. In June, the government launched the scheme website portal for pilgrims to apply for the subsidy.

Two types of official websites are provided to the beneficiaries who can apply for the Kashi Yatra Scheme subsidy:-

The first official website is called Hindu Religious Institutions and Charities Department.

Bharat Gaurav trains for Yatra.

Bharat Gaurav train runs from Bangalore to Varanasi, UP, and this train covers both Ayodhya and Prayagraj. Five hundred crores are legally available to the government for the Bharat Gaurav train. This train covers 4100 km in 7 days and has 14 coaches and eleven AC 3-tier coaches.

Similarly, It can completely transform a part of Vidya into a temple, so bhajans are sung for pilgrims from Karnataka to Varanasi as part of the Kashi yatra.

The total fare for pilgrims travelling by teaching is Rs. 15,000, out of which Rs. 5,000 will be a subsidy given to the public under the scheme of the Karnataka government, it had officially announced.

Features & Benefits of Karnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme

  • Mainly, for each Yatra, the government will provide Rs. 5000 in financial assistance.
  • This scheme not only helps people financially but also encourages long-distance passengers.
  • To fund this scheme under the account heading “Assistance to Manasa Sarovara Pilgrims”, Rs. 7 crores have been approved.
  • So, it is used only once in a pilgrim’s life.
  • The Railway Department takes care of carrying pilgrim passengers and makes proper arrangements for the journey’s food and other basic needs.
  • Pilgrims going to Kashi Yatra in Karnataka between April and June can also benefit from this scheme.
  • Pilgrims must provide proof of their temple visit, and then the concerned branch will inform them accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme

First, all applicants who want to apply under this scheme must follow the given eligibility criteria:-

  • First, all applicants must be residents of Karnataka state.
  • All candidates must have a Voter ID, Aadhaar or Ration Card.
  • Candidates must be 18 or older.
  • Previous subsidy recipients are not eligible.

Required Documents

  • Passport size Photo.
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Age proof: Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc.
  • Covid Vaccine Certificate and also the new Covid Negative Report
  • Proof of domicile of origin in Karnataka, such as an Aadhaar card, voter ID, or ration card.

Steps for Kashi Yatra Scheme Registration 2024

This section provides a very easy registration procedure for the Kashi Yatra Scheme 2024. Registration is very important to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Please follow the mentioned steps only:-

  • In the first step, open your Chrome browser and visit the official website of the Kashi Yatra Scheme. The homepage will open in front of you.
  • On the homepage, you need to click on the “Kashi Visit Government Subsidy” option.
Kashi Yatra Scheme Registration 2023
  • So a new page will display in front of you. 
  • On this page, click “Don’t have an account? “Register here”.
  • Then, you will be redirected to another page.
  • Now, you can link your DigiLocker account with the “Seva Sindhu Karnataka” application.
  • So, you are required to fill in your Aadhaar number to proceed with DigiLocker.
  • And you have to give your aadhaar number and click on the next button.
  • After linking the DigiLocker account with the Seva Sindhu account, they will complete your identification process and register you successfully.
  • After registration, you can click on the same Kashi Govt Subsidy and log in with a new username and password created by you.
  • After successful login, you must complete form 2 and complete the steps to enrol in this scheme fully.

Steps to Register and Apply Directly on the Seva Sindhu Website

  • Go to the official portal of the Seva Sindhu Portal.
  • The homepage will display in front of you.
  • You need to click on “Apply for Services” on the homepage.
  • Then click on the “New User” and “Register Here” options.
  • So again, a new page will open.
  • You can connect your DigiLocker account to the Seva Sindhu Karnataka application.
  • To continue using DigiLocker, you need to enter your Aadhaar number here.
  • Afterwards, you must enter your Aadhaar number before selecting the next option.
  • Now, your registration is complete.
  • You must enter your password, email address, or mobile number for the OTP you receive via email or mobile.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to apply for the Kashi Yatra scheme here.

The process to check your application status in Seva Sindhu

  • First, you need to navigate the official website of the Seva Sindhu portal.
  • After reaching the homepage, click on the application status section.
  • Now, you have to select your department, and you have to select service.
  • Here, you have to enter the Application ID, which you got at the time of submission of the application.
  • After successfully entering the information in the boxes, click “Check Status Now”.
  • Finally, you can check your application status in Seva Sindhu.


Which state started the Kashi Yatra scheme? 

The Karnataka state government has ordered only interested pilgrims to go on the Kashi Yatra. The Yatra was announced in the Budget 2024, and the government offered a subsidy yojana for the Kashi Yatra scheme.

How do you do the Kashi Yatra? 

Those going to Kashi Yatra should visit Rameswaram, take a holy bath in holy shrines and worship Lord Ramanatha. Take some sand from the Setu shore, worship the sand idols, take it to Triveni, and melt it. 

What are the three names of Kashi? 

Kashi has three railway stations named Kashi, Varanasi and Banaras. 

What is the modern name of Kashi? 

Varanasi, or Benaras (also known as Kashi)

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