Free Wi-Fi Access Network Interface – PM Wani Scheme

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PM Wani Scheme

India is now in the digital revolution, and now the Prime Minister also making a Free Wi-Fi revolution in the country. The internet is an everyday need in today’s life, so the government wants to provide Wi-Fi facilities to all Indian citizens. For that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the PM Wani scheme.

PM Free Wi-Fi Access Network Interface

Through this PM Wani scheme, the government provides free Wi-Fi facilities to all the citizens at all public places. With this scheme, there will be a massive revolution in the country, and also there will business will get boosted. There will be an improvement in employment opportunities with this PM Free Wi-Fi Access Network Interface Yojana.

Implementation of PM Wani Yojana

The Indian government is planning to open Public Data Centers across the country to implement the scheme successfully. For this PM Wani Yojana, there is no need for a license fee or registration.

This free Wi-Fi voice plan will be a historical scheme. On 9th December 2020, the Union Cabinet approved the PM Wani Scheme, with which small shopkeepers will also get free Wi-Fi to increase their income. There will be continuous connectivity of the internet with the scheme.

Objectives & Benefits of Wi-Fi Access Network Interface

  • This scheme’s primary objective is to provide free Wi-Fi facilities to the citizens at all public places.
  • Every citizen in the country from every corner can now connect to the Internet by getting many facilities.
  • Or the business people will be easy to increase their income, and their lifestyles improve by using this scheme.
  • With this scheme, there will be an improvement in employment opportunities.
  • One of the main objectives is to promote digital India.
  • The government if India wants to set up Public Data Centers under the PM Wani Yojana.
  • The people will get a Wi-Fi network from the public data offices across the country.
  • The Prime Minister is developing a third-party app that is downloadable under this Free Wi-Fi Voice plan.
  • The users can now download and register themselves so that they can connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network.
  • It is mandatory to register with the Department of Telecommunications to open public data centers and offices that want to provide free Wi-Fi.

Conditions to Register for PM Wani Yojana

Application form for registration of public data office aggregator PDOA under PM Wani Yojana

  • Any unit or organization can be Public Data Office. There will not be any registration or fee with the Development of Telematics required. This scheme will install Wani complaint Wi-Fi access point’s infrastructure in agreement with PDOA.
  • Public Data Office Aggregator is an aggregator of PDO’s who will perform the functions relating to Authorization and Accounting.
  • This scheme will develop an App to register users and discover Wani Wi-Fi hotspots complaints in the nearby area and the same displayed in the App for accessing the service of the internet.
  • PM Wani Yojana scheme maintained by Central registry or C-DoT by Wani architecture and specifications, details of the app providers, PDO’s, PDOA’s.

Procedure to avail Free Wi-Fi Voice Plan

  • A user who wants to use the free Wi-Fi must download the app from the app store and install it on the mobile phone.
  • The user must create their own profile in the app to register and verify the mobile number through OTP.
  • The app will find the Wani complaint Wi-Fi access points in the nearby area displayed in the app.
  • Now the user must select the Wi-Fi access point to connect to the internet.
  • Wi-Fi Access point chosen will request the Captive Portal of Public Data Office Aggregator for Authorization.
  • Captive Portal now will initiate user authentication with the backend infrastructure of the app provider. With using this token will be passed from the app.
  • A signed user profile returned to PDOA from the app provider.
  • The PDOA will display the available data tariff plans and packs for the new users. Now users can select their plan, and PDOA sends the payment request accordingly through the payment gateway.
  • After the user makes the payment, PDOA will register the user as the subscriber. PDOA will activate the data plan selected to connect to the internet. Now the users can use the internet.

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