Punjab Educare App – Download For Android & iPhone

The Government of Punjab Department of School Education initiated the Punjab Educare Mobile App to empower students to study at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. The pandemic forced the schools to shut down, and digital teaching was the only substitute for the teachers. Students can download the Punjab Educare app online through the Google Play Store.

After unlocking the pandemic, schools and classes started normally. Still, due to the success of this Mobile App, the Punjab government wants to continue with the decision.

The state education department will launch the Punjab Educare Mobile App online after introducing digital classes through TV/radio channels like YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype/Zoom, etc. Get High-Quality videos using Seal APK for Android Mobile.

Punjab Educare App:

  • Punjab Educare is an educational app. It gives free access to all the study material prepared by the Department of Education team in Punjab.
  • The School Education Department of Punjab has developed this wonderful tool, especially for the students and teachers of government schools in Punjab.
  • The Educare app is a one-stop solution to the inaccessibility of study material.
  • It gives regularly arranged study material, including textbooks, video lessons, and daily assignments for all subjects.
  • Educare Punjab aims to overcome the worry of students losing useful study material that the education department gives daily.
  • The Punjab app will be an additional tool for teachers and students as it stores all learning material.
  • Through it, teachers and students can have trouble-free access to the syllabus, textbooks in PDF form, video lectures, worksheets, assignments, quizzes, etc.
  • It will help the teacher and students revise any topic whenever they want.
  • Educare Punjab is user-friendly and encourages amazing coordination among teachers and students. The app contains features like ‘Teachers’ Station,’ ‘Students’ Corner,’ Word of the Day, and ‘Udaan.’

Features of Punjab Educate:

User-friendly interface:

All the study materials for English, Punjabi, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science classes 6-10 are regularly arranged, making exploring this app very easy.

Updated daily:

The app overcomes the problem of losing useful study material to the education department and will update daily.

Saves time:

It saves time by providing easy and free access to the regular arrangement of study material. It improves the teachers’ effectiveness and keeps the parents updated with their child’s syllabus.

Teacher’s involvement in educare:

The teacher’s Department will develop and update the app daily and take suggestions from the teachers.

Punjab Educare Mobile APP Download:

  • Visit the Play Store on Android or Apple smartphones.
  • Search for Punjab educare on the search bar.
  • Click on install.
  • The app will download on your phone.


What is the use of the Punjab Educare app?

 It gives free access to all the study material prepared by the Department of Education team in Punjab.

Who is the head of the education department in Punjab?

Mr Harpreet Singh.

How can I open the Punjab Educare app?

Go to the Play Store and Search for the Punjab Educare app. Select The App published by the school education Department in Punjab (India). And install the app on your Devices. Click here to open the app and click here to allow. Go to the next Section. Know and explore the informative material you want.

How long are Educare courses valid?

Unless you have requested otherwise, all course data will be automatically reset at your licence renewal date (every 12 months).

What is the Educare app?

Educare – An eLearning app development solution

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