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Punjab Land Records Society (PLRS) was an online land record system portal developed by the state of Punjab to deliver timely information related to Punjab land records. 

This portal had maintained by the Government of Punjab and is primarily used to manage and monitor the digitization of land records. It developed policies and strategies for public matters of land records of Punjab.

This website had designed following the Societies Registration Act 1860. Bhoolekh Punjab webpage provides tracking, checking and monitoring information related to mutation records, property tax records, land disputes, Punjab Jamabandi etc. 

You can verify the land Documentation using the owner’s name, khewat number, khasra number and khatauni number. Thanks to the digitization of land records, people no longer need to travel from one office to another to get information about a small parcel of property. With the tap of a finger, people can now access land record information.

PLRS – Punjab Land Records Society Online 

Residents of Punjab had not required to visit local municipal offices or panchayat institutions when they wanted to access important information related to their land or to check changes in land ownership patterns. 

Thanks to the Punjab State Government runs the Punjab Land Records Society (PLRS) online web portal.

You can find all land information online, accessible to all citizens of Punjab state. You can access this information through the state website, which maintains all land record details.

Main Objectives of Punjab Land Records Online: 

It had managed by PSEGS or Punjab State E-Governance Society. The main intent of this portal is to monitor and check the implementation of digitization of land-related records and documents in the state. 

It allows residents or citizens to easily deal with land record information in a few simple online steps. With the help of this portal, residents of Punjab need not visit any government offices to get details related to land and revenue records. 

They don’t require to worry about getting the information because it is effortless.

They open the official government website or online portal, enter the information prompted on the page, and the land records they are looking for appear on the computer screen. It brings transparency to the system without the involvement of intermediaries.

Services Provided in PLRS Punjab Portal

The portal of PLRS provides various services to the residents of Punjab regarding their land and its records. They are as follows:

  • Jamabandi checking
  • Verification of Nakal
  • Roznamcha checking
  • Report of mutation
  • Request of correction
  • Registry of property tax
  • Registry deed document
  • Mutation after the Registry
  • Integrated Property Wise Transaction Details
  • Cadastral Map: Bhunaksha Punjab (Punjab land record society map)

What are the Benefits and Features of PLRS?

As mentioned above, a spectrum of benefits and features of the PLRS or Punjab Land Records Society website exists. They are as follows: 

  • Through the Punjab Land Records Society, residents of Punjab can access all information related to their land and land records.
  • Residents of Punjab no longer need to visit government offices to get any land-related information, as an online website helps them in this regard. 
  • Hence, it saves a lot of time, energy and even money. 
  • This Punjab Land Record Society has to maintain complete transparency. 
  • Residents of Punjab can visit the official website, select their required service and get the same information within minutes.
  • Correction of errors in land records can be done easily in minutes without any hassles through the online portal. 
  • You can also check details related to land or property court cases on the portal. 
  • Residents of Punjab can also easily access cadastral maps through the Punjab Land Records Portal. 

What is Jamabandi in Punjab? 

Jamabandi is one of the other regional terms used to refer to the record of land rights or ROR in India.

The term Jamabandi has commonly been used in the northern states of India, such as Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Bihar and Himachal Pradesh also occasionally use the term. 

Land management agencies in these states have a system to maintain or register Jamabandi records online and offline, including land details, land owner, cultivator of land and more. 

Online Jamabandi Punjab has gained importance now as it is easy to navigate this online portal and get the desired information instantly. 

What is the meaning of Fard Punjab Land Records? 

Every property has a title document. These title documents are known by many other names in India, depending on the nature of property ownership.

When a candidate buys a home, he has a house sale deed in their name as proof of possession of the home, so it is proof of title. But the land owner has the bailout records as proof of land ownership.

All these documents had been called ‘Fard’ in full. Fard Punjab, or PLRS Fard Condor, plays a very important role in the PLRS portal as it helps people to know about their lands. 

Punjab Fard’s online portal is active and provides many services related to land and its records to the residents of Punjab.

Details required checking land records (Fard) online

  • Khasra number is the survey number of the plot give to the owners. 
  • A khatauni number is an identification number issue to cultivators of land registered using a khasra number. 
  • It used Khata and Khewat numbers to identify the details of land information entered into this online platform.

How to Check Punjab Land Records (FARD) Online in PLRS? 

You must follow a list of actions to find the proper land ownership documents registered and stored in the digital PLRS domain.

  • Proceed by visiting the PLRS Punjab Jamabandi Portal
  • And click on the ‘Jamabandi’ option.
How to Check Punjab Land Records
  • Select an option from the dropdown menu: By Khasra Number, By Khewat Number, By Owner Name and By Khatauni Number.
  • Click on the ‘Jamabandi’ option to view land records and Fard details, also known as Jamabandi Nakal. 
  • Once again, choose the type of search you want to perform. 
  • Once again, pick the search criteria and enter the details as asked. 
  • Create a report to view Fard online.

How to apply for correction in landforms in the PLRS portal? 

  • Visit the Jamabandi portal
  • Find the ‘Correct in Record’ option. 
  • You will redirect to the ‘Correction Request’ page. 
  • Or directly click on this link
  • Enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, District, Tehsil, and Village and select the correct option from the dropdown box in the ‘About’ section.
How to apply for correction in landforms
  • There is a feedback section under the ‘About’ section where you can write your correction requirements in the relevant land record document.
  • Once convinced that you have entered the correct information in each field, press the ‘Submit’ button.
  • And your request will register in this official Land Record domain in Punjab.

PLRS contact information

For securing physical or offline information, contact the PLRS office at the below-given address: 

Room No.3, Floor-4, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Sector-1, Chandigarh-160001,

Contact No: 0172-2742242, 2748469


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