Rajasthan SSO ID Portal | Registration and Login Portal

Rajasthan Government launched Rajasthan SSO ID Portal in the year 2013. The reason for starting this portal is to provide various government services to the citizens of Rajasthan under one portal. 

The full form of SSO is single sign-on. Rajasthan SSO ID is used to avail of various Rajasthan state government services and fill all application forms online.

Through this portal, you will get all the details related to the Rajasthan SSO portal, the Rajasthan SSO ID registration process, the uses of SSO ID etc.

Rajasthan SSO ID Portal

Through the Rajasthan SSO portal, you can satisfy the benefits of more than 100 websites of different state government departments of Rajasthan.

Suppose you like to use it for any government vacuity in Rajasthan. In that case, you must have a Rajasthan SSO ID and Password. 

You can visit Rajasthan Single Sign-On Portal http://sso.rajasthan.gov.in  to create your Rajasthan SSO ID and Password.

Rajasthan SSO Portal Uses

Using the Rajasthan Single Sign-On page, you can access the online services of various state government departments. Some of the benefits of the Raj SSO Portal had mentioned below: 

Apply for Govt Jobs: 

If you like to apply for any state government position in Rajasthan, you must have Rajasthan SSO Id and Password.

Bill Payment: 

You can make bill expenses using SSO ID like electricity, water, and mobile bills. 

Online submission of applications: 

Using Rajasthan SSO ID, you can submit online applications for various purposes like applying for university admission, RTI or applying for any license.

Various Services at One Place Using Single ID and Password: 

You can access various state government services in Rajasthan like E-Mitra, Bhamashah Card Service, Rajasthan Employment Service etc.

Advantages of SSO ID 

  • No need to remember different passwords 
  • Faster logins 
  • Less wrong credentials input error 
  • One password for all preparation is very convenient 
  • SSO centralises the user database in a single service which controls authorisation for all accounts and applications.

Disadvantages of SSO ID 

  • A hacker gets one password, and your entire online presence falls into his hands. 
  • Insecure logins pose a further threat to the user as a password, once hacked, can be used to access anything linked to it. 
  • Zero security

Eligibility criteria

You can apply for Rajasthan SSO ID if you fulfil the following eligibility criteria: 

  • The applicant must be a national of Rajasthan with a registered address. 
  • Prospects have a business or are engaged in Udyog Industries in Rajasthan. 
  • The applicant is an employee of the State Government of Rajasthan.

Required Documents for Rajasthan SSO ID

  • Aadhaar Card, Bhamashah ID Card 
  • For Business Applicants and Employment Industries – BRN Number 
  • SIPF ID For Govt Employees 
  • Login Credentials of Facebook Account or Google Account 

How to do Rajasthan SSO ID Registration? 

There are three main options available to the applicants, i.e. Register under Citizen, Udhyog or Govt employee. We will inform you Rajasthan SSO Id registration process for three options. So, check the following steps carefully:

Rajasthan SSO ID Registration Process for Citizens
  • Visit Rajasthan SSO Portal.
  • Click Registration and Select Option Citizen.
Rajasthan SSO ID Registration Process
  • Now, you can choose Aadhaar ID or Bhamashah ID option if you are a citizen of Rajasthan state and Google Identification for all other contenders. 
  • Following each step, you can easily generate your SSO ID and password.
Raj SSO ID Registration Process for Udhyog
  • visiting the Rajasthan SSO portal, select the link Registration and then select Udhyog. 
  • Now, enter your BRN number, i.e. Business Registration Number. 
  • After that, follow the simple steps, and you can generate your Raj SSO ID and Password successfully.
Rajasthan SSO ID for Govt Employees
  • Open the Rajasthan SSO Portal website.
  • Click on the registration link. 
  • Select the Govt Employee option. 
  • Click on the SIPF link. 
  • Now, enter your SIPF number and password. 
  • Follow the simple steps, and they will generate your SSO Id.

Raj SSO ID 2022 Login 

  • Visit the authorised website of RAJ SSO ID Portal:
  • Enter SSOID or Username of Rajasthan Single Sign On.
Raj SSO ID login
  • Enter Password RAJSSOID 
  • Insert Verification Captcha Code. 
  • Click the “Login” button.

How to reset the SSO ID password if you forgot the password? 

  • Open the Rajasthan SSO portal, i.e. https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in
  • Click on login and select I have forgotten my password link. 
  • Now, select one of the three options Mobile, E-mail or Aadhaar ID. 
  • Enter the elements of the selected option.
reset the SSO ID password
  • Present the details, and you will obtain an OTP to your ID or mobile number. 
  • Join that OTP, and you will be capable of resetting your password.

Actions to reset the password using SMS service

You can type RJS SSO PASSWORD and send it via SMS to 9223166166 through your registered mobile number.

In this way, you can reset your Rajasthan SSO password. To use this service, you must log in to the SSO portal at least once.

Rajasthan SSO Login Android App 

SSO eMitra Mobile App (Rajasthan) Registration & Login Android App is enabled to login into various departments of Rajasthan. 

Single sign-on is a single platform service provider that handles many functions like Exam Forms, e-Mitra, e-Learning, and Bhamasha Bima Yojana.

A major part of the Govt Jobs Seva Portal had managed through the SSO app.

Single Sign-on Rajasthan Helpline Number

If you want help with SSO Login ID Rajasthan, the government has also given the helpline number and e-mail ID.

You can get help in any number of ways. Information on both had given below. 

Phone number -0141-2925554, 55 

Mail ID – helpdesk.sso@rajasthan.gov.in 


This way, you can create Rajasthan SSO ID by the above-given methods. Suppose you forget the SSO Rajasthan login or password you created. In that case, you can get it again by connecting to the link I Forgot my Digital Identity or I Forgot my Password on the website. However, you must provide the requested information.


1. What is SSO ID Number? 

SSO id number is a reference given to government employees, students, or citizens of Rajasthan. Due to this, people can avail of many services through the login sso portal. 

2. How can I delete my SSOID? 

To delete an SSO ID, first, you need to log in to the SSO ID. After login SSSM id, you need to click on the sign-on option under account settings in the menu bar.

After clicking on the option, you need to click the Delete SAML Configuration button. A new option will open in front of you where you need to click the OK button. Click OK to delete your Ssoid only. 

3. What are the Benefits of eMitra Services? 

All the services run under eMitra Citizen Services, due to which they had provided the benefits of many services to the common person. Making an online application, any certificate, you can apply from the sssm id. 

4. What is SSO ID? 

SSO ID, Single Sign-on/raj sso is provided by the Government of Rajasthan to the citizens of Rajasthan.

Due to this, people of Rajasthan can access many online government services through login ssoid, apply for government jobs, and you can do many other things through ssoid.

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