UNI Credit Card | Benefits, Limits & Payment Charges

Uniorbit Technologies launched the UNI Credit card in collaboration with RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius and Liquilones, which offers several benefits to its customers.

When you have other credit cards, you try to use them. But on the other hand, credit card bills are a concern because you have to clear them every month. So, do not worry. You can apply for annual or non-arrival UNI cards.

Uniorbit Technologies has launched a pay letter card called UNI Pay 1/3rd Card or UNI Credit Card, which allows you to divide your monthly bill into three equal parts and pay them over the next three months at no extra cost.

It’s not like regular credit cards because no interest will charge, no interest will charge, and no interest will charge even if you clear your bill in 3 months. There are also some different uses of this card that you will examine in this article.

Everything about the UNI Credit Card

UniorbiUniorbit Technologies launched UNI Cards with RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius and Liquilones.

It is distinct from other credit cards because regular credit cards charge interest from the first billing cycle payment date.

You can divide the card charge into three monthly instalments without any interest on UNI cards.

UNI Card Benefits and Other Features

You can analyse all the features, offers and benefits of this card below:

  • Get 1% cashback on your UNI credit card bill if you pay the bill in full.
  • Divide the UNI card bill into three equal payments for three months with no additional fees or interest.
  • No additions or annual fees apply to this credit card.
  • You may scan and pay from the UNI Card app at various stores.
  • It is a lifetime free credit card.
  • Pay 1/3rd for groceries, essentials, fashion sales, and emergency bills. Get 1% cashback on all retail expenses.
  • The lowest credit limit for UNI cards is RS 20000, and the maximum credit limit is INR 6 lakh.
  • A new feature will add soon where you can split bills into EMIs for six months, nine months, 12 months and 18+ months.
  • You may get another new feature that offers Zomato Pro membership for three months.
  • You can use this credit 99.9% of merchants who accept credit and debit cards at almost all merchant outlets.
  • UNI cards guarantee a refund if you unknowingly charge any extra fees.
  • These cards also give you data security and encryption so that no one can abuse the card.

UNI Card Credit Limit

The lowest credit limit of the UNI Pay Card is INR 20000, and it can be up to a maximum of INR 6 lakhs. But the exact credit limit is determined based on your credit score and income.

Suppose you have a high income and a good CIBIL score of 750 and above. You get easy approval and a high credit limit for the UNI card.

You can request a credit limit improvement even after you have used the UNI card for six months and more.

Card charges and other details

You can go through the payments and other credit card charges in the table below.

Particulars Charges
Joining Fee NIL
Annual Fee NIL
Minimum Amount Due 7.5% of the Outstanding Amount
Carry Forward Fee Up to 5.5%
Bill Payment Time 10 Days
Card Freeze Not Used for 6 Months

UNI Card Late Payment Charges

Charges Outstanding Amount
Zero Between INR 1 to INR 250
INR 25 Between INR 251 to INR 1000
INR 100 Between INR 1001 to INR 2500
INR 250 Between INR 2501 to INR 5000
INR 500 Between INR 5001 to INR 10000
INR 1000 Between INR 10001 to INR 20000
INR 1500 Between INR 20001 to INR 30000
INR 2000 Between INR 30001 to INR 40000
INR 2500 Between INR 40001 to INR 50000
INR 3500 Between INR 50001 to INR 75000
INR 5000 Between INR 75001 to INR 100000
INR 7500 Between INR 100001 to INR 200000
INR 10000 Between INR 200001 to INR 1000000
Eligibility Criteria for UNI Cards
  • The lowest age of the applicant should be at least 25 years.
  • The highest age to apply for this card is 60 years.
  • You must be an Indian citizen to use this credit card.
  • You must also have an acceptable credit score to apply for this card.
  • The applicant must also have a steady income.

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Apply for a Uni Credit Card

  • You can easily apply for a UNI card through the Unicard application.
  • This application is open on the Play Store and iOS Store. Where you can download and use this credit card.
  • You only need a selfie-and an Aadhaar card to authenticate the application. You must check eligibility and complete KYC.
  • After verification, you can view the virtual card, and within 5-7 working days, you will receive your UNI card at your address.

How are UNI credit cards different from other credit cards?

Assume you have a regular credit card and pay INR 60000 for that card bill. But pay the minimum amount you have to pay INR 10000 and the remaining amount INR 50000 will be forward to next month.

So, you have to do is pay interest on INR 50000, which will charge from the next billing cycle date.

Now you have a UNI card and the same outstanding bill of INR 60000. But you can pay the INR 60000 bill in three months and three equal instalments of INR 20000.

You do not have to pay any interest or extra charges on the outstanding amount for three months.

Generally, you get an interest free period of up to 50 days on regular credit cards. But you get 90 day interest-free period on UNI cards. It is the main difference between a UNI credit card and other credit cards.

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UniCards Customer Care Number

The customer care number of the UNI credit Card is 08068216821.

Nexus Koramangala 3rd Block SBI Colony, Indiqube Sigma No. 3/B, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka-560034.


What is UNI Card?

Uniorbit Technologies launched the UNI card in collaboration with RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius and Liquilones, which offers several benefits to its customers.

UNI cards are available in cities in India

UNI cards had accepted by 99.9% of merchants across India accepting credit or debit cards. A feature that quickly uses your credit line to scan and pay at your favourite stores is coming soon.

UNI 1/3 card customer care number

8867704440 is UNI Cards Customer Care Number.

What is UNI pay 1/3rd card?

UNI Pay 1/3rd card is not technically a credit card, although it works on the surface similar to a regular credit card. It is a PayLater card (or) 1/3rd card payment. You can spend 30,000 INR this month and pay 10,000 INR per month for the next three months without any interest/fees.

How to increase the UNI card Credit limit?

Yes, you can request the issuer to improve their limit after using UNI cards for six months. Issuers will re-examine your credit score and income and increase your UNI card limit.

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