Bonafide Certificate | How to apply for a bonafide certificate

What is a bonafide certificate?

A bonafide certificate is issued for a particular person by an organization or institution to certify that the person belongs to that organization.

The bonafide certificate is necessary for school, college students and employees and school teachers. You come across this certificate while enrolling on an educational institution like school or college for higher education.

Even in many educational organizations or legal works or for employees, the certificate is necessary.

This certificate is an important authorization given by the organization for stating that the person belongs to that organization.

Many private and government organizations issue this certificate for their employees.

bonafide certificate

Bonafide Certificate Application Form:

You can download the bonafide Certificate application form pdf online for all school and college students here. Download the bonafide certificate PDF for school teachers and employees.

For getting the certificate from your institute or organization, you have to apply for it. The initial step in the application process is to write an application letter to the institute head or an organization manager.

Every institute or organization will have their format for the application form, and the format will be ready for all the people of that organization for application.

The students may also be given the same application format in the particular institute where they are studying.

If the student can’t find the format in their institute, they can write a letter on plain paper requesting the certificate. Now, we will discuss the complete application process.

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Bonafide certificate Apllication Process:

As we discussed earlier, every institute or organization has the format of the certificate. The organization or institute gives the letterhead with the institute name on the letterhead.

To apply for the Bonafide certificate, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download the application format of your organization for applying for the bonafide certificate. If you could not find the application format on your organization’s website, contact the respective department and ask for the format of the application form.

Step 2: If there is a particular format of the application form, you will find it in any of the two ways mentioned above. Else, write a formal letter requesting the certificate.

3rd Step: Fill in all the details in the application form correctly without any errors as they may print it exactly on your certificate.

Step 4: In the next step, after filling the form, submit it along with the documents required for applying for the bonafide certificate along with the application form.

Step 5: The institute or the organization verify the reason for applying for the bonafide certificate and also the details filled in the application form and provide the certificate for you.

Thus, you can get a certificate from your institution or organization.

Why do we need a bonafide certificate?

The certificate is necessary for many applications, especially during your education. Students studying in educational institutions often need to submit a certificate for some applications.

The applications may include scholarship applications, internships, or while applying for higher education.

The certificate is also known as a study and conduct certificate. It mainly shows the student behaviour and performance is satisfactory or not.

The previous institute gives a certification on your behaviour in the form of a bonafide certificate. So, if you have a certificate, you will be treated as a good student, and the previous institute has faith in you.

Apart from the reasons given above, there are many other reasons for the need for a certificate.

Certificate for Educational Loan:

Many people who cannot afford their education and want to continue their studies will apply for an educational loan.

For applying for the educational loan, you need a certificate as it gives the bank people proof that you are studying in that organization. It is the main assurance for providing the loan.

Bonafide Certificate for Internships:

Many internship providers ask for a certificate for taking students into the internship program. The certificate gives the internship providers proof that they belong to a particular organization and are eligible for the internship based on their year of study.

Documents Required for Bonafide certificate:

For student Certificate:

  • Application form or a formal letter.
  • A copy of the student identity card.
  • A xerox copy of the fee receipt to verify the fee payment status of the student.

For employee certificate:

  • Bonafide application format of the company to be submit to the HR of the organization.
  • A copy of the photo identity card given by the organization.
  • A xerox copy of the latest payslip.

With the above documents, you can easily apply for the bonafide certificate at your institute or organization and get the certificate.

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