How do I apply for a Ration card for newly married in Tamil Nadu?

Getting a new ration card after marriage is essential to use the card’s benefits. There is a specific process to apply for it. If you want more details about the card, like its application process, and required documents, read the article below. This article has the details related to it.

What is a ration card?

new ration card

A ration card is a document that the state governments of India issue based on the income of the familes. This card helps the cardholders to get benefits from the government. They get rice, grains and many other things through this card. The rigid holders will be able to get affordable rice grains and be eligible for additional benefits.

This card helps the holders with their PAN card, passport etc., documents. The Public Distribution System issues all the state’s ration cards. After marriage, getting a new one in Tamil Nadu is essential. The process for the application is given in this article, along with other details.

How to apply for a ration card for newlyweds in Tamil Nadu?

Applying for a new ration card after marriage is essential because the girl’s family changes. Now she belongs to their husband’s family, so she must update her card. Follow the following steps to apply for a new card after marriage.

  • Firstly, visit the government website on any internet browser.
  • On the homepage, the application form is available. Download the application form.
  • Now fill out the application form correctly with all your details.
  • Attach the documents requested.
  • Now submit the application form to the respective officer in the individual department.
  • After application, you will receive an acknowledgement slip.
  • You may receive the card after 1 to 2 months of application.

Things to do for applying for a ration card after marriage:

There are some things that the applicant must follow to get a new one after marriage. They are,

  • The girl must remove her name from her father’s ration card.
  • She must add her name to her husband’s card.
  • The girl’s family must request for cancellation certificate to remove her name.

This process must be done in the presence of an authorised officer. They can remove the name by signing in the 100 /- bond paper.

Documents required:

The following documents are required to apply for a new ration card after marriage in Tamil Nadu.

  • Valid marriage certificate of the couple.
  • Residence proof.
  • Original ration card of the girl’s husband
  • A deletion certificate was issued to the parents.
  • Identity proof
  • Marriage certificate and name change certificate.


Is it essential to get a new ration card after marriage? 

Yes, as the girl is now related to her husband’s family, she must apply for a new card.

How to apply for a new card online?

To apply for a new card, visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu government. Download the application form and submit the form.

In how many days do applicant get their new card after application?

It takes 1-2 months to get a new card after application.

What is the use of getting a new card after marriage?

After the girl’s marriage, she cannot use her father’s card. So the girl needs to apply for a new card under her husband’s relationship.

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