How to apply for a Reissue of a Passport in India?

A passport is an irreplaceable one you do not need to carry while travelling abroad. Generally, these documents have a specific validity of 10 years, after which you must apply for a passport reissue.

The following write-up details everything you need to know while reissuing an Indian passport. It will also help you distinguish between passport reissue and renewal.

What is a Reissue of a Passport in India?

Reissue of a Passport

Passport reissue refers to situations where a holder requires a new booklet. Note that reissue and passport renewal are different. The main difference between the two had mentioned below.

Furthermore, re-issuance of the passport may be required under various circumstances, which we will explain later in the article. Let us first understand the difference between reissue and renewal.

When is passport reissue required?

Now that you’re aware of the differences between these two terms, let’s take a look at situations where you should consider reissuing your existing document –

  • Your passport is about to expire within three years or has already passed.
  • If your passport has suffered significant damage, apply for a reissue passport.
  • All pages in your current booklet are exhausted.
  • It would help if you changed the date of birth, name, residential address, and other details.
  • If you need to find your passport, re-issuance is required. You must submit the FIR copy and the reissue application in such cases.
  • If your existing passport expired at least three years ago, you should also apply.
  • If you face any of the above situations, it is essential to understand the reissue process.

Documents required for the Reissue of a Passport

Along with the reissue form, you must submit the following passport reissue documents to start the process –

  • Proof of age
  • Residential address proof
  • Proof of identity
  • Two passport-size photographs of the candidate 
  • Attested photocopies of the 1st and last pages of your current passport booklet
  • Existing original booklet
  • Appointment Application Receipt or the previous page of the online application page 
  • This page had considered as proof of application fee payment and appointment schedule.

How to Apply for Reissue of Passport in India?

If you are excited about reissuing a passport, know you can do so online and offline. Here are the detailed steps for these two methods of application.

Steps to apply for passport reissue online

reissue involves the mentioned steps.

New Registration
  • Visit the Passport Seva portal
  • And register yourself if you don’t already have an account.
  • Once registered, sign in and select ‘Apply for Fresh Passport/Passport Reissue’.
Passport Login
  • Next, complete the online form with all personal details and click ‘Submit’.
  • Press the ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ button to clear all required application fees. 
  • Note that you can only make online payments before scheduling an appointment.

Afterwards, proceed to the passport service centre with all the reissue documents to complete the process.

How to apply for passport reissue offline?

You must visit the passport service website once if you want to use this offline procedure. The following steps had mentioned below –

apply for passport reissue offline
  • Navigate to the ‘Forms and Affidavits’ section and select “Passport Reissue” to download the e-form.
  • Also, download the PCC(Police Clearance Certificate )from this portal. 
  • Take this PCC printout along with the e-form.
  • Please fill-up the form, attach all the required documents to reissue the passport and submit it at your nearest passport office.

Pay for reissue online to complete this application process.

Reissue Fee That You Need to Pay?

The following table suggests an idea about the reissue fees in India.

CategoryTatkal FeeNormal Fee
Reissued passport for minors with 36 pagesRs 2000Rs 1000
Reissued passport with 36 pagesRs 2000Rs 1500
Reissued passport with 60 pagesRs 2000Rs 2000
Reissued passport with thirty-six pages in case previous one is damaged, misplaced or stolenRs 2000Rs 3000
Reissued passport with sixty pages in case previous one is damaged, misplaced or stolenRs 2000Rs 3500

Is police verification required for the reissue of a passport?

After a successful reissue application, you may or may not be required to undergo a police verification process. Again, this largely depends on the circumstances under which your passport had reissued.

For example, the Passport Office will require verification if you apply for reissue to change personal details such as name or residential address. It had done to verify that all new information provided is accurate.

However, police verification for reissue is not guaranteed in advance if you apply for it after the expiry date or after the booklet has run out. In such cases, authorities may order post-police verification, which you can check after receiving the reissued document. Passport

How many days will it take to reissue?

In a standard procedure, the entire process can take up to fifteen days from start to finish. However, when applying through Tatkal mode, you can complete this process in 7-10 days. The reissue time may vary on several grounds, such as pre-police or post-police verification.

How to check passport Application status?

You can track the Status of your reissue online using one of the following methods –Through the Passport Service website.

Passport Status Checking
  • Visit the Passport Service website.
  • Click on the ‘Track Application Status’ bar.
  • On the next page, select the application type, and enter your date of birth and file number.
  • Click on ‘Track Status’.

Check the Status through the mPassport service application

After downloading the mPassport service application on your Android or iOS phone, register for it. To access the Status, enter your date of birth and application file number.

It is also possible to get information about the reissue status offline. Here are some ways to do the same –

  • SMS Tracking – Send an SMS to 9704100100 from your registered mobile number—type ‘STATUS FILE NUMBER’ in the SMS.
  • National Call Centre – Call 18002581800 between 8 am and 10 pm for automated interactive voice response status.


What is the time limit for the re-issuance of a passport? 

You can apply for a reissue of your passport up to one year before expiry and not earlier. 

What is the application fee for passport reissue?

The application fee for the reissue of a passport is Rs 1500 for 36 pages and Rs 2000 for 60 pages. 

What happens to your old passport booklet after reissue?

If you have an old booklet, you must submit it at the time of reissue. If the previous one is lost, your new brochure will be cancelled or invalid once issued. 

Does the passport number change after reissue?

Re-issuance of a passport does not change your previous passport number. Validity extended only.

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