How to become a RAW agent after the 12th?

Do you love adventure and risk in life? Do you like a job where you get both? If yes, then here is the perfect career for you. It’s a “RAW Agent”, and you can become a RAW Agent after the 12th.

You’ve heard of it before, India’s secret detective agency. The role of the RAW agent is very important when we talk about the security of our country.

Become a RAW agent after 12th

RAW always prevents and protects important information about India from leaking. Many students dream of becoming a RAW Agent after 12th. But they don’t understand the process of “joining RAW and how to become a RAW agent after 12th”.

To become a RAW agency after the 12th, you must work hard and clear some tough exams. Let’s learn about RAW!

What is RAW? 

The full form of RAW is the Research and Analysis Wing. RAW is India’s secret agency. It had established on 21 September 1968. After the “India vs Pak” and “India vs China” wars. You see and hear about this agency in the news.

Now you can imagine how secretive this agency is. No one can file RTI against the RAW agency because it is dangerous to national security.

RAW officers report directly to the Prime Minister (PM). RAW officers always keep the fact that they are RAW agents a secret.

Work of RAW

The RAW agency is very secretive. RAW collects important information about India and protects the country from terrorism. It fulfils India’s larger missions and assists and co-operates with it.

RAW always works about the country’s security and monitors and checks that no one is trying to harm the country.

If somebody tries to steal data online or scam in our country, then RAW will take immediate and strict action against them. Ra will always keep our India safe. RAW had headquartered in Delhi, India.

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How to Join and Become a RAW Agent? 

There joining RAW, there are certain processes that you have to go through and pass it. Before starting your journey to become a RAW officer after the 12th, you must know the requirements and eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for RAW Agent

  • The contender should be a citizen of India. The candidate must have Bachelor’s degree.
  • Should be proficient in English Language (Writing, Reading and Speaking).
  • Must have computer knowledge.
  • The candidate must not be an addict.
  • They should be physically & mentally strong.
  • No criminal record.
  • The candidate should be a bachelor.

Age Limit for RAW Agent

There is no immediate recruitment for RAW agents. The RAW agency mostly recruits officers from India’s Armed Forces and Civil Services (IPS, IAS, IFS and IRS). The age limit is 19 to 25 (For Armed Forces and Civil Service).

Contenders can apply in RAW till the age of 56 years. , But you should have around 20 years of experience in Government organisations like the Armed Forces and Civil Service in India.

How to join RAW? 

1st Way: 

Suppose you like to join RAW and become a RAW officer. In that case, you can join RAW through Deputy Field Officer in the Indian Cabinet Secretariat Govt.

First, you must clear the SSC CGL exam. After this, you must fill out the Deputy Field Officer (DFO) form from the official Cabinet Secretariat website. After becoming a DFO and getting some experience. You can apply for RAW.

2nd Path: 

You can join RAW by clearing the National Academy of Administration entrance exam, which is UPSC CSE, when students have cleared the UPSC (CSE) Civil Service Exam and are studying in LBSNAA of Civil Service.

Students clear the entrance exam and complete the course at (LBSNAA) Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. RAW recruits officers from LBSNAA after conducting certain tests and interviews.

Qualified candidates will undergo one-year training, and after training, based on the candidate’s performance, they will be selected for RAW.

3rd Way: 

You can join RAW through Defense Service (Armed Forces). If you can’t clear the UPSC exam, you can join the armed forces after gaining some years of experience. You can apply for RAW.

4th Way: 

You can join RAW through the (IB) Intelligence Bureau. If you work in IB in SA or ACIO posts, you can apply for RAW. If you are not in IB, You can join IB, and after a few years of service in IB, you can apply for RAW.

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Training of RAW Agents

At the beginning of the training, you will learn foreign languages ​​for other secret agencies like MOSSAD, CIA or ISI. You also study about these things in training.

  • Space technology
  • IT – Information Technology
  • Financial & financial information
  • Energy Security
  • Scientific Information

You will learn many things in RAW officer’s training and get well trained.

RAW Agent Salary

You can earn a high salary in RAW and have a bright career in it. RAW agent salary ranges from INR 80,000 to INR 2 lakhs per month.


You can become a RAW agent after the 12th. But joining RAW is very difficult; you need to do a lot of hard work and smart study. Many students work hard for years to become a RAW agent after 12th or agent.

There are many ways to join RAW. You can check which Way is suitable for you. If this is your dream, you can become a RAW officer after the 12th. It would benefit if you focused on your goal and dedicated yourself to your dream.


1. Can an IB officer join RAW?

To join the Intelligence Bureau (IB), you must apply for the CGPE (Combined Graduate Preliminary Examination), conducted annually by the Staff Selection Commission.

It would help if you cleared the Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams and the interview stage. To join RAW, you must clear Group A Civil Service Exam.

2. Can I join RAW through UPSC?

UPSC exam is the only option for those seeking admission through the exam. Aspirants must first appear for Group A Civil Service Exam.

After clearing this exam, they can appear for the main RAW exam. An interview follows the written test in the RAW test.

3. How to join RAW after graduation?

Aspirants appear for UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE), Defense, IB & other Intelligence Agencies Exams.

4. What is the age limit to become a RAW officer?

The candidate’s age should be below 56 years though there is no specific age limit.

5. What is the age limitation for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

The nominee should not be less than 21 years and not more than 32 years.

6. What educational qualification is required to become a RAW officer?

A graduation degree from a reputed organisation or institute is mandatory to get a job in RAW. Sometimes it is required to have a command of a foreign language. Candidates should have a sharp memory and good communication skills.

7. What is the full form of RAW?

Research and Analysis Department

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