How to change the name on the voter ID card online?

Voter ID is an important document used by an Indian citizen to vote. It also serves as an identity document. Voters who find their name misspelt or wrong in the list can change their name on the voter ID card by following the usual procedure. 

They have introduced online and offline application forms and processes as part of this process. 

Change name in voter ID card 

All candidates must sign the application form and send it to the election office with supporting documentation. Following is a comprehensive list of guidelines.

All applicants must fill out the application form and mail it to the Election Office and the supporting documents.

What is Voter Identity Card?

A voter Identity Card is required for an Indian citizen to vote. It also acts as a form of proof of identity. The main objective of this card is to increase the integrity of the voter list and proactively prevent electoral fraud. 

It also verifies that the voters will identify when they have cast their vote. Other synonyms for this card are Election Card, Voter Card, Voter ID etc.

Reason for changing the name in Voter ID:

A voter Identity Card is a document that had used for many purposes. Its primary objective is to provide an identity document to a person participating in the electoral process. 

It can use as proof of identity and address for everything from buying a plane ticket to applying for a house loan or obtaining a credit card

It makes it an important document with multiple uses, making it important for people to ensure that all the knowledge it contains is correct and updated.

While processing the voter ID application, there may be errors in the name printed on the document. If there are any mistakes in your name, as mentioned in your voter ID card, correct them as soon as feasible to avoid any trouble later.

Individuals may also change their names, with women often taking their husbands’ names after marriage. It would help if you reflected this name change on the voter identity card as soon as possible.

Steps for Online Change name in Voter ID card

Individuals who see that their voter ID card contains wrong information regarding their name can change it online by following a simple procedure as highlighted below: 

  • Log on to the National Voters Services Portal
  • Guide the section “Correction of Entries in Electoral Roll” and connect to it.
  • A new page will open. 
  • Click on “Form 8” on the page. 
  • It will turn you to the original page, where you can request voter card correction. 
  • Enter the following details in the form. 
  • State and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency you belong to. 
  • Name, Electoral Roll Part Number, Serial Number, Gender and Age. 
  • Supply details about your family, including the name of your father/mother/husband. Enter your full address.
  • If you have an issued voter ID card, provide details such as the card number, the date, the state in which it was issued, and the constituency it had issued. 
  • After entering these details, you need to upload supporting documents. 
  • These include your latest photograph, valid ID and proof of address. 
  • Next, select the details to be corrected/changed.
  • In this case, you must click the “My Name” tab to ensure that the process changes only the name on your Voter ID. 
  • Enter the place you are requesting from (city). 
  • Mention the date you request to correct the name on your Voter ID. 
  • Supply your contact details (mobile number, email ID).
  • Verify the information you have provided and click the “Submit” tab. 
  • ECI will verify the information and incorporate relevant changes if all information is accurate.

Other Online Process to Correct or Change Name in Voter ID Card

The Election Commission of India introduced an online application process for changing or correcting names on Voter ID cards. The process had listed below: 

  • Visit your state’s Chief Election Officer website to find online nvsp forms.
  • Fill nvsp form 8 for the application for a name change in the electoral roll.
  • After you fill out the form, upload the required documents- For a name change, upload official proof like a copy of the government gazette. 
  • For name correction, upload a document in which the name is spelt correctly, such as a passport, PAN card or any official document. 
  • Submit nvsp form 8 and documents online. 
  • It will generate a reference number through which you can track the status of your application online.
  • After submission, it will process your application, and the election authorities will verify the information. 
  • If the verification is successful, you will get a notification, and you can collect the voter ID card from the nearest election office.

Form for Name Correction or Change in Voter ID card

By completing the application form and supporting papers, you can change or correct your name as it appears on your Voter ID Card.

The form to be presented is Form 8, which you can find on the website of your state’s Chief Electoral Officer. 

It is also available in all election offices across the country. Alternatively, you can fill and submit the form online; It is available on the website of your State/UT Chief Electoral Officer. 

You must deliver information, including your name and contact details, your voter ID card number, constituency details and any documents indicating the changed or corrected name.


1. How many days can a voter ID card be correct through Form 8? 

Form 8 is an application to correct certain particulars in the electoral roll. After you download the application form and submit the changes, you can see the changes in the next voter list.

2. Can I change the name on my voter ID card? 

Yes, one can change their name on their Voter ID. Voters who find their name wrongly or wrongly listed on the ballot can correct it by following the usual procedure. It implemented a hassle-free mechanism for online and offline application forms and processes.

3. Do I need to pay a fee when I apply to change the details on my voter ID card? 

Applying for a change of details in your voter ID card requires a nominal fee, payable at the time of application submission. 

4. What should I do with my old voter ID card after I apply for a new one with changed information? 

You should surrender your old voter ID card with the wrong information when you manage your new voter card. 

5. How long will I be receiving my new voter ID card with corrected information? 

After applying to change or update details, receiving your voter ID card usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. 

6. How do I present documentary evidence when applying online to change or update details on my voter ID card? 

You can upload reviewed copies of documentary proof (such as a PAN card, passport copy, marriage certificate, or government gazette) while applying online to change or correct details in your voter ID card.

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