How to check your Russian visa status?

Check your Russian visa status; the largest country in the world, Russia attracts tourists and travellers throughout the year for many purposes. Additionally, it offers many opportunities in terms of education and employment, which adds to its popularity among international visitors.

Check your Russian visa status

If you want to visit Russia, you need a visa. Also, by 2022, buying a travel insurance policy will be mandatory for visiting Russia.

Are you intended in knowing how to get a visa to Russia? And Check your Russian visa status. Then, continue reading this article for a comprehensive guide.

What are the types of Russian visas?

If you plan to know more about Russian visas, you should require about the different types of tickets available. However, first, you should choose the appropriate visa type keeping in mind the purpose of your visit.

Diplomatic Visa: This visa had issued to foreigners holding diplomatic passports. Such people usually hold prestigious government positions like heads of government, leads of state, members of official delegations, etc.

Service Visa: You can get this visa with a service (consular, official, special) passport. Such travellers again belong to positions of prestige, including members of authorised delegations, personnel of diplomatic tasks, etc. They utilise this visa to visit Russia to complete specific assistance.

Transit Visa: This visa is for those wishing to visit another country while in Russia for transit. These people own a different land and go through Russia to get there. This visa type is valid for only ten days for road or rail travellers and three days for air travellers.

Exit Visa: If your visa passes by the period you decide to return, you must apply for an exit visa in Russia. You must leave the country with a valid ticket.

Private Visa: This visa had granted to people visiting their friends or family members in Russia. The host must be a legal resident or citizen of Russia applying to invite their family for a visit. Its validity depends on the type of documentation produced.

Tourist Visa: As the name recommends, this visa is for you to enjoy a holiday if you are visiting Russia. It allows you to join Russia for tourism and stay about 30 days. You can extend it based on the documents provided or the purpose.

Business Visa: This visa had granted to foreigners visiting Russia for business purposes. It allows you to complete your business in Russia within 30 days, which you can extend based on the business purpose. Hence, this is the best visa if you need clarification on your travel plans.

Student Visa:

This is the visa that foreigners get to study in Russia. Such visas can be single, dual or multiple entries. These are usually valid for up to 90 days, but the Ministry of Home Affairs can extend their validity for the course you have applied for, which can be up to one year.

Work Visa: A Russian work visa allows foreigners to enter Russia with employment to work here. Although it is usually valid for up to 90 days, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs can extend it further. You need to prove your employment with proper documents.

Eligibility criteria to qualify for Russian visas

Now, knowing the eligibility standards for the necessities for a Russian visa is vital. So here are the general terms you must follow to get access.

  • Applicants should be able to submit all documents and fees.
  • They must prove sufficient funds while staying in Russia.
  • In addition, they must establish a valid purpose for a visit.
  • Applicants must provide return tickets or any intention to return after the anticipated stay.

Documents required to apply for a Russian visa

Knowing the needed documents is essential to get all the information related to the Russian visa. Also, these are mandatory if you are applying for a visa. So, keep the following documents handy during the application process.

  • The visa application form has been completed.
  • Copy of valuable passport for at least six months
  • new passport-size photos
  • Proof of Residence (Aadhaar Card/Voter ID)
  • Bank statements to prove financial stability
  • Travel health insurance for Russia
  • Letter of invitation or employment
  • Copy of tickets
What is the processing fee for a Russian visa application?

If you apply for a single-entry visa, you must pay USD 97.17. On the other arrow, if it is a dual or multiple-entry visa application, the charge will be USD 77.57 or 100.55, respectively.

Disclaimer: Visa fees may vary based on new immigration rules, country of application, local currency and currency exchange rates.

How to Apply for a Russian Visa Online?

Now that you know all about the procedures for a Russian visa, you must be interested to know how to apply for it. Below are the steps to guide you regarding the application process through the post.

Russian Visa
  • Visit the official portal of the Russian Visa Center.
  • From this page, select your home country.
  • Select the type of visa you require to apply for from this page. 
  • It leads to an overview of this type of visa.
  • Select “Apply by Post” from the two methods. 
  • Start filling out the form by clicking “Fill Online Application Form”.
  • Collect the documents. 
  • Pay the application charges by debit or credit card.
  • Send your form and documents by courier or post to the Russian visa centre. Wait for the authorities to return.

How to Apply for a Russian Visa Offline?

If you plan to apply in person, follow the steps below. However, the primary process starts online and ends physically by visiting the centre.

  • Visit the authorised website of the Russian Visa Center.
  • From this page, select your home country.
  • Select the type of visa you require to apply for from this page. 
  • It leads to an overview of this type of visa.
  • Select “Apply in Person” from the two methods.
  • Start filling out the form by clicking on “Fill Online Form”.
  • Collect all documents and application fees. 
  • Book an appointment with your closest Visa Application Center by clicking “Visit Application Center”.
  • Visit the centre and submit the application form with documents and charges. Wait for the management to send your visa through courier.

How long time does it take to get a visa for Russia?

Processing time for a Russian visa can take up to six weeks. However, usually, it takes up to 4-10 days. Hence it is advisable to submit the application keeping this time in mind.

How to Check Russian Visa Status Online?

You can check your Russia visa online easily and quickly, and you can get a Russia visa by providing your original passport and one photo only. Call +97143700400 for Russian visa support. Pay online and pick up the document.

Russian Visa Center

You can check your visa status online from the Russian government site. Call +97143700400 for Russian visa support.

Why should I need to buy travel insurance for Russia?

Travel health insurance is an essential document for visa application to Russia. It is necessary when you visit a foreign country. Life is unpredictable, and getting help abroad in emergencies can be challenging. Having health and trip insurance in Russia can help in the following areas.

Journey Coverage: Travel insurance is sufficient to protect against inconvenience and issues while travelling across Russia. These issues include trip delays, cancelled flights or hotel bookings.

Luggage Coverage: There are chances of losing your luggage and essentials while travelling long distances or visiting a foreign country. Loss of a passport and other necessary documents can cause considerable inconvenience. Here, travel insurance provides the right help and compensates for any loss.

Medical coverage: Medical emergencies can occur regardless of place and time. There are also chances of accidental loss. Finding the perfect assistance in a foreign country can be challenging without travel insurance. Such insurance provides financial support for such problems.


Hopefully, now you understand getting a visa to Russia and Check your Russian visa status. It is essential to get a ticket by following the applicable rules. Find the proper records based on the access you are using and keep them handy while using. 


How long does it bring to process an e-Visa to Russia?

If you apply for an e-Visa, it will take 2-4 days. However, in case of issues, it may take up to 16 days.

What is the validity time of a Russian tourist visa?

A standard tourist visa in Russia is usually valid for about 30 days. However, this can be extended up to six months on single or double entry by providing the necessary documents to the consulate.

Is there a visa on appearance in Russia for Indian citizens?

Unfortunately, there is no facility for visas upon arrival in Russia. Therefore, citizens should apply for a ticket in advance or an electronic key in an emergency.

Is there an e-Visa for Indian citizens in Russia?

E-Visa facility is available for Indians and other international travellers. A unified electronic visa allows travellers to visit the entire country. In addition, they can stay in any of the 16 Russian oblasts for any purpose.

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